Business Fair (Monday, March 9)

Today, we had our first opening of our business fair. Students were eager to set up their stores and welcome the first customers of the afternoon. They could not wait to set up. The learning involved in this assignment were both practical and meaningful. Below are some pictures of the student’s stores:

Math Honours Exam (April 21 at 3:30 PM)

Hello Families. I have received information that will be pertinent to those students who are interested in taking Grade 8 Math Honours at Alpha Secondary. The date of the exam is on Tuesday, April 21 at 3:30. I will also place a reminder on my online homework board as well as on my whiteboard in the classroom. Do let me know if you have any questions.

Business Fair

Hello Families. Division 2 will be putting on a Business Fair on Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10, during the last week of school before Spring Break. The time of the fair will be 1:00 – 3:00 on both days. I will send an email reminder to you a week in advance. You are more than welcomed to come in on either day and see what your child has been working on in Applied Design this past term.

Upcoming Field Trips

In the next couple of weeks students will be going on two field trips. The first is on Friday, January 17. Please make sure that your child has brought in the permission form and will bring appropriate swim wear on that day.

As well, on Thursday, January 23 a number of students will be going skiing. Make sure that they are at the school on time and ready to go with all of their gear. Appropriate clothing is highly recommended. The temperatures will hover around freezing or lower next week and water proof ski pants and jackets are preferred.

Plastic Cloth Bags

Next Friday we will be doing a class clean up. Part of this process incovolves students taking out all materials in their desks. They will place these in a plastic or cloth bag and hang it up in the cloakroom. As a result, it would be appreciated that students bring either two plastic bags or a medium to large cloth bag next Friday, December 20.

Report Card Envelops

Hello Families. Today, report cards will be going home. As with previous years, you will need to sign the report card envelop, write a comment if you would like in the space above the signature, and return it to school. Please return the envelope by December 13. Thanks!

Artifact Project for Social Studies

Above are two examples of artifacts students have created. As well, a story was written about the artifacts and the person who used them. The purpose of this is for students to then go around to other students set of artifacts and apply their learning of archaeology. They will act as an archaeologist at each group’s station. They will then create a story based on the artifacts they are analyzing and compare it to the one that the group wrote.

Egg Drop Vehicle

Above are two examples of egg drop vehicles Div. 2 is working on. The goal is to ensure that an egg is properly protected from a fall from a given height. This relates to the world in many ways. For example, NASA works regularly on create an apparatus that would allow a rover to land on Mars safely. After we do the egg drop, students will have the chance to make changes to their vehicle. Once we are done all of this we will discuss the science behind what students are doing in class.

Photo Retakes

If your child would like an individual photo retake, they can get one shortly. Photo retakes will be happening on Wednesday, Oct. 30.