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Posted by on January 25, 2021

In concert with our school wide “Project Of Heart” theme, we have been sewing Memory bags.  This activity was inspired by the Indigenous story Shi-shi-etko.

Shi-shi-etko gathers together many of the things of nature and places them into her bag of memories so that she will never forget her people and land as she prepares to go many miles away to the required residential school.

We have been using the knowledge we gained during our paper weaving to sew the sides of our felt ‘bag’ together.  Some of us have figured out the up-down motion of this stitch, while others have learned the whip stitch–by always going to the back of the fabric for each stitch. 😉

No matter which stitch was used, the bags are slowly coming together.  We are going to add a button closure and some sequin decorations next.

Your assignment this week:

Discuss what special items your child would place inside their bag of memories and why.

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