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Where Happiness Begins and a Project!

Hello Spring Break!

Can you believe it’s been a year since the restrictions due to Covid started? We made it through a whole year together doing our best to keeping safe during the pandemic.

Over the next few weeks, I invite you to take the time to pause and celebrate little moments of happiness and joy. It can be simply noticing the smile on your child’s face as they enjoy their favourite food. It can be a moment of cuddly time as you read to your child. The more we pay attention to all the good things happening around us….the better we’ll be for it.

Here’s a photo my sister captured of me, taking a photo of the frost on the log at the beach. I am grateful she took this because it was a moment of peace and doing something that brings me joy…and that is taking photos. The frost was exceptionally beautiful with the sun shining on it and of course…having my cup of tea with me helped on this cold morning. Also, I love that my son is there in the background enjoying sounds of the waves and the view.

So I need your help! Please join me for this Spring break project! I would like to compile a collection of stories to make a “Moments of Happiness” book for our StrongStart centre. As I collect these stories from you, I will add it to our book. This book of happy stories will stay in our classroom for everyone to enjoy.


How you can participate:

Send me a photo of your child or you with your child doing something that makes you/your child happy. Capture these spontaneous moments, no need to make your child pose or say “Cheese” for these photos. Challenge yourself to observe and capture. Click away!

Give me a brief description of what is happening in the photo and why it brings you/your child joy. You can even share your child’s voice, what were they saying?

That’s it. Keep it simple. There are little golden nuggets of joy in our everyday. Let’s find them and celebrate them together!

Email me your photos at: Elizabeth.jung-liu@burnabyschools.ca


To get you started on the path of finding Happy and joyful moments…

Join me in reading “Where Happiness Begins”.

Please click HERE to read-a-long with me.

Written and Illustrated by: Eva Eland

Published by Random House New York

***This video will no longer be available after April 30th




Santa’s Stuck!

Join me in reading “Santa’s Stuck”,

Written by: Rhonda Gowler Greene

Illustrated by: Henry Cole

Published by: Scholastics Inc.

Click HERE to read-a-long with me.

***This video is no longer available.





Dearest StrongStart Families,

This Holiday season will be different from previous years.  I will miss spending it with my friends and extended family. At the same time, I am grateful knowing that we are all keeping safe and healthy by celebrating with only those in our own households.  As exhausting as these safety guideline are, hold on for a while longer.  We can do this!  We can make new traditions and try new ways to make this season brighter.

As we say goodbye to 2020, I hope for all things filled with light and joy in the new year to come.  I sincerely wish you all a safe and healthy Holiday Season. I look forward to reconnecting with you all in the New Year.

Click HERE for some ideas to try over the winter break.


With Love,

Ms. Elizabeth



Penguin Problems

Join me in reading the story, “Penguin Problems“.

Written by:  Jory John

Illustrated by:  Lane Smith

Published by:  Random House New York


Click HERE to read a long with me.

***This video is no longer available





You Matter

Join me in reading, “You Matter”

Written by:  Christian Robinson

Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Click HERE to read along with me.

***This video is no longer available.


We will also be singing, “Love Grows!”

Jolly Ghost!

Join me in a story about Jolly Ghost.

Click HERE to see what happens to Jolly Ghost.



Guess who?  It’s me, Ms. Elizabeth!

Some of you will be joining me back in our StrongStart classroom soon.  I am so excited to be seeing you again.  I will be wearing a mask to keep you safe.  All of the parents and caregivers in the classroom will be wearing one too!  Things will look different but we are still going to have fun!

Here is the link to the registration if you’re interested in coming back.  All new and returning families will need to register on-line.


See you soon!

Ms. Elizabeth

A Little Peace


Click HERE to join me in reading “A Little Peace.”

Written by Barbara Kerley

Published by National Geographic Society

We will also be singing: “If You’re Happy and You Know it!”

and “Cock-o-doodle-doo!


Prints Using Toilet Paper Rolls:

Try using your toilet paper rolls as a medium for making prints/stamps.  Here I shaped one into a heart and an oval/leaf.  I used scissors to cut thin and thick strips into the other two rolls to make a starburst/flower shape.




Dip the rolls into the paint.  You may have to gently press each petal down into the paint before printing with it.  Here, I purposely poured my paints into circles using the colours from the rainbow.  Try other patterns, dots, lines, or squiggles.  You can even use one colour for each toilet paper roll.


Experiment making prints on different surfaces too: try newspaper, brown paper bags, aluminum foil, cardboard boxes or fabrics. Have fun with it!






Today I will be reading a story about “Ishi simple tips from a solid friend”

Written by Akiko Yabuki

Published by POW!

We will also be singing, “One Man Built His House Upon a Sand & a Rock.”

Click HERE to read and sing-a-long with me.


How about making your own Ishi.  Here are the rocks that I collected over time on my walks or trip to the beach.  I made them all into “Ishi’s.”  I love how Ishi’s smile makes me smile.  You can use felts, paint, pencils or crayons to make your own.

Remember, smiling helps us feel better.  If you see someone sad, try giving them a smile.  Smiles are contagious.  Help spread happiness with your beautiful SMILE!


The Watermelon Seed


Today’s story is “The Watermelon Seed”, written and illustrated by Greg Pizzoli.

Published by Disney-Hyperion Books


Click HERE to view the story with me.



Information Children:
Cathryn McPhee visited our StrongStart centre regularly providing FREE private, parent coaching sessions.  These are still continuing on-line or over the phone.  If you are interested in following up on past conversations or have new questions, she is available to support you.  It is always invaluable getting a “second pair of eyes/ears” on a topic.

Please email me if you would like to set up a meeting time with her:  online or a phone call with Cathryn.

Below is her information if you would like to reach out to her personally.

Remember, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Cathryn McPhee BScN, MEd
Information Children
SFU, Dis2 #133, Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6     
Parenting Help When You Need It                                  
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