Salmon Egg & Eyed Egg

Dear Students,

Today we started learning about the first stage of the Salmon Life Cycle which is Egg or Eyed Egg.  Salmon are very important to our ecosystem.  We even saw a video about how First Nations people depend on salmon for food.

What did you find interesting about the salmon in the Egg Stage or the Eyed Egg Stage.  Did you have any connections to today’s learning? 

Please share your thoughts as a comment to this blog.

Ms Sim

The Old Man with the Otter Medicine

Dear Students,

Today we listened to the Aboriginal Story of the Dene people called, “The Old Man with the Otter Medicine.”  It was a story about a village in the winter.  The people are hungry and there is no fish.  They seek help from the old medicine man.  The Old Medicine Man gets help from the otter in a very special way.

What does this story tell us about animals and this First Nations people?  What do you find interesting about this story?  Please share your ideas.

From, Ms Sim

Digital Read and Response

Dear students,

Today we will do a read and digital response.  Please choose a book from the coloured bin for reading time.  We will go to the computer lab and you will do our responses as a comment on the blog below. 

Write about your favourite part or what you found interesting about your book.  You may add questions that you may have about the story or a connection that you have.

If you don’t have time to finish your comment, you may finish it at home.

From, Ms Sim

Chatterkids Water mini-movies

Dear students,

This week we have been learning about why we should conserve water and brainstorming different ways to conserve water.  We used the Chatterpix Kids app to make mini-movies with a partner and uploaded them to our Class GoogleDrive.  This will become our class Water Movie.

What did you enjoy about this project?  What did you find challenging?  What might you change or do differently next time?

If you could make a Chatterpix mini-movie, what would you make one on?

From, Ms Sim 

Heart Maps and GoogleDrive

Dear Students,

Today we have a very special guest coming to our classroom.  Her name is Ms Chan and she is one of our district technology teachers.  She is very knowledgeable about education and technology.  Today Ms Chan will be helping our class learn how to sign onto GoogleDrive.  We will be using the images of our Heart Maps to do a short writing piece in the afternoon using GoogleDocs.

After you learn how to Sign On and write your first Google Doc, feel free to share what you find interesting about this way of writing. 

Excited, Ms. Sim

Flight Check: Recording your reading

Dear students and parents,

Everyone has been given a new assignment on RazKids, please work on this for the next week. 

It turns out that our school desktop computers are unable to record with the microphones with single prongs.  They do work with Ipads and newer computers and so I have returned the headsets for students to try recording their assigned reading in “Flight Check.”  Please bring the headsets back on Monday, November 20th.  We will be able to use our headphones in the computer lab.  The headsets with microphones will work on other electronic devices we will use at school for future projects

This week, see if you can make a recording of your reading at home.  As we do in the computer lab, go to the school website and find ‘Classes.’  Go to our ‘Class Website.’  Click onto RazKids and then log into your RazKids account.  Then click ‘Flight Check.’  Click onto the microphone icon under the passage.  If you have a headset with a microphone, read the short passage into the microphone.  If you have an Ipad or a tablet you should be able to read into the bottom, as there is a built in microphone.  Listen to your recording.  If it doesn’t work, do not worry.  We will try it together next week.

From, Ms Sim

Understanding the number 346

Dear students,

What are different ways of writing and showing the number 346?

Using Kidspiration math and see if you can show a number in the different ways.  First write your name or names and then click the yellow box.  In the yellow box write a number in standard form, write it also in expanded notation and write it’s base ten name.  Don’t forget to also show the number in its Base Ten Form.  Print it out and you are done!


Ms. Sim

Nature Walk & Water





Dear Division 15,

Yesterday we had the chance to go on a nature walk near our school.  We had the chance to observe some water in our community. 

What are some of the questions you have about water?  What did you observe about water?  Why should we study about water?  Please share some of your thoughts and questions.

From, Ms. Sim

I am thankful for…

Dear students,

What a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend.  I had the chance to run the 10 km Turkey Trot at Granville Island.  It took me 1 hour and 1 minute to run this race.  At times during this run I was really tired and thought, “I should stop running, I’m too tired.”  However, strangers encouraged me and smiled throughout the way.  There were even performers who would sing songs, and so I just kept on running.  Sometimes when things are tough, it’s good to be reminded what we are thankful for.

During my run, I thought about all the people I was thankful for and why I was thankful for them.  I am thankful for my family and my friends.  I am also thankful that you are my students.  Although Mrs. Malito did not run the Turkey Trot with me this year, we enjoy talking about how we are thankful for our students this year.

Amanda, thank you for putting good effort in your writing.

Brandon, thank you for being a kind friend and offering to share your computer with a classmate.

Christina, thank you for working together to draw a picture for a class book.

Jade, thank you for working together to design a cover for a class book.

Jason, thank you for offering to help during computer time.

Justin, thank you for sharing your ideas at carpet time.

Nancy, thank you for your beautiful artwork.

Oliver, thank you for your warm smile.

Summer, thank you for working well with others during group time.

William, thank you for being a gentle friend.

Andrew, thank you for offering to hand out the notices.

Damian, thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for animals

Ekrem, thank you for sharing your learning with the class.

Howard, thank you for trying to cheer up a fellow classmate and ask how they were doing.

Ibrahim, thank you for independently finding jobs to help out the teacher, such as offering to help stack the chairs.

Lawrence, thank you for trying your best work in learning a new language.

Layton, thank you for using your communication skills and asking for help when you need it.

Lyn, thank you for sharing your ideas and helping others with their work.

Monica, thank you for offering to hand out the duotangs.

Warren, thank you for helping classmates during computer time.

Ye Joon, thank you for helping classmates during Math.

Who are you thankful for and why?  Please share.

Love, Ms. Sim & Ms. Malito

Thank you, Mr. Falker

Dear Division 15,

I am so excited that you are all in my class this year.  Thank you for being my students.

We finished reading a very special book called, “Thank you, Mr. Falker,” written and illustrated by Patricia Polacco.  Trish is a very talented art student, but found reading and math difficult.  She also went through a hard time with students who were unkind to her.  I loved how this story was actually based on a true story of the author, Patricia Polacco.

Trish had very special people in her life, such as her grandmother, grandfather and of course, Mr. Falker, who helped her go through the difficult times through encouragement and learning.  

What did you find special about this book?  What is something that comes easily for you at school?  What is something that is more difficult for you that we can help you with this year?  What can you do if you are going through a hard time?Please share on our class blog.

Sincerely, Ms. Sim