Ma8-Ch 3 Exponents, Roots and Pythagoras

2019-20 Notes:

Sept 11 – Review booklet answers and AMC8 Answers Pt 1

Sept 13 – AMC8 Answers Pt 2 and Ch 3.1 Notes on Perfect Squares and Square Roots

Sept 17 – Ch 3.2, 3,3  Notes on Pythagorean Theorem and Estimating Square Roots

Sept 19 – Review of Pythagoras, Estimating and Calculating Harder Roots

Sept 24 – We did the CNML odd numbers and then went over the Pythagorean Assignment 1.  Quiz next day!

Sept 26 – We did the quiz and went over the CNML after reviewing these 2 questions.  Homework is to finish the second Pythagorean Assignment!

Sept 30 – We went over the first part of the Pythagorean Assignment 2 and did notes on Ch 3.5 Applying the Pythagorean Relationship.

Oct 2 – We marked the Pythagorean Assignment 2 and finished the notes on Ch 3.5 Applying the Pythagorean Theorem.  Homework is the Sumsang Challenge and the Chapter 3 Review posted HERE.  Thank you Peter for pointing out that the review is missing from the online textbook link!  Start preparing for your test, which will be on Tuesday Oct 8th.

Oct 4 – Review for the big test!  Here are the notes.  Make sure you study all of these hard problems, quite a few of them will be on the test.  Here is the list of homework that you will need to hand in.

Oct 8 – Test Day!  Homework is to do the AMC contest.

Next, we are moving on to the next unit:  Math 9 Powers and Exponents.  You’ll find the notes in the next tab.




Last year’s notes:

Well I’ll Be and Integers Notes

Locker Problem and Perfect Squares Notes

Gauss, AMC and Pythagoras Notes

Roots, Pythagoras Notes.  Study for a Quiz next class on Sept 25!

– Went over Sumsang Problem, and a few more Pythagorean Problems.  We will go over the Pythagorean Assignment next class.

 Ma89 Ch3 Notes Sept 29  Test coming on Tuesday, Oct 3!

: Pythagorean Test.  Homework is to do the AMC contest.

Next, we are moving on to Math 9 Ch 2 on Powers.  You’ll see the tab under Math 8/9H in the menu bar.


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