Birds in Our Local Environment Research 2023-2024

Dear students and families of Division 13,

In the next little while, we will be starting our next unit on Biodiversity through the lens of Bird in our Local Environment.  Students will be learning about different living and non-living things that are necessary for a healthy ecosystem.

The class will be introduced to different birds which visit the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Ladner and students will each choose a bird to research on.  We will also be going on a field trip to visit the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in the spring time.

Please cut and past the the address below to see what birds visit the bird sanctuary.

Thank you,

Ms Sim



Div 13 Class Blog 2022-2023

Dear Div 13,

Welcome to the Div 13 class website!

We will be using our class website to share information about our learning.   We will be learning about digital citizenship and sharing resources to help our learning.

There are different links on this page which we will use for our upcoming bird research.  Please try and click the Reifel Bird Sanctuary Website link on the right of the screen to see what birds live in our local environment.   You will need to choose a bird that as been introduced from our readings in class or from the Reifel Bird Sanctuary website.

Bird are an important to our local habitat.  We will start to learn about the different features and adaptations of these birds and how they live and survive in their habitat.

Happy Birding,

Ms Sim

Bird Research – Appearance

Dear Div 13,

What a beautiful time of the year.  Do you see and hear the signs of spring?  I love to see the flowers blooming and hear the birds chirping.

Many of you have chosen a local bird for your bird research last week and today we will begin our bird research. I hope we will see our birds when we go to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary.  There are several good websites where you can find some information on your bird and I will list them on the side of this blogsite.  You can also use our classroom books, as well as books from our school and community  library.

You will all receive a graphic organizer where you will begin to write notes about your bird.  Today we will start on the Appearance topic of  your bird and find 3-5 facts that describe what they look like.  How your bird looks like will often give information to what they eat and where they live.   You will also need to see pictures of what your bird looks like so you can draw a realistic picture of your bird.  Using a ruler, don’t forget to draw neat lines to label your drawing with 3 descriptive labels.

Happy researching!


Ms Sim


I look forward to spring!! How about you?

Mar 8, 2021

Dear Div 12,

Wow, look at our ‘Planting a Promise’ daffodils.  They are starting to bloom.  Hooray!

About one year ago right before Spring Break our family was getting ready to go to Disneyland.  My sons were super excited and we were dreaming of spending time together and go on all the rides in sunny California.  We had to cancel our trip and we were sad, but the same thing happened to so many other people around us.  I am thankful we could come back to school in September for Grade 3.

Vaccines are excellent news and every day we are one day close to the world opening up again in safety and have our old freedoms back.  What is something that you are really looking forward to?   I can’t wait for spring flowers, one day going to Disneyland and celebrating birthday parties together again!


Ms Sim

Thank you to Div 12 families & Awesome Snow!


Ms Sim’s boys playing in a local school playground. We had all this snow to ourselves! Wow!

Dear students and families of Div 12,

We hope you all had a super special and fun long weekend in the snow.  We had so much fun sledding and making snowmen with our families.  It was nice to finally have good snow on the weekend so that we could all play in it.  If you have a moment, please share what you did when it snowed in the comment section.

Also, we wanted to say THANK YOU for all the thoughtful Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates and gifts.   You are all so kind and caring to us and wanted to thank you so much.  We look forward to coming to class everyday and working with all the students.  Division 12 is the BEST class ever.


Mrs Malito & Ms Sim

Happy New Year to Division 12!

Happy New Year Division 12,

We can’t wait to start 2021 with Division 12.  We are going to have a great year together!

First of all, we wanted to thank you for all the lovely and generous Christmas gifts and thoughtful cards that you gave to us before the holiday.  Many of you made handmade cards with winter pictures and even some with cool Pokemon drawings!  Thank you so much.

We hope you that you were able to relax with your family and have fun together during the winter break.  The holidays were different this year and most of us were not able to see our extended family and friends as we usually do.  This was challenging, but hopefully you were able to connect through the phone or  the computer.  Did you get a chance to see some snow or do something fun or special over the holiday?  We look forward to hearing you share about  something you did with your family over the winter break.


Mrs Malito & Ms Sim

Cheery Snowpeople

Dear Div 12,

I love snow and can’t wait for some nice sledding weather.  Sometimes we just need a bit of good cheer and happy positive thoughts to help us get through hard times.  I love the snowpeople we made!  What is the good cheer message your snowman is saying?


Ms Sim

What do you see?

Dear Div 12,

It has been such a wonderful first few months of Grade 3 and it has been so great to get to know each other and learn together.  Every person in our class is so unique, creative and special.  For last week’s journal everyone received a doodle and was asked to finish it.  When you first saw the doodle it looked like this:In your hands the doodle transformed into something interesting and beautiful!  Some drawing may seem similar, but they are still different and special, just like you.

Please respond to this post by writing a sentence or two describing what you drew.

Love, Ms Sim

Division 12 Poetry Book and Recipe Book


Dear Division 12,

The Division 12 students have had a chance to learn about poetry and have written their own poems.  We have tried to compile them into an online book. Please take a look.

Some students wrote poems, but didn’t upload them to Assignments. You can still upload your finished poems to Assignments to be included in our online book.

We have also have the Division 12 Recipe Book ready, however we cannot post the link to this blog post as some student photos are in it.  We will include a link so that students and families can access them through a Teams post.  An access code will be coming soon too!  (we are just learning about it)

You will need your Office 365 ID and Password to log in to the Student log-in page for Book Creator.  Then you will need a 7-digit code I have shared in Teams to access our Div 12 books.  I hope you can read it!


Mrs Malito & Ms Sim

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Dear moms of Division 12,
We wish you a very special Mother’s Day today.

You are all truly AMAZING!  Thank you for our love and support always.  May you day be full of hugs and love.

Mrs Malito & Ms Sim