Book Clubs

Today, students started our first Book Club of the year! The choices for this Term are all graphic novels. Students have selected their first novel, and we will be having our first Book Club meeting on Thursday.

The goal of Book Clubs is to encourage a love of reading, engage in literary discussions with our peers, and to focus in on identifying themes, characters, and plot points. Students can read as much as they like at whatever pace is most comfortable for them… just as long as they come prepared with something to talk about to each meeting! 

Here are a few of the Book Club choices for this Term:

Image result for crush graphic novel

Image result for the nameless city graphic novel

Image result for princess princess graphic novel

Image result for the witch boy

Pumpkin Pandemonium! Sci-Fri Experiment


Sometimes, science experiments don’t go the way that we planned! Our class and Ms. Ramen’s class identified why and how our original experiment failed. Our class tried to break different fruits and vegetables using the pressure from rubber bands.

When this was not successful, we identified the source of the problem, then decided to use more force and throw them from the top of a ladder! This is what happened to some of the unlucky fruit. For more information about the results and process, make sure to check out the self-reflections on our blogfolios! 


-Ms. Ward

Plastics in the Ocean: Our Science Focus

Our class has been examining the shocking amount of garbage (particularly plastic/microplastic) that is in our oceans. We watched this shocking video of a diver surrounded by large amounts of plastic in Bali. Students, please remember to track your plastic usage this week in your journals! I’ll be keeping track as well… I wonder if I use more plastic than the class? 

-Ms. Ward