Learning in the spirit of wonder and joy

Month: June 2020

Happy Summer

Dearest StrongStart Families;

Here we are at the end of 2019/2020 school year – and what a year it has been.  We all have been through so much change and adaptation.  I hope this message finds you all doing well and staying safe.  This is not how I imagined how our last days in StrongStart to be like as we say good-bye for the summer.  I much rather say good-bye in person.
It has been a pleasure and truly a joy meeting and connecting with you all – both in person and virtually.  I love the conversations with the adults and love to watch the children grow and learn.  Thank you to you all for being part of our StrongStart community.
I also want to send good wishes the all the children that will be going to Kindergarten in September.  I know you will have lots of fun and make new friends.
To our younger friends, I hope we will be able to see each other in the Fall.
I wish you all a fun, relaxing and safe summer.  Please refer to the following website for updates about StrongStart.
Other resources that are available in the summer are Information Children at 778-782-3548.
Greater Vancouver Family Services will also be available
Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd
Early Childhood Community Consultant
T 604 525 9144
M 604 723 9548
Ms. Lan

Happy Father’s Day

Dearest Daddies;

I want to wish all the Daddies a Happy Father’s Day.  You play an important role in your children’s lives.  Your love, guidance, care and support help them grow and thrive.  They admire and respect you.  Not all super heroes wear capes.  I hope you all spend the day with your families doing the things you all love to do.  Cherish the day and make memorable memories.  Happy Father’s Day.

Click here to listen to a story 

The Doorbell Rang

I hope you had a chance to cook and bake with your children and tried out the recipes that was posted.  What did you like about the experience?  What work well and what would you do differently?  You can build on or extend this activity by introducing other areas of developments such as visiting a bakery, grow a vegetable garden, read a story about food.   So I am going to read a book that is related to this activity as an extension.

 Click here to listen “The Doorbell Rang”,

written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins,

published by HarperCollins.