Bird Research – Appearance

Dear Div 13,

What a beautiful time of the year.  Do you see and hear the signs of spring?  I love to see the flowers blooming and hear the birds chirping.

Many of you have chosen a local bird for your bird research last week and today we will begin our bird research. I hope we will see our birds when we go to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary.  There are several good websites where you can find some information on your bird and I will list them on the side of this blogsite.  You can also use our classroom books, as well as books from our school and community  library.

You will all receive a graphic organizer where you will begin to write notes about your bird.  Today we will start on the Appearance topic of  your bird and find 3-5 facts that describe what they look like.  How your bird looks like will often give information to what they eat and where they live.   You will also need to see pictures of what your bird looks like so you can draw a realistic picture of your bird.  Using a ruler, don’t forget to draw neat lines to label your drawing with 3 descriptive labels.

Happy researching!


Ms Sim


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