Heart Mind Body

Taking care of ourselves and each other is really important, especially at this time. At school we do many things to take care of our heart, mind, and body which can be done at home too. It’s important to focus on wellness and make a special time each day to do something that brings us joy!

What can we do?

  • Practice gratitude: take a moment each day to say thanks for the good things in our lives.
  • Think a happy thought: think about a happy thought to fill your heart; this could be a special person or place, a memory, a hope.
  • Take deep breaths: when we practice taking slow, deep belly breaths, we help our mind calm and our body get more oxygen.
  • Do yoga: keep practicing the yoga poses we do in class together to work on your balance, flexibility and strength; you may also like Cosmic Yoga
  • Have a dance party: play some music and dance, or try Go Noodle with your family!
  • Be active: go for walks and explore running, skipping and playing outside; if you need to stay inside, make an obstacle course, visit Active for Life or PE with Joe
  • Make healthy snacks: cut up some fruit and vegetables together for quick and easy snacks.
  • Drink lots of water: water is essential for your body and your brain!
  • Laugh: be silly together; read or watch something that makes you laugh.
  • Show love: talk and listen to each other, and make sure to fit in some cuddle time!