Math 8/9H

This is the intro page for Math 8/9 Honours.

Here is this year’s course outline: Math 8-9 Course Outline 2017-2018

We’ll be starting this year with Math 8 chapter 3.  Hover your mouse over the  black menu “Math 8/9” to see chapter 3 notes.

***click  below for links to Math 8 textbook

Ch 3.1 text 3_1_Squares_and_Square_Roots,

Ch 3.2 text 3_2_Exploring_the_Pythagorean_Relationship,

Ch 3.3 text 3_3_Estimating_Square_Roots,

Ch 3.4 text 3_4_Using_the_Pythagorean_Relationship

Ch 3.5 text 3_5_Applying_the_Pythagorean_Relationship

Ch 3 Review Chapter_3_Review


***Math 9 text with answers***

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