Attention – Div 12 Hard at Work

Please check out our last couple of posts. We’ve been busy. 

Science World

Wow we had such a great time at Science World.  Thank you so much to all the Parents who volunteered their time to make the field trip run as smoothly as it did and a special thanks to the PAC and to Science World for the bursary which made this trip a possibility.  For many of the students it was their first visit and for others it was another great day spent exploring all the fun things there is to do at Science World.  

The Radical Ramps workshop was a highlight for many of us and it let the students practice their growth mindset of not giving up when something doesn’t work the first time.  Other exhibits that were enjoyed included the Eureka lab (the air cannons and ball launchers were a huge hit) as were the water sprayers in the Our World Exhibit.  The Tallest man and the walk through snake were highlights for many in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Exhibit. 

Ms. Pasqualetto :0) 

Happy Holidays

I hope that everyone has been enjoying their Winter Holiday and that you were able to spend some time out in the brief snowfall that we had.  I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures during your vacation when we return to school. 

The last week of school was a very busy one for our class.  We spent lots of time with our Buddies in preparation for the Christmas Concert (which was amazing!) we also saw them while we made graham cracker houses and we joined them in eating pancakes in the gym.  

I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays and have a wonderful start to the New Year.  The school will re-open on Monday January 8th. 

Ms. Pasqualetto :0)

We’re Going Green!

Well at least that is the colour our class needs to be wearing for the Christmas Concert on December 19th.  The concert date is fast approaching and it is the day the kids have all been working so hard towards.  There will be two performances (afternoon and evening) that all students in the school are performing in.  If there is any reason that your child will be absent please let us know ASAP.    For our costumes Mr. Turpin has asked that students wear as much green as they can including green gloves.   

Aside from practicing for the performance our class has been busy ringing in the season.  Ms. Dente led the class through a directed drawing of a reindeer (you can see their work above their coat hooks in the room).  We have also been reading lots of winter books and discussing our favourite activities to do in the Winter.   One of my favourite activities to do is to build gingerbread houses and decorate sugar cookies.  On December 21st we will be making/decorating graham cracker houses with our big buddies.  A short note was sent home on Friday asking for small nut free candies to be sent to class by Dec 18th so that way the kids will have them to decorate their houses with.   We are doing the gingerbread houses in lieu of a class Christmas party however if you are wanting to send something in please reach out to Nancy or myself.   A reminder that we are a peanut aware classroom and we now have 16 students in our class.  

It has been wonderful learning more about each student with their All About Me bags.  The kids are doing a wonderful job telling about the artifacts they are bringing in and why they are special/important to them.  When we return from the Winter Break the students can resume bringing a single item for their special helper day.  The January special helper calendar will be sent home with your child’s report card on December 20th.  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 
Ms. Pasqualetto :0)

The Aqua Van and busy times ahead

Wow!  I can hardly believe that there are only 4 days left to November.  Time is going to fly by in December with all the great things that we have planned at school. 

Last week the students were all rock stars while we were watching the Aqua Van presentation in the morning and then during our small presentation in the afternoon.  Even though some students were hesitant at first to touch the sea urchin most really enjoyed seeing it up close as well as the sea star.  The students got to feel an Orca’s jaw and teeth and touch a piece of baleen.  While it wasn’t the same as actually going to see the animals in their natural habitat or visiting the Vancouver Aquarium it was a neat experience to have in our very own gym! 


Ms. Solomon is hosting our Scholastic Book Fair in the Library this week.  If you plan on visiting don’t forget your ballot that was sent home in the small book fair flyer a week or so ago to enter the draw for free books (I will also be sending home the classroom December Scholastic flyers this week if there is anything you would like to order from there.)

This week we are starting to collect for the WE Scare Hunger Food Drive Hamper donations.  Our class is collecting jarred/canned pasta sauce specifically but any non-perishable food donation would be greatly appreciated.  

The Christmas Concert will be on Tuesday December 19th so mark your calendars.  

Wondering Wednesdays Reminder

A notice was sent home last week with information about our class’s participation in Wondering Wednesdays.  Our first adventure will be this Wednesday November 8th along with Div 13, Div 14 and Strong Start.  Please ensure that your child comes to school dressed for the weather (we will be back at school by recess) and that they have a change of clothes at school if needed. 

Recess reminder: with the sudden change to much colder weather please ensure that your children are dressing in layers for school and that they have warm jackets with hoods, gloves and umbrellas in the event that it rains. The expectation is that students will go outside for recess unless there is very heavy rain or the weather conditions are unsafe. 

– Ms. Passqualetto :0)

A is for apples and applesauce

Last Tuesday when we visited the Apple Barn we all tasted Jona Gold apples.  They were juicy, crisp and nice and cold.  We learned about where apples grow, how they are made into cider at the farm and about the different things we make using apples. 

The Apple barn gave us a bag of apples to take home and after we did an apple investigation in class we decided to make a batch of apple sauce.  On Thursday morning after discussing safety around using a slow cooker, knife and washing our hands we set out to make applesauce.  To save time Ms. Pasqualetto peeled the apples and all the student helped to slice them using an apple slicer and then helped to dice some of the slices into pieces using a butter knife. 

The apple pieces were set to cook in the slow cooker for 4 hours! hoping to be turned into some delicious apple sauce that we would eat during our centres time in the afternoon.  Unfortunately our applesauce sampling would have to be delayed by a day though due to a three hour power outage in the area.   The class finally had a chance to taste our class made applesauce on Friday and the general consensus was a two thumbs up! 

Apples and Pumpkins Oh My!

Well it was a rocky start to our Tuesday but fortunately a few of our classes (including us) were still able to go on our planned field trip to the Pumpkin Patch/Apple Orchard.   The kids were amazing while the teachers were trying to figure out the logistics of being shorted a school bus (due to a breakdown).  Thank you to the parents who were able to join us (and drove all the way out to Abbotsford!) the trip would not have been able to go ahead without your flexibility.  

The students enjoyed what was for many of them their first time on a school bus.  There was lots of singing, chatting, playing eye spy with our seat mates to help pass the time and a few students even fell asleep.  Things that we noticed on the journey, buses make us the same height as big dump trucks, there are lots of police cars on the freeway and the trees are beautiful colours of red, yellow and orange.  

Due to the bus mishap we were a bit late arriving at the patch so our snack was cut short and we promptly went for our hay ride to choose the perfect pumpkin.  All the kids were awesome at making sure they made good decisions and a few even changed their mind a couple of times when they themselves realized their choice was too heavy.  With our pumpkins secured in our bags we boarded the hay ride again to go to visit their country store.  We learned about their resident Queen Bee and her workers who help to pollinate the apple trees and we then watched a video on how they make their apple cider on site and got to sample some of their cider and it was delicious.  Next on our tour was a brief visit with the animals which for some was their favourite part.  After washing our hands we watched a demonstration of how apples are sorted using a sorting machine before sitting down to have our lunch. 

Despite the hiccups the kids report that they had a great time and I think most would have loved to have spent the entire afternoon on the big jumping pillow.    

Field Trip!!

I hope that everyone was able to get outside this weekend during the breaks in the wet weather.   

The kids and Primary staff are super excited about our Pumpkin Patch field trip on Tuesday.  Thank you to those who are volunteering your time to help supervise small groups at the farm.  For those who we were not able to have join us, or those who were unable to come on this trip we hope you will be able to join on a future outing.  I sent home a reminder on Thursday about what to bring on the field trip but in case you didn’t see it.  The bus is leaving promptly at 9:10 am so please ensure students are at school by 9am so we can take attendance and get organized.  Students should dress for the weather (including rubber boots), bring a disposable lunch and snack (that they can carry in their back pack) as well as a plastic bag for them to carry their pumpkin home in.   We should be back in time for 3 pm dismissal but if we are running late we will contact the office and a note will be posted on our classroom door.   

A quick reminder, with the rainy weather upon us please ensure that children have a full change of clothes at school and that they are coming prepared to go outside at recess and lunch time.  Our school participates in a West Coast recess, so unless it is raining heavily or there is a safety concern students are expected to go outside.  There are undercover areas where they can play but it is helpful for them to have rubber boots, a waterproof jacket with a hood and an umbrella.  

See you on Tuesday, 
Ms. Pasqualetto :0)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone was able to spend time with their loved ones this weekend. If not for the cool, crisp air Sunday looked like it was still summer outside. Please remember that Monday is a holiday so the school will not be open.

Individual photos were on Friday, If your child missed the photo day I will post as soon as I know when retakes are. For those who were present the proofs usually take a couple of weeks to arrive and then they will be sent home so you can look at them and decide if you would like to order.

On Thursday the class went on our first field trip. It was a squishy ride to the public library using the “I Love Transit” free transit for students but the kids were amazing. They represented Kitchener well and all seemed to enjoy having a few stories read and exploring the children’s section of the library. If your child doesn’t yet have their own library card please do sign them up, it requires a parent/guardian signature but the card itself is free.

This week we have lots of activities planned including the walk-a-thon. Please remember to return your pledge form even if you did not collect money. The PAC is still looking for parent volunteers to be stationed along the route and we are looking for 1-2 parents to join our class.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Ms. Pasqualetto :0)