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Read Aloud

Posted by on January 20, 2017

“My Cat Likes To Hide in Boxes” was our read aloud story today.  (you can read along at home to the link above)  

Why do we read aloud?

Reading aloud is one of the most important things parents and teachers can do with children.  Reading aloud to young children is not only one of the best activities to stimulate language and cognitive skills; it also builds motivation, curiosity, and memory.

Reading aloud builds many important foundational skills, introduces vocabulary, provides a model of fluent, expressive reading, and helps children recognize what reading for pleasure is all about.

After finishing our story, we checked out another cat who likes to hide in boxes:

Maru!  Check out some of his silly videos on Youtube!

We’ve also added a story building invitation to our Games & Choices time–including the words of the story with pictures.  Our task is to put the story in sequence following the book.  A few of the girls REALLY loved this activity!  They did it over, and over, and over again!





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