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Month: April 2020


Do you ever notice that children are more interested in the box than what is inside?  Do you have a lot of boxes in the recycling bin?  Don’t throw them away yet, rather start collecting them.  Boxes spark children’s imaginations and open up many different play possibilities.

Try to use recycling materials around your home or things you have found during your neighbourhood walk.



All you need is a BOX.  Let the children explore the many different ways to play with a box.  A great way to ignite your children’s curiosity and expand their imagination!  Observe and take notice how they want to explore.  Are they using the boxes for physical play such as pushing them around or do they want to stack them.  Stacking promotes fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination and visual and spatial perception.  Or are they using them for imaginative play such as pretending the box is a car or a house?  Or do they want to use it for arts and craft to create a master piece?  Remember to follow your child’s lead so that it is his/her creation.


click here for video

Don’t forget to take pictures of your children’s creations to share!


Hello StrongStart Families;

The weather has been beautiful in the past few days.  I hope you all were able to go outside for a neighbourhood walk and get some fresh air while maintaining physical distancing.  While you and your child are on your next walk, see if you can find the items on the attached BINGO card.  How many itmes were you able to find?  Talk to your child about the pictures or encourage your child to talk about them to promote language development.  Ask open ended questions such as “I wonder what kind of flower is this?  How do you make a shadow?  Where can we find these items?”  Have fun.

Download BINGO Card Pdf here

Welcome StrongStart Families

Dearest StrongStart Families;                                                                                         

I hope you are all doing well.  I miss each and every one of you!

I hope this blog is a way for us to connect together.  I will be sharing resources, simple activities, song and more with you on this site.

I know we are living in a strange time, but the most important thing right now is you and your family’s health.  Remember to practice health hygiene by washing your hands often and sneeze into your elbow sleeve.  If you are out on a neighbourhood walk, remember to keep your distance from other.  Stay safe and let’s get through this together.

Take care;

Ms. Lan Continue reading