Today’s recipe for Mud Pie

“This is powerful mud pie”

“Look that is an egg “

“We need lots of moss because moss is the secret ingredient!”

“These are the little grass ravioli “


“We need to add lots of water so it’s not sticky “

“Look I found mint”

“Smell it, it smells so minty, I love it!”

“Here is the garlic and bean sprouts “

“It needs more salt guys, go look for the salt “

“I found the salt flowers, we need lots of salt”

“We can’t eat it for real, ok, because it’s not healthy!”

”Its not healthy because it’s mud!”

“We need to add some milk, but not cows milk maybe we can add happy milk?”

”Look at my hand, it’s purple milk, maybe it’s grape milk”

“No that’s not purple milk, it’s tree sap”

“Our mud pie is almost done, the last thing it needs is a cherry on top”

It is great to see the collaboration of both work and ideas that go into the creation of something such as today’s Mud Pie.


Strong Start is Opening Soon

Hi Maywood Families,

A lot of you have been asking and now I can finally say Strong Start is Opening Soon!!!

For more information please follow the links below

Everyone will need to Register for this year, even if you have already registered.

To Register Please Follow this link


StrongStart Information Letter & DHC 2020 (1)

I can’t wait to see you all again soon!!

💗Ms. Lisa


Making paintbrushes with items from nature

The Kindergarten children wanted to paint so we decided to use items found in nature to create our own paintbrushes.

First the search was to find the perfect stick.

“This one seems good, it’s straight and strong.”

“I have lots of sticks!”

“I found two to make a roller brush.”


Next the children looked for what they thought would make the best brush.

The children created a variety of different paint brushes.

And decided to try out their hands as brushes too.

I can’t wait to see what the children will want to explore next week!





Let’s have some fun with leaves 🍁 🍃

When you go for a walk outside we are greeted by the beauty of the fall leaves.  Let’s look at some fun things we can do with these leaves.

I love that rainbow in the above picture, I wonder if we could make a leaf rainbow?  How many different coloured leaves could we find to make our rainbow?

Leaf prints are also fun to make.
Collect some different shaped leaves and paint them to create some beautiful prints.

Another activity you can do with leaves is put them under a piece of paper and rub them with crayons.

Or maybe some dramatic play with puppets?  We can make some leaf puppets and put on a puppet show or tell a story.

Whatever you decide to do with your leaves remember to have fun!!!  Also if you have any activities you do with leaves or projects you made please share them with me.

To hear the Story We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt  

 Written by Steve Metzger

Illustrated by Miki Sakamoto click here 






Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to our Strong Start Family!
I was so happy to see this beautiful fall wreath that one of our families sent me, with their adorable little foot and handprint Turkey!!  WOW!! Thank you so much for sending it to me!! I love seeing your projects.  I hope you all have a great day today with your families and I can’t wait to see you again soon!

🧡🦃Happy Thanksgiving 🧡🦃

Not a Stick








Today in one of the Kindergarten classes we read the book Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis

To read this book follow the link below

Not a Stick

After reading the book the children were inspired to make some creations with sticks.

Once they found the perfect sticks this is what they created

We had a great time creating with sticks.  If you create something at home please send me a picture as I would love to see it!!!

💗Teacher Lisa







Let’s make some Turkeys

With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, I thought we could make some cute Thanksgiving Turkeys.  These crafts can get a little messy, but remember mess equals fun!!!

To make this craft you will need

Red, yellow, orange and brown paint ( or whatever colors you want to make your turkey)

Some paper, scissors, glue and googly eyes if you want



Paint your child’s hand or if they are older they can paint their own hand, and press it onto the paper.  Repeat it with different colors to make the Turkey’s feathers.  Let them dry.

Now you get to paint their foot with brown paint and do the toes in orange and press this onto a different paper and let this also dry.

When they are dry you can let your child, or if they are too small you can cut around the hand prints and foot prints.  Also cut out a tear drop and a beak and let your child glue them on as well as the eye.

Finally glue the feathers (hand prints) on and you have your cute little Turkey.


Another turkey that is also really cute is a Leaf Turkey



When you are outside, collect some beautiful leaves off the ground to use as your Turkey’s  feathers and you can create your own Leaf Turkey.

Gobble, Gobble

To sing a song about 5 Little Turkeys follow the link below

5 Little Turkeys

I have so much to be thankful for, I am also thankful for all the great memories we shared at Strong Start and I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Happy Thanksgiving 💗 Teacher Lisa


Recipe for Cherry Mud Soup

Some of the Kindergarten children were very busy cooking in the outdoor kitchen.  They were working together to make cherry mud soup.

For the recipe with step by step directions see below.

Cherry Mud Soup Recipe 

First get out your pots and mixing supplies

gather some cherries

add them into the pot

next add a dandelion

and some dirt

pour in some water

and a little bit of grass

make sure the mud is nice and smooth

add a few leaves

now mix it all together

and there you have Cherry mud soup.




A Blue Whale

Thank you to one of our Strong Start students for sending me this picture of her blue whale.
I wonder if this whale has a story?

If your child has something they want to share, a picture, story or perhaps something you created together, please send it to me.  I love to see your creations.

A picture can tell a story

Yesterday I got to spend the morning in one of the Kindergarten classrooms at Maywood.  A few of the children were drawing pictures, and one child told me the story of her picture.  To see her story follow the link below.  Children love creating stories – whether it be with pictures or through their play.  I encourage you to take the time to sit down and listen and record your child’s stories.

In the upcoming weeks I hope to spend more time with the Kindergarten children and share some of their learning.

Strong Start Families, I would love to see some of your children’s drawings and stories too.  Please send them to me @

To see D’s Story follow this link