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Month: December 2020

Santa’s Stuck!

Join me in reading “Santa’s Stuck”,

Written by: Rhonda Gowler Greene

Illustrated by: Henry Cole

Published by: Scholastics Inc.

Click HERE to read-a-long with me.

***This video is no longer available.





Dearest StrongStart Families,

This Holiday season will be different from previous years.  I will miss spending it with my friends and extended family. At the same time, I am grateful knowing that we are all keeping safe and healthy by celebrating with only those in our own households.  As exhausting as these safety guideline are, hold on for a while longer.  We can do this!  We can make new traditions and try new ways to make this season brighter.

As we say goodbye to 2020, I hope for all things filled with light and joy in the new year to come.  I sincerely wish you all a safe and healthy Holiday Season. I look forward to reconnecting with you all in the New Year.

Click HERE for some ideas to try over the winter break.


With Love,

Ms. Elizabeth



Penguin Problems

Join me in reading the story, “Penguin Problems“.

Written by:  Jory John

Illustrated by:  Lane Smith

Published by:  Random House New York


Click HERE to read a long with me.

***This video is no longer available





When You’re One, One, One…

Join me in singing, “When You’re One, One, One…”

Click HERE to sing-a-long with me.


When you’re one, one, one,

tap on your thumb, thumb, thumb.

When you’re two, two two,

tap on your shoe, shoe, shoe.

When you’re three, three, three,

tap on your knees, knees, knees.

When you’re four, four, four,

tap on your door, door, door.

When you’re five, five, five,

come on and jive, jive, jive.

When you’re six, six, six,

tap on your sticks, sticks, sticks.

When you’re seven, seven, seven,

tap up to heaven, heaven, heaven.

When you’re eight, eight, eight,

you’ll have to wait!!!

When you’re nine, nine, nine,

tap on your spine, spine, spine.

When you’re ten, ten, ten,

begin again, again, again.  (that is the end!)