Spring is here, so it is planting time.  Normally, at StrongStart we would plant beans, corns and herbs.  Unfortunately we are not able to that this year.  However, with the Kindergarteners’ help, we have planted potatoes before Spring Break instead.    Amazing, they have sprouted already.

mixing the plant food with the soil


Then planted the potatoes in the tub

cover the potatoes and watered them with some water

2 weeks later, the potatoes have sprouted

There are always lots of learning opportunities with planting, such as how foods are grown, where foods in the supermarket come from.  You can keep a chart of how your plants are growing.   At harvest time, you can cook and eat the foods that you have grown together.  The more kids know and feel connected to their food, the more curious they are about how things grow or taste, and the more  they are willing to try new foods.  I hope you are able to do some planting with your child this year.  If you are, you can send me regular updates of your plants and I will post them on the blog.  Happy planting everyone.

Click hear to listen to “The Carrot Seed” by Ruth Krauss