I look forward to spring!! How about you?

Mar 8, 2021

Dear Div 12,

Wow, look at our ‘Planting a Promise’ daffodils.  They are starting to bloom.  Hooray!

About one year ago right before Spring Break our family was getting ready to go to Disneyland.  My sons were super excited and we were dreaming of spending time together and go on all the rides in sunny California.  We had to cancel our trip and we were sad, but the same thing happened to so many other people around us.  I am thankful we could come back to school in September for Grade 3.

Vaccines are excellent news and every day we are one day close to the world opening up again in safety and have our old freedoms back.  What is something that you are really looking forward to?   I can’t wait for spring flowers, one day going to Disneyland and celebrating birthday parties together again!


Ms Sim

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