Reminders: Overdue Work

Hello Grade 7s!

‘Tis the season (report card season) to make sure you have no incomplete or missing assignments! Make sure that you have completed and turned in:

-Your agamograph art and paragraph

-Your digital portfolio art and paragraph

-Your socials climate graph and watershed questions

-Your Math apartment project

-Your pixel art mosaic

These are now all outstanding (overdue) and must be handed in by February 29th at the latest, or they will receive an incomplete for your Term 2 report card.

Some upcoming due dates include:

-Your resume and cover letter, typed and edited, by this Friday

-Your Socials questions are due Thursday

As always, you can reach out to myself or to Ms. Ramen if you need help. Be proactive with your learning and don’t fall behind!

Best wishes,

-Ms. Ward

Chocolate Tasting: Analyzing and Observing

Would you be able to tell how much a bar of chocolate costs just by tasting it? Our class put our skills to the challenge yesterday but investigating the appearance, smell, texture, and taste of 6 different chocolates (of varying price points).

Many of us were able to try and make educated guesses about how much each chocolate cost. We learned that usually, chocolate with a smoother texture and more defined cocoa flavour could be more expensive due to ingredients and labour. We also learned that most fair-trade and rainforest-certified chocolate is more expensive.

Important Reminders:

Hello to our Grade 7 students,

A few important reminders:

-Please remember to submit your agamographs (including your write-up) and your digital portfolio covers to Ms. Ramen through Teams. These assignments are now very overdue, and must be completed promptly.

-Course selection forms for Burnaby North are due on February 20th. Remember to fill in your elective, and your back-up!

-There is no school on Friday and Monday of this week. We will resume school on Tuesday!

-We will be continuing our Baking unit next week (Tuesday/Wednesday). Please bring a hair elastic, scrunchie, or claw clip if your hair is longer than shoulder length.

Best wishes,

Ms. Ward



Lunar New Year: Making Dumplings

Today, Ms. Lee came to talk to our class about Lunar New Year. We discussed how many cultures and countries celebrate the Lunar New Year, often with a special meal with family and friends. While not all people eat dumplings during this time of year, many families may choose to make dumplings as a symbol of wealth and fortune. Our classes created our own dumplings using pork, cabbage, green onions, eggs, chives, soy sauce, sesame oil, and dumpling wrappers.

Here are some photos of the process, below:

Stay tuned for the recipe, which will be posted later this week!

Best wishes,

-Ms. Ward

Formal Writing: Email Etiquette

Our Grade 7s have been discussing how being able to send a formal, professional email will benefit us in the future. We learned that whether we are connecting with a teacher, asking our professor a question, contacting a future employer, demanding action from politicians, or sending an invoice to a customer, using a formal tone in an email is helpful.

Students have been tasked with sending Ms. Ward a formal style email. Please see the PowerPoint (attached) for further information.

Formal Writing_ E-mails and Cover Letters

Reminders for This Week:

Hello Grade 7s!

Please remember:

-your digital portfolio cover is due to Ms. Ramen by January 31st

-there is no band on Wednesday… playing test is rescheduled for Thursday morning

-we have a special guest speaker coming in on Wednesday afternoon to talk about kindness and anti-bullying

-Young Actors Project will continue (session 2) next week

-we are beginning our ‘job interviews’ this week! Don’t forget to practice your handshake, introduction, and answers to your questions/prompts (“tell me a bit about yourself, why should we hire you for this position, describe a time when you have overcome a challenge, what is your biggest weakness, why do you want this job”)

Thanks everyone!

-Ms. Ward

Black Excellence Day: Celebrating Black Innovators, Past and Present

Today, our school is observing Black Excellence Day. This is the 3rd annual Black Excellence Day in British Columbia. Black Excellence Day is a way to learn about innovative artists, scientists, politicians, activists, authours, and athletes from Black communities around the world. Some influential people we have learned about as part of our exploration of Black Excellence are:

-Serena Williams, an amazing athlete notable for her accomplishments in tennis and her indominable confidence

-Muhammad Ali, as undefeatable in the boxing ring as he was when speaking out against war

-Stevie Wonder, a talented singer/songwriter who has a career spanning decades

-Harriet Tubman, a brave ‘conductor’ that travelled the Underground Railroad to free enslaved people

-Jesse Owens, an athlete that shook up racist beliefs about sports at the Berlin Olympics

-Katherine Johnson, one of NASA’s ‘computers’ who was essential to America getting to the moon