Important Reminders!

1. Bring in a few bags or a large reusable bag in order to bring home all of your school work. We will be doing this on Monday and Tuesday.

2. Swim Session Monday afternoon. Don’t forget your loonie!

3. Grade 7 Ceremony and Luncheon will take place on Wednesday, June 27. Parents and students are welcome to arrive at 8:30 a.m. to take pictures in the classroom.

Playland Reminder

A reminder to arrive at school at 8:40 a.m. so we can take attendance, go over the driver and supervisor groups, and rules/expectations while you are at Playland! What a fun week for you all!


Camp was epic!


I am sure everyone will have lots of memories from our experience at camp. I was so happy to see everyone participating actively with all of the activities. Feel free to comment below on what activities and/or experiences you enjoyed most.


Mme Bianca


Dear students,

On the first day, everyone will be participating in a kayaking session. Your clothing bag will be going through the heat room, so please pack your kayaking gear separately. This might include a bathing suit, towel, water shoes and hat…whatever you need to kayak!


Band Concert

Band concert was post-poned and is now scheduled for Friday June 1 at 9:40 a.m.

Cell Phones and Dress Code


The following was sent home to all families already, but we are just posting it on the blog as a gentle reminder. Please note, students had a discussion with our school principal about the dress code too. Please read below for more information.

Cell Phones at School

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices at School – For many families, cell phones and other electronic devices are a valuable communication and safety tool for parents to connect with their children before and after school. Our expectation is that cell phones and other devices remain secure in backpacks or pockets during the school day (unless they are being used for an educational purpose, under the direction of a teacher), so that they are not interfering with the academic and social learning that occurs in class and on the playground. If your child frequently uses a cell phone or other device, please review with them the socially responsible use of these tools. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen devices that are brought to school.

Dress Code

With the warm weather arriving, it is a good time to remind students that clothing is expected to be appropriate for a learning and working environment. For example, clothing should cover undergarments, tummies, upper thighs, and most of the back; flip flops are not ideal for running around on the playground. A respectful and safe atmosphere is important to academic achievement and citizenship at Aubrey.

Please do not wear:
tight tops, short shorts, tops with spaghetti straps, short skirts, tops that show your mid-area, etc.
Students are aware as they had a lengthy discussion last week with our school principal.

Lunch Behaviour

There are a number of students who have not been following school rules during lunch time. These are some of the issues: Cell phone use, blasting inappropriate music, food fights, scream-singing and other issues. Administration and classroom teachers have given all students one strike for camp. Three strikes and our Camp trip will be cancelled. Please review the Conduct Agreement with your child. Some students have been given individual strikes for camp as well if they were directly involved in any of the inappropriate behaviour.

School Assignments

We will no longer be providing a Homework page on our blog. Please ensure you write all of your school assignments down in your agenda.

Unfortunately, there are a number of students who hand in assignments late, even with a Homework page. While we thought this would be a valuable tool, we are not going to continue spending time on this when assignments continue to come in late. This is noted each time in our marks binder. Additionally, parents are informed by e-mail. As you know, this will affect students’ GSN work habits this term.

Career Project


This is what we discussed this morning regarding your Career assignment:

PowerPoint slides:
1. Cover page, title, image
2. Career introduction & why you chose to explore it
3. Education
4. Salary
5. work Experience
6. Skills required
7. Interesting facts or another slide of your choice

DUE: June 4 (presentations will take place on this day)

Mini Track Meet at Burnaby North!

Attention all Track athletes!

There will be a mini practice meet at Burnaby North this week on Wednesday, April 11 at 3:30 p.m. sharp!

Please let Mrs. Varley know if you will be attending this mini meet! Meet will be cancelled if it is raining. 

Thank you!