I want to remind all of you how much I miss you! I wish we could all be in the classroom together, learning, playing and enjoying each other companies! But for now, we will be working and doing our very best to learn together online.

Remember to be kind and patient; to play and to learn; to read, write and draw; to tell stories and share laughs with your family!

I cannot wait to see you!

Ms. Ramirez

PARENTS: Welcome to our Distant Learning blog

As we embark on this new journey, please use this blog as a reference for all the information I share with you (website links, documents, suggestions, videos…).

Our goal is for your child to do approximately one hour of learning per day . The suggestion is that this hour is divided as follows:

20 minutes of literacy (reading and writing)
20 minutes of numeracy
20 minutes of other subjects

Here is an example of how this may look like:

  • LITERACY: alternate days – one day 20 minutes on any of the apps suggested (EPIC!, Fast ForWord, Raz Kids) or reading home books. Another day do 20 minutes of writing.
  • NUMERACY: alternate days – one day 20 minutes on Khan Academy.  Another day  20 minutes doing a numeracy activity from the Learning Menu.
  • OTHER SUBJECTS: have your child pick an activity from the Learning Menu.

Remember also that you can also use the suggestions I have included in this website’s tabs.

As I have previously mentioned, I know these are unique, uncertain and challenging times. However, my commitment to your child’s education and wellbeing remains unchanged.

Together, we will get through this! Sending lots of love and positivity to you, your child and your loved ones.


Ms. Ramirez


Please take a moment to explore this website and its content. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have (ana.ramirez@burnabyschools.ca). Here is a video demonstrating how to navigate this website (password: Division16).