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Not A Box

I posted a post about the use of boxes for different types of play and how playing with boxes promotes the children’s holistic development.  (BLOG post – Boxes, Boxes, Not a Box).

What kind of creations did your child make…What did you notice about their play…did they use the boxes for arts and crafts, did they use them for physical play…

I would love to see what they have done.  You can upload the pictures on the comment section or email them to me at Lan.Huang@burnabyschools.ca

Let’s listen to the story “Not a Box” written and illustrated by Antoinette Portis, and published by Harper Collins and see where the rabbit’s imagination will take him.

Not a Box Board Book: Amazon.ca: Portis, Antoinette, Portis ...

I wonder where your imagination will take you…

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  1. Sally Phaphon

    Thank you for the story.

    Sophie imagined a “so big red and brown” box.

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