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Biology 11 Feb 26- March2

Monday- Unit 1 test Tuesday- Introduction to Evolution- Cosmos cosmos-episode-2-worksheet Wednesday- Exploring DNA DNA notes DNA slides Thursday- What is Evolution? Darwins History Friday- Natural Selection Darwin and [..]

Biology 11

Biology 11- Test information

Unit Test 1- The cell, Scientific method & the Microscope TEST MONDAY You will need: Calculator Ruler You will NOT be given a formula sheet for the microscope [..]

Biology 11

Biology 11 Feb 19-23

Monday: Finish up Prokaryote/Eukaryote Lab…DUE TUESDAY Cell Hierarchy-Organization of Cells and Specialization Tuesday/Wednesday: Functions of the cell Part 1 The magnificent cell and all of its functions Comparing [..]

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Biology 11 Feb 13-15 (Short week)

Tuesday: Intro to the Microscope Microscopes 2018 Microscope Worksheet 2018 Wednesday:(Collaboration day)  Microscope Lab, Lab Reports Due @ beginning of class! lab comparison pro and eu cellsHEM Thursday: [..]

Biology 11

Biology 11 Feb 5-9

Monday– Planning Pill Bug lab.  Make sure the following are complete: Introduction Question, Hypothesis, Background         information Materials and Methods Materials list Procedure Safety Identify all [..]

Biology 11