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If you are interested in seeing the Burnaby Art Gallery’s annual showcase of collective student artwork be sure to book your visit today. The gallery will be on display from April 30 through to June 6th. Bookings are required so call in advance to book one of several spots. Half-hour time slots have been scheduled throughout opening hours (Tuesday – Friday 10am – 4:30pm; Sat & Sun Noon-4:30pm), with a maximum of 8 people allowed in the gallery at a time. Groups are restricted to 4 and should be from the same household. As always, gallery admission is by donation.


Spuds in Tubs




Check out how much our spuds have grown since Spring Break.  Harvesting will take place in June.  How many potatoes do you think these plants will produce? Put your predictions in the comments section of this thread.

Lesson Objectives

In this lesson students are learning about:

  • owl habitats
  • food webs and predator and prey relationships
  • owl adaptations
  • pellet formation
  • bone classification-anatomy and physiology of different species
  • conservation
  • stewardship of owls and other species

Owl Pellet Video Links

What are Owl Pellets?


How to Dissect an Owl Pellet




Assigned Reading & Questions


Planting Potatoes

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  1. Today we planted our seed potatoes prior to spring break. We will harvest the potatoes in June. Our class predicts that we will grow approximately 100-320 potatoes.

BC Legislature

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Today we had a virtual field trip to the Legislature. We explored the Parliament Buildings and learned about their design, history and use. We learned about important symbols of the Legislative Assembly and discussed significant historical, political and social events in B.C. and how they relate to the Legislative Assembly.

We learned that the Legislative Assembly is made up of many people and learned more about the work they do and the roles they play. We also learned more about how a bill becomes law.

For homework students are encouraged to complete the participant survey below:

Survey – Participant

On Wednesday we had a virtual field trip on zero waste and circular economies. Students learned about the 3Rs and examined why it is so important to reduce and re-use our resources.  They explored the “how to” for recycling and composting and discovered solutions for sustainable waste management and how to remake materials and products to be used again and again, mimicking natural cycles in nature.

Students are encouraged to take a waste audit for homework for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate of our choice or a pizza party for our class.  To complete the audit click on the link to take the fun WASTE AUDIT or follow the steps below:

GO TO greenbricks.ca/audits/

CLICK ON the audit and complete!


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