Growing Ideas

The children at Strong Start have been busy planting carrots in the sand box.

Some children were focused on how the sand moved through the pots.

Where other children were working together and sharing their understanding of how to grow carrots.

“First we need the seeds and you put them in the dirt, then you need more dirt on top and some water”

“Look we got carrots “ “Lets eat them!”

If your child is interested in planting things at home some fun activities you can try are…

Put a bean into a wet paper towel and put it into a ziplock bag.  Tape it onto a window with sun light and watch.

Put popcorn kernels into some dirt, then water them and place them near the sun light and see if they grow.

Also when you are outside walking with your children search for things growing.

It has been so wonderful seeing you all at Strong Start and playing together 💗. I look forward to seeing you all again soon 😊

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