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Frisbee Golf

Posted by on June 3, 2020

Are you looking for a new game to play outside?  Something that doesn’t require a lot of equipment?

Well, Frisbee Golf is a great game to try!

  • Make a course (at school we use paper numbers attached to different objects around outside, but you can make your own ‘holes’ however you like–see photo for idea using dollar store items).
  • We start at the start line, then try to make it to ‘hole’ #1 in as few throws as possible.
  • We then work our way through the course.  We throw from #1 to #2 and so on…
  • You can keep score on a piece of paper if you like.
  • Happy throwing!!!

Can you think of two other sports you could combine to make a new sport?

Check out the “Putt Putt Soccer” video on Epic! I’ve assigned you…

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