Learning in the spirit of wonder and joy

Month: January 2021

Continue with Shapes

Were you able to find any shapes and what shapes were you able to find?

These were some of the shapes that we found in the park.


we found a circle

we found a circle

We found lots of triangles

We found diamonds

We found rectangles and crosses

We found hexagons and circles

Then we used different shapes for our craft activity.

Peter made an ice cone with a circle and triangle, and a tree with two triangles and a rectangle.

Parker used a piece of square paper and made a picture of a flag on a mountain

Parker teared a piece of square paper into strips and made a fountain.

Learning Shapes

Welcome back everyone.  Happy New Year.

For the past few weeks, during our outdoors and zoom circles, we have been learning about shapes.  Shapes are all around us.  Every object has a shape and the world is full of interesting shapes.  Lets see what shapes you can find – in your homes, or when you go for a walk.  Where did you find them?  Sometimes, a shape is within a shape.

Click here for a shape scavenger hunt.  shapes

Have fun!