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Month: February 2021

Pink Shirt Day

Feb 24 is Pink Shirt Day.  Pink Shirt Day began as an awareness campaign about homophobic bullying.   People wear a pink shirt on Pink Shirt Day to symbolize a stand against bullying.  It is never too young to start conversations that encourage healthy self esteem, kindness, compassion, respect, empathy, diversity…

Here are some suggestions on how to raise a caring and compassionate child

Click her to listen to a story about kindness, friendship, and inclusion.

After listening to the story, you may want to talk about how it is much more fun to be playing together with friends than by themselves.  You may want to talk about how we are different but also share a lot of similarities.  For example, we have different colour hair, but we both like to play on the swings, or like to eat the same kind of fruits, or like the same colours.  You can also talk about how it feels to be excluded and is that fair or friendly.


Happy Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!  Although we will not be celebrating the day with our extended families and friends in person, we can still make Valentines and put them in their mail boxes to show that we are thinking about them.  It is always a special treat when you receive something special in the mail.

Here are some activities to do for Valentine’s Day

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To the friends that are celebrating Lunar New Year.    Happy Lunar New Year.  Gung Hay Fat Choy.  Best Wishes to everyone.  The following story is about how one family celebrates the New Year.  How does your family celebrate the New Year?

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