Ch 6 Equations and Inequalities

Jan 7 – Start of Chapter 6 Equations overview part 1.  Homework is the Ch Get Ready sheet stapled to the back of the notes.

Jan 9 – Ch 6 Equations Overview part 2.  Homework is Exercises 4-4 #2, 3, 4, 5 odd letters

Jan 13 – Went over homework and introduced gr 9 questions with fractions and decimals.  Quiz next class!

Jan 17 – Reviewed for quiz, assigned some homework due next week.

Jan 27 – Reviewed Equations With Fractions and did Word Problems.

Jan 29 – We went over the answers to Word Problems HW and then did notes on Inequalities.  Quiz next class on Equations with Fractions, Word Problems, and Inequalities!

Feb 4 – course selection assembly, review and quiz.

Feb 6 – review and quiz.  Homework was to do the Ch 6 Practice Test.

Feb 10 – Answers to odd numbers of Practice Test.  The test will be on Friday, Feb 14th.  





Homework is to finish the practice test and check the answers here.

Your test will be next class, on Tuesday Feb 26th, 2019.