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The Past and The Future

Posted by on June 16, 2021

Last week Divisions 7 & 8 read an indigenous story called “P’esk’a And The First Salmon Ceremony”.   









It was a story basket that included a number of indigenous artifacts related to the story…for example:

  • Eagle Miniature
  • Drum
  • Animal Skins
  • Miniature Canoe

The setting of the story was “long ago”.  It told the tale of how after a long winter the first salmon fishing of the spring was a celebrated event.


Yesterday Divisions 7 & 8 hiked up to the lookout with our clipboards and pencils to do some sketching.  We were looking into the past…1000 years–just like the setting of our story.

Some guiding questions included:

  • What do you think was still here?  Why?
  • What would NOT be here?  Why?

Some of the past sketches are here.

Then we moved to the future 1000 years…What would that look like???

Some of the future sketches are here.

What a great day–even though we had a quick sprinkle of rain…

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