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Remembrance Day Stuff

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To celebrate Remembrance Day, we made acrostic poems, paintings of poppies and a wreath of poppies for Remembrance Day Ceremony. To make the wreath we cut egg cartons into poppy shapes, painted them red, added red, black and green tissue paper.  Once the poppies were complete we assembled them on to a piece of red card stock to form the wreath. To make the paintings we created a prototype of our design, drew them again on watercolour paper and painted them with watercolour paint.  These pieces of art were then put on display with our Remembrance Day poetry.

Written By: L.C and G.G


Last year students, staff and families collaborated with Ang George and Caitlin Aleck to create a Coast Salish weaving that represents Aubrey Elementary’s values and core beliefs.  Take a look at the video below to learn more about the weaving and see the progress that has been made on this beautiful work of art.


Video: Navigating Mazes With Sphero

During Tech Day on Thursday, our class constructed mazes out of cardboard in small groups.  We then had to code Spheros to navigate through the mazes without touching the walls or running into any obstacles. Some of the challenges we faced were constructing the obstacles within the maze and then coding the Spheros to be able to navigate through the maze.  We had to learn how to adjust the speed, distance and angles to get the Spheros to navigate successfully through our maze and over ramps and bridges. We also had to learn to work together and divide tasks equally so that everyone was able to participate and take turns coding.

Written By: Carina, Emma, and Laurie.


This past week students learned how math and art are sometimes intertwined during this Japanese Notan lesson. Japanese Notan design principles require the artist to use lines of symmetry and reflection to create positive (light) and negative (dark) spaces within their artwork.

I Am Poetry

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Don’t forget to check our your child’s I Am poetry and give them feedback on their writing.  Poems will be uploaded to their blogfolio later this week.

During the first week back we read the book “Say Something” by Peter H Reynolds. The central theme of the book is that the world needs your voice and that a single voice can make a big difference.   Following the reading of the book students were tasked with making cursive name creatures and asked to use their voice to say something to inspire others. Don’t forget the world needs your voice too so don’t be afraid to use it.

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