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Science 9 Nov 25-29

Monday Reactivity and the Periodic Table Lab Reactivity Trends in the Periodic Table Lab Quiz on the Periodic Table and Atomic Trends Tuesday Periodic Battleship & Review Wednesday [..]

Science 9

Science 9 Nov 18-21

Monday-Tuesday Atomic Theory Atomic+Theory+and+Periodic+Trends Parts of an atom Bohr Diagrams of first 20 Elements Wednesday  Periodic Trends Periodic Trends Thursday Finish Periodic Trends Periodic Trends Intro to Periodic [..]

Science 9

Bio 11 Nov 25-29

Monday Bacteria Lab Part 2 Day 1 Tuesday  Bacteria Lab Part 2 Day 2 Continue to work on Formal Lab Report Wednesday-Friday Time to work on your Formal [..]

Biology 11

Biology 11 November 18-21

Monday Classification Quiz Fictitious Animals, Mr Men & Visual dictionary due Introduction to Bacteria, Viruses & Immune System Unit Bacteria Virus Immune System Overview Bacteria Notes BACTERIa Slides [..]

Biology 11

Biology 11 November 7-15

Thursday/Friday/Tuesday Intro to Taxonomy 1 Bio11- Classification Learning Goals taxonomy slides pt 1  Visual Dictionary WordsTaxonomy taxonomy slides pt 2 3 Interpreting Graphic in Taxonomy Domain and Kingdom [..]

Biology 11

Science 9 This Week (Nov 12-15)

We have started our Chemistry Unit!! Friday/Tuesday: New Visual Dictionary Words: Unit 2 Visual Dictionary Words We have reviewed Matter, Physical Changes and Chemical Changes Matter and Its [..]

Science 9

Sc 9 Review & Answer Key

Reproduction Unit Review Unit 1 Review Unit 1 Review Answers

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