Coast Salish Art Workshop

Last week we had a wonderful opportunity to participate in our second workshop with a Coast Salish artist,  Andrea Fritz who also read us a story “It’s Ok To Say I Don’t Know: The Story of Sthuqi and Tumus“.  In this session we reviewed the basic Coast Salish shapes (ovid, trigon, u-shape, cresent and s-shape) and we did a directed drawing of a Sthuqi’ (sockeye salmon). We are getting more confident as we become for familiar with the shapes and our creative independence!

Here are some pictures from that lesson:






Rainy Days

Fall has arrived!  The weather can change from wind to rain to sun and back to rain again all on the same day!  Children will be going outside as much as possible for some fresh air and to release some sillies.  It is important for students and families to understand that this is our  “West Coast weather.”  Please help remind your child to dress for the weather – umbrellas, boots and a warm coat!  See school mail sent home today.