Division 12 Poetry Book and Recipe Book


Dear Division 12,

The Division 12 students have had a chance to learn about poetry and have written their own poems.  We have tried to compile them into an online book. Please take a look.


Some students wrote poems, but didn’t upload them to Assignments. You can still upload your finished poems to Assignments to be included in our online book.

We have also have the Division 12 Recipe Book ready, however we cannot post the link to this blog post as some student photos are in it.  We will include a link so that students and families can access them through a Teams post.  An access code will be coming soon too!  (we are just learning about it)

You will need your Office 365 ID and Password to log in to the Student log-in page for Book Creator.  Then you will need a 7-digit code I have shared in Teams to access our Div 12 books.  I hope you can read it!


Mrs Malito & Ms Sim

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