The Great Gingerbread Hunt

On Wednesday morning students heard the story, “The Gingerbread Man”.  They then learnt that the gingerbread man that Mrs. Temple had baked the night before ran off the cookie sheet and out of the classroom when she wasn’t looking!!  He left behind a letter.

We checked with Mrs. Anania in the Office but the GB Man had been and gone!! He left a note:

So we headed off to the gymnasium where we found Mrs. Branco’s class.  They helped us find and read the clue.

Now we had to check in the Music Room!  We found this.

Off we went to the Computer Room … this clue was there.

We found Ms. Koebel in that room. Mrs. Cobo also works in that room but wasn’t there when we were.  We saw this clue.

There were no teachers in the Staff Room but we did see some plates of cookies and a bowl of cherry tomatoes … and this …

What a lot of books there are in the Library!!  Ms. Balaz was not there but we found this clue …

The Grade Ones knew where the PAC make popcorn for Mini Mart so we headed downstairs to the kitchen by the gym.  On the oven door we saw this … 

and this …

and …

in the oven we found a tray of baked gingerbread men cookies!!  We took them back to class where we iced and decorated them.  At the end of the day we took them home!!  Yummy!!

Giraffes Can’t Dance

The Grade Ones heard a story about a giraffe who was embarrassed because he felt he couldn’t dance like all the other animals could.  In fact, they were rather mean to him about it.  A wise cricket taught him to listen to his own music, and to be himself, as we are all unique.  He then created his own style of dance.

We did a directed drawing lesson and created our own ‘Gerald’  the giraffe.  They are on the bulletin board in the hallway outside of our classroom.  I think they look great!

Welcome to the 2018/2019 School Year!!

We now have our classes set and are looking forward to get going on Monday.  Our K’s will have a gradual entry this upcoming week and will be with us full-time beginning on Monday, September 17th.

I am excited to have the ones and K’s all in class together for their learning and growing through shared experiences.

Our Finished Community!

Our Community Project

We started our look at community by brainstorming things that we find in a community.

We then made a grid and learned about mapping using grid coordinates.

Each section was set up with a road network and transferred onto heavy cardboard pieces.  Students then ‘paved’ their road sections with black plasticine. Buildings were made from tag board and hot glue gunned onto the cardboard.

Stay tuned for further updates as we progress through the final stages of our project.

Update on Bob, the ‘lazy’ caterpillar 🐛

After twelve days in his chrysalis, and long after all his fellow caterpillars emerged as butterflies and were set free, Bob has finally decided to come out of his chrysalis!!

We hope he is ready for release on Monday.

Still Life, by Paul Cezanne

Currently on our bulletin boards outside of our classroom.

Butterflies Galore

The first one, Harry Flutter, popped out on Tuesday afternoon.  He was joined yesterday by five more.  This afternoon the students counted seventeen!!  At the end of the day today, our one lonely (lazy) caterpillar, Bob was wandering on the roof of our cage.  We are hoping by tomorrow that he will be encased in his chrysalis.  Fingers crossed!!

The Metamorphosis Process

We read, and created our own booklets of, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

Bob, the caterpillar, is now being called “The Very Lazy Caterpillar” as he is still not in his chrysalis form.

The students have come up with some great names for some of the ‘critters’: Lord Catermort , for the chrysalis that fell and died.

Sirius Silk, for the first caterpillar who formed its chrysalis … and Harry Flutter, for the first butterfly to come out today. 

All names clearly show how much the students have been enjoying our Harry Potter read aloud times. 


All, but two, caterpillars have formed into their chrysalis.