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Story Drama

Posted by on November 9, 2020

We have been doing ‘Story Drama‘ the past few weeks.  Essentially, we have taken stories, and acted them out.  Our first story was an Inuit tale called “Hide and Sneak” by Michael Kusugak (a Canadian author from Northern Ontario).  We acted out his story with Division 7 out in the Gold Forest.  It was fun to be all the different animals in the story!  Using the huge outdoor space, we jumped like the fish, hid like the children, and used an Inukshuk to find our way back home…it was so much fun!!

The following week, we did “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” in the drama room.  It was fun to make up actions for each of the places we ‘visited’.  And of course, the best part if when we had to run all the way home and remember what we had done!  We all had so many ideas for making up our own ‘hunt’ that we’re going to try some this week.  

Your assignment this week is a choice:

  1. Make up your own hunt–choose something you want to find and then act out the story of finding it–then having to run back home!  Can you remember all the places you visited on the way?   OR
  2. Choose one of your own favourite story books, and act it out.  I think “Green Eggs and Ham” might be fun to try…

I can’t wait to hear about which adventures you’ve gone on…feel free to send me any photos you take during your adventure.😉


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