Indoor Activities using a roll of painters tape

If you are looking for something to keep your little ones entertained, head over to the dollar store and buy a few roles of painters tape.  You will be surprised at how long it will keep your child focused and also how many ways you can explore with it.

For the younger babies, simply put some tape in various lengths on items so they can use their fine motor skills to pull the tape off.

The toddlers and preschoolers can follow lines and roads with their toys, and together you can create a little city.

If your child has lots of energy you can create a jumping game.

You can also create an obstacle course.  Try to get through without getting stuck to the tape.

Or create a spider web and see what you can throw to get stuck in the web.

You can even use the tape to create shapes or letters and see what your child does with that.

I would love to see how you explore tape at your house.  Please send me any pictures you would like to share 😊.

Just a reminder that ….

Burnaby Strong Start Centers will temporarily shift to virtual programming from January 10th to January 21st, to provide additional time to learn more about the potential impacts of the Omicron variant on communities and schools. On January 21st the district will reassess the spread of the Omicron variant in the community and decide if it is safe to return to in person sessions.

I will be in touch with you to share more information, but if you have any questions please email me anytime, I look forward  to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you soon too💗



Welcome Back to Strong Start

I am very excited to share that Strong Start will be re-opening soon!

If you haven’t already, please register at

You are required to register each school year, so even if you registered last year you will need to register again for this school year.

The registration department is extremely busy processing the hundreds of registrations that have already come in.  Once I receive confirmation of your registration, I will be in contact with you to book your first Strong Start session.  For more information on what the program will look like please refer to

I can’t wait to see how much the children have grown over the summer and to hear all about your exciting adventures.  😊

💓Teacher Lisa

☀️Happy Summer☀️

What a year it has been!
With all the uncertainty and newness this Strong Start year, I have to say I greatly enjoyed our time together! All the special moments we shared were definitely a highlight of my year.
I wish you all a safe, healthy and fun filled summer, hopefully with lots of opportunities for outdoor explorations and fun.  I look forward to spending lots of time at the beach with my family and can’t wait to see you all again in the fall to share all our fun memories.

Updates about Strong Start in the  fall will be posted to  So please check back around mid / late August for new information about fall registration.

If your looking for some organized outdoor activities for the summer check out  
The Burnaby Family Life is offering activities at parks during the summer.

Lastly, thank you for great year we shared and have a wonderful summer.  ❤️Ms. Lisa

Feelings First

I found a very informative and meaningful website that is full of great resources.

Feelings First is a campaign to introduce important concepts around Social and Emotional Development in the early years, to parents and caregivers across British Columbia.

It covers a large variety of topics listed below

I would recommend taking a look at this website, as I found it quite informative and it also directs you to other great resources from many other associations.

Have a wonderful day 😊



String Painting

This week at Strong Start the children enjoyed painting using string.  We attached the string to a clothespin and the children enjoyed watching the changes with the use of something long.


“Look it’s a snake!”

“It’s changing colours!”

“Maybe the string is magic?”


Painting with Q-tips

This week at Strong Start the children have been painting using Q-tips.  This activity is great at helping children develop their pincer grasp.

The pincer grasp is the coordination of the index finger and the thumb to hold an item.  The pincer grasp represents further development of fine motor skills.  These movements require precise  control of small muscles in the hand.

Fine motor skills are the foundation that  will later allow a child to write and use a computer mouse.

So let your children paint away with a variety of objects.  They love the novelty and it’s also great exercise for growing muscles and minds.

Painting with plastic scrubbing brushes

This week the children at Strong Start experienced painting with plastic scrubbers.  These can be found in the cleaning section of any dollar store.

The children enjoyed seeing the patterns the scrubbers made on the paper and also how the colours mixed and made rainbows.

No More Paintbrushes

A few days ago a child at Strong Start told me she wanted to paint.  So we went to the art shelf and got out some paint and paper and paintbrushes.  She then said how about if we don’t use paint brushes….

So we decided to put the paintbrushes away and explore painting in other ways.

This week the children explored painting with balloons

”It feels squishy “

”I can hear the water in the balloon”

“The colours are everywhere “


Happy Spring


I hope you have been able to enjoy some of this beautiful weather and also have gotten to see some of the beautiful cherry blossoms.  I encourage you and your children to stop and take a closer look, try to see something you never saw before when looking at the cherry blossom tree.  What do you notice?

A fun art activity you can do at home is tracing your child’s hand on construction paper, then let them or you (depending on their age) cut it out and this will be the tree and branches of the cherry blossom tree.  Now let them make the cherry blossoms using a Q-tip and a variety of pink paint.

If you are interested in some wonderful free parenting programs, please click on the link below to view the current opportunities offered entirely online by Burnaby Family Life

Information Children is also offering free online story times and parenting workshops,  for information on these great opportunities please view the link below


I hope you are all staying healthy!
As always if you have any questions or want to talk, please email me anytime at