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Math Talk

Posted by on October 8, 2021

This year our school is working on developing a school wide math goal.  We have dedicated the 15 minutes after recess as a quick EXTRA math time to help our students build their capacity.

We will be working on all the strands of math through games and math talks.

Geometry, Numeracy, Computation, Measurement, Date Collection…

On Mondays we are doing a school wide “How Many?” image.

Here is our image from this past week:


A few of the questions we answered: How did you count?  How many with pits? How many without?  How many whole avocado’s?

On Thursdays, we are working on WODB (Which One Doesn’t Belong) math talks.

We look at an image on the board that has 4 math pictures, then we need to decide which one we think doesn’t belong and  why.

In addition to developing our math skills, this also develops our communication and critical thinking skills.

You can see the WODB images we have looked at so far below…(you’ll have to click on each image to see the whole picture).

What do you notice?

Enjoy having a math talk at home!

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