Hello Division 3!

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to our classroom community! Over the next few weeks, we will spend time getting to know each other and learning classroom routines and expectations.

Here is some information about our class:

ARRIVING on time: Please ensure that your child arrives to school on time every day. It develops good habits for later in life, shows respect, and they don’t miss out on any beginning of day announcements or instruction. If your child is late, please sign in at the office. Thank you.

FORMS and MONEY: At the beginning of every year, there are many forms that need to be returned promptly. While I know it takes time to work through them, it is important that they are returned in a timely manner.

PLANNER: Your child received their planner to be used as a form of communication between home and school. Please encourage your child to pack it in their own backpacks in preparation for school the next day. Student planners are to be utilized everyday so please ensure it is returned to school. The preferred method of collecting money is through the School Cash Online program.

HEALTH and WELL-BEING: As part of the PE curriculum, students are expected to have daily physical activity. Please ensure your child is dressed in comfortable clothing and has a pair of running shoes at school. It is also important to send a water bottle so your child can stay hydrated throughout the day which contributes to their well-being, boosts their capacity to learn, and helps with their attention span. As well, it is so very important to only send healthy snacks for recess and a healthy lunch.

HOMEWORK: Please have your child read EVERY NIGHT for about 15-20 minutes and enjoy talking about the stories or facts you read together.

Words Their Way

The students of Division 3 have started using a phonics, spelling and vocabulary program called Words Their Way. The main benefit of Words Their Way is that it differentiates instruction allowing each child to work at their appropriate instructional level. Students have been given an initial spelling inventory to help guide me in placing each student into a group. Currently we are all working in 1 of 3 groups.

Students will be working with a different group of words each week. Words are introduced each Monday in class. Word work in our classroom will include sorting our words into categories, and noticing similarities and differences between words that sound alike. Students can do many different word sorts throughout the week. All sorts and activities should be completed in a duotang, and will be due on Friday or the last day of the week.

Words Their Way focuses less on memorization and more on allowing students to work with the words during word sorts to give them the chance to learn the spelling pattern. Word work done at home and school will reflect this philosophy. I am excited about the opportunity to work with your child using Words Their Way. If you have any questions about Words Their Way, please feel free to contact me.