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How Raven Stole the Sun Foldout

Homework – Monday February 19

Spelling: Spelling and Meaning

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This Week at Rosser

Division Three has a fun filled, active week.  On Wednesday we will be mailing our Valentines throughout the day as we finish our work.  We will open them during the last 30 minutes of the day.  All of this week we are practicing and preparing for our Lunar New Year Assembly.  Division 3 will MC the assembly, they will also play a song and participate in the Lion/Dragon dance.  We hope you can make it on Thursday at 10:45 for our assembly.  This of course is followed by our tradition of sharing in a potluck lunch.  Please remember to pack a bowl and fork/spoon/chopsticks with your child for that day.

Lunar Valentine Spelling

lunar, dragon, lion, lanterns, pagoda, potluck, fortune, Valentine, card, family, candy, secret, love, cupid

Mark Stewart

February 8, 2018

Dear Families,

My name is Mark Stewart and I’m writing because I’m a student teacher in your child’s classroom.  I’ve had the good fortune of working with division three and Mrs. Schwarz during my first practicum this Fall and am excited to return for this further learning opportunity.  

I’m excited to be back and working again with the students of this class as I complete my final practicum. I come to Rosser with experience from working at Science World, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Vancouver, Friends of Simon Tutoring (SFU), and the African Children’s Summer Camp and Homework Club in Burnaby. Prior to beginning SFU’s Professional Development Program I have completed the following programs at SFU: BA Honours in Humanities, BA in Philosophy, English Minor, Certificate of Religious Studies and Certificate of Liberal Arts. I have also completed four levels of Cantonese instruction at Langara College.

Through collaboration with Mrs. Schwarz we have planned exciting units to teach the students in their curriculum area. I look forward to further helping develop the skills in this classroom and continuing my own learning journey.  


Mark Stewart

Homework – Thursday – February 8th

Spelling: Study for Test

Jump Rope for Heart Envelopes due Tomorrow

Valentine’s Day

Next week will be a very exciting week as we celebrate both Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year.  Division Three is busy practicing their song to play for the assembly, work on their dragon/lion dance, make their red envelope lanterns and practice their parts as MCs for the assembly.  WE ARE BUSY!!!  On Valentine’s Day the students will exchange valentines in the afternoon.  This is not compulsory, but if your child wishes to participate I kindly ask that they give Valentine’s to all their classmates to avoid anyone feeling hurt or left out.  Here is a list of class names:  Greg, Claire, Yannes, Maggie, Blissany, Yokally, Samuel, Jacen, Alec, Oliver, Massimo, Christian, Jai, Angela, Kelvin, John, Talia, Ethan, Hiram, Rylee

Homework – Tuesday – February 6th

Spelling Story

Novel Study response

Spelling Lesson 19

Grade 3
October, shop, block, bottle, sorry, o’clock, socks, problem, what, jog, wash, was, clock, bottom, forgot, body
Grade Four
wonderful, discover, among, blood, front, other, money, cover, month, monkey, done, sponge, nothing, above, stomach, once, become, another, won 

Homework – Monday – February 5th

Spelling –  Spelling and Meaning 

Jump Rope for Heart Envelopes due by Friday

Social Studies – Culture Comparison Venn Diagram