The Countdown Has Begun!

Hey Division 7! 

 Image result for countdown to christmas calendar  December is upon us and we are all excited to be counting down the days left until Christmas Day!  Of course, our time together ends on December 21st, so, we have only TEN more school days left together!  So exciting!!  It’s been another busy week: we finished some things and have started a couple of new things as well.  Here’s our week in a nutshell:

  Image result for pirate treasure clipartImage result for Horrendo's curse book clipart   First, let’s start with what we finished.  Our novel study, Horrendo’s Curse is done.  The boys landed safely on the island, and actually were joined by the pirates from the ship… without the captain.  The crew on board the ship had a mutiny and sent the captain off in a dinghy to survive the ocean on his own… with only a bottle of rum for company.  On the island, the boys and the pirate crew joined forces to try to find the treasure.  There were a few interesting events that happened in that quest ( one including the surprising return of the captain), but in the end, the boys and the pirate crew prevailed, took the gold, and sailed back to Horrendo’s village.  Related image  The book ends with the treasure being shared, Horrendo being “freed” from his “charming spell”, and the  pirates choosing to live a peaceful life in the village … one that no longer includes insults, bad language, or violence.  Kindness, inspired by Horrendo, was how the characters decided to continue to live their lives.  I guess, even though this wasn’t a fairy tale, everyone lives “happily ever after”.  

We also started a few things:  

 Image result for sewing needle and thread clipartRelated image Our next ADST project involves sewing and all of you are working on decorating a Christmas tree with buttons, beads, garlands, and other notions using needle and thread.  This ADST project focuses on the “S” part of the acronym (Skills).  Sewing is a skill that is not only handy to have, but also requires LOTS of creativity.  Your trees are coming along nicely… I look forward to seeing them finished soon.  

 Image result for london drugs christmas catalogue We also started a Math activity using the London Drugs catalogue.  You have 12 different “job cards” to do over the next few weeks before we break for the holiday.  Two of them are MUST DO’s ( the scavenger hunt and the family charity hamper) and  the other tasks can be completed in any order, but the goal is to try to finish as many as you can.  Have fun “shopping”! 

 Image result for kids choir clipart Our Christmas production rehearsals have begun as well.  Our class and Mrs. Nielsen’s class are the choir for the WEDNESDAY ( DEC. 19th) performances.  In order to be ready for those, we are rehearsing EVERY DAY until then!  That is a lot of singing!  Many of you already have the words memorized to all the songs– which is fantastic!  Now, keep practicing the actions, and making sure each word is clearly and enthusiastically sung!  It already looks and sounds great!  

 Image result for kids sharing work with  parents clipart This weekend is  Growth Portfolio Sharing weekend!  All of you have taken home your GP to share with your parents.  Don’t forget, it will take probably about an hour to do this.  Also, remember to give your parents the yellow response form to complete WITH YOU after you’ve shared your portfolio with them.  Image result for student led conferences clipartPlease bring back your portfolio AND the yellow response/goal-setting sheet by Tuesday Dec. 11th. ( I think it says the 18th on the sheet… my mistake!)   Progress reports will be going home on Friday the 14th.  I would like to have all the portfolios back before the progress reports go home.  Thanks so much! 


Next week we’ll be learning some seasonal vocabulary in French. Here is your question for the weekend:  Can you find out what the following words are in FRENCH?  

  1. Christmas tree : __________________
  2. presents : _____________________
  3. Santa Claus : ____________________
  4. reindeer : ____________________
  5. elf : _______________________

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7!  

Mrs. Davis 



Hi Division 7! 

I am starting this blog as you are in Music before lunch on Friday.  I still have some progress reports to write, but I didn’t want to miss another blog weekend.  This one will be shorter than usual though! 

We had a fun week… mainly focusing on getting our Rube Goldberg machines ready and functioning for the big showcase day.   What a great day we had yesterday!  Image result for rube goldberg machine  Four classes came to see your machines and from what I was seeing, they were a great hit!  Some of you gave out prizes, which of course made your creation a popular stop.   In the afternoon many of your parents, grandparents, or relatives came to see what you had created.  I think they were VERY impressed!! Image result for congratulations emoji  I have to say, again, I was impressed with all the hard work, dedication, and perseverance you showed through this entire project.    I know there were times of frustration when your machine wasn’t doing what you wanted, but you kept on working at it to solve the problem!  That is what engineering is ALL about!  Be proud of yourselves Division 7!  

 Image result for thinking emoji  Today we did our final ADST follow up where you labelled a photo of your machine indicating where potential and kinetic energy was demonstrated, the different types of motion your machine incorporated, and the various transfers of energy you had. You also self- assessed your machine and how successfully you worked with your group.   I will be providing feedback on both of these soon.  

  Image result for Horrendo's Curse book    We are on the last chapters of Horrendo’s Curse!  Some of you are working at your own pace to finish the novel by December 7th and some of you are working with myself or Mr. H to get the last five chapters finished.   Much has happened: Image result for boys in a row boat clipart Image result for dolphins playing clipart  Horrendo and the boys have escaped the pirate ship ( Thanks to Horrendo’s plan) and they are now on an island ( thanks to the pod of dolphins).  I wonder what will happen next and how the book ends?  

 Related image  So, Division 7, we are at the end of December and the advent season has started.  Tomorrow, if you use an advent calendar, you will get to open the first window and enjoy the treat that is behind it.  Have fun anticipating and counting down the days to Christmas.  It truly is ” The most wonderful time of the year!”. 

 Image result for advent calendar  This leads me to my question for the weekend:  Using an Advent Calendar is a tradition that comes from Germany ( which is where I am from). What traditions does your family have at this time of year? ( That means, what sorts of things do you do at this time of year that you don’t do any other time? )  

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7! 

Mrs. Davis 


The Creating has Begun!

Hi Division 7! 

 Related image  It’s Friday night as I post this weekend’s blog.  I hope your evening is going well and your weekend is off to a great start.  


 Image result for rube goldberg clipart  We’ve had a short, but very productive week.  The most exciting news is that you started building your Rube Goldberg machines!!  All of you had planned a “concept” and now you are making those plans real.  You are also all discovering that, what looks like it would work on paper, isn’t always how it works in real life, so your concept is being tried, tested, adjusted, and tested again before moving on to the next stage. Image result for November 29 2018 clipart It is SO MUCH FUN to watch you all working together and seeing how your machines are taking shape. Image result for deadline clipart   Next week we’ll be spending a LOT more time on them so that they are ready for the showcase day on November 29th.  

   We also continued with problem solving in Math and you worked on a series of word problems surrounding some made-up data about steps walked. Image result for word problem solving anchor chart   You were able to work with a partner or in a small group to figure out each problem using the 5-step process.  Some of the questions were a bit tricky, but with careful reading and critical thinking, the solution was there.  In “part 2” you were asked to do some graphing.  We’ll go over all of the problems next week. 

 Image result for bravo clipartImage result for math clipart  I also need to say how impressed I am with all of you and your steady completion of “Tangle Tables”.  All of you have shown HUGE progress in the speed and recall of your addition facts.  I hope you feel very accomplished….and proud of your successes!  I am very proud of you all.  Today, as I was recording the most recent tangle table results, I noticed that some of you have completed all 5 steps within your level— CONGRATULATIONS!! Next time we do “tangle tables” I have a new challenge for you….. are you ready for it? 

 Image result for butterfly clipart This week we also learned about the last two basic needs: Freedom and Fun.  Freedom is the need we all have for independence and being able to make our own decisions ( age appropriate of course) and we discussed that even at your age, there are several things that you have the freedom to do.  Of course, with freedom comes responsibility and vise-versa ( the more responsible you are, the more freedom you will be given).     Image result for balloon clipart  Today we did a sharing of how we meet our need for FUN…. some of you brought artifacts to share and others just told us what you do to meet this very important need.  As you might have been noticing, many things that we do often meet a couple of needs.  For example: participating in a sport may be a source of joy ( fun) but it also meets your needs for belonging ( being part of the team) and power (accomplishment and success) .  Not everything we do meets a variety of needs, but sometimes that can be the case.  Next week, we’ll discover which of our needs is the deepest and what that means. 

  Image result for Pirate ship We finished the next chunk of chapters in Horrendo’s Curse.  Today you handed in Chapter 9 and once I have provided you with feedback on those chapters, we’ll be on the last section of the novel.  Five more chapters to go!  The book has gotten very exciting!  The boys have spent a number of weeks on board the pirate ship so far and have endured horrible treatment at the hands of the pirates.  Horrendo is the cook and he is making some pretty incredible meals for the crew.  All of them look forward to each meal…. EXCEPT the Captain.  He is awful and really treats Horrendo, the boys, and even his crew TERRIBLY. Related image      Everyone tries to stay as far away from the captain as possible.  In this last chapter, Horrendo was once again accused for making the rest of the pirates “soft” and the captain is furious.  The last words from the captain were that Horrendo was going to face the PLANK the next day…. to become shark food.  OH dear!! I wonder what will happen next? 

 Image result for reflecting clipart  Today, we spent some time reflecting on the year so far… especially in terms of how we are functioning as a class.  We discussed the “Effort Rating Scale” (G= Good   S= Satisfactory  and  N= Needs Improvement).    You had the opportunity to consider how you would assess yourselves in areas such as “Being a Member of Div. 7″ , ” Work Habits”, “Home/School Tasks”, and  “Participation in Class”. I also invited  you to share what you are enjoying about Division 7; how you are involved outside of classroom within the school, and what 2 goals you have that you’d like to work on.  Related image  I am always impressed with how honest and self aware you are —Thank You! 

Here is your question for this weekend:  Can you tell me the different ways you met each of the 4 basic needs this weekend?  Some may overlap, but, if you can, try to give 4 different examples for how you met each of the needs.  Here is the frame to use

I met my need for belonging by _________________________. I met power by _______________________________. My need for freedom was met by_____________________________, and my need for fun was met by ___________________________. 

Have a fabulous weekend Division 7! 

Mrs. Davis

Remembrance Day Weekend

Hi Division 7! 

 Image result for friday night images  It’s Friday evening of the long weekend and I am going to post this blog tonight as I am going away for the weekend early tomorrow and won’t have time to do it in the morning.    Image result for bc ferries  We are heading to Vancouver Island for an overnight to celebrate Mr. Davis’ birthday and another friend’s birthday.  Related image  I haven’t been to the island in quite some time, so I am excited to enjoy some time away!  


What a great week we had!  Again, jam packed with stuff, but it was a nice mix of great learning and lots of fun.  

  Related image We started the week with the laptops and almost all of you  got set up on “Google Docs”.  ( Gabriel, I now have your login information ๐Ÿ™‚ )  You learned how to create a folder, open a document, title it, write something, and then share it with me.  This is new for me, but the goal is to do most of our written work through Google Docs.  One thing I already learned ( and we’ll have to try next time) has to do with the “sharing” part of the process.  Image result for google docs clipart  Instead of sharing the document, we’ll have to share the folder you made instead.  That way, I will always get the entire folder instead of just the individual piece.  That will make the organization on my end much easier.  I hope we’ll get a chance to try that next week. 

  Image result for wondering emoji  On Tuesday, we did some preparation work for our Fort Langley field trip.  In a small group you did a “sort and predict” activity with pictures.  You had to sort the pictures into 4 or 5 different groups, give each category a heading, and then predict what all of the pictures had to do with.  That was “Part 1″.  ” Part 2″ involved matching the terms to the pictures and then re-sorting them all and coming up with new categories ( or keeping them the same).  You also made a new prediction about what the big idea was.   Image result for british columbia map Some of the guesses were Canada, The First Nations People,  and one group suggested ” How the Europeans took over”.  All of those guesses are correct, but, only 2 groups actually came up with the exact theme:  British Columbia.  This year we will be studying a lot of different aspects about our province:     What it was like when the First Nations people were here, how that changed when the Europeans came, and how our province became what it is today.  

   Image result for fort langley national historic site We followed that activity with a kick-off  field trip to Fort Langley on Wednesday.   What a great day that was!! We participated in 2 programs: The Fur Trade Challenge in the morning and The First Nations at Fort Langley in the afternoon. We couldn’t have ordered a better day weather-wise and not only did we learn a ton, we also had a lot of fun!  During the Fur trade Challenge, we went from station to station completing challenges.  There were 7 groups that were competing against each other ( we were 4 of the groups, and then there were 3 other groups from different schools).  Image result for fort langley national historic siteAfter each station we reported back to our guides and they awarded us with beaver tokens for completing each challenge and correctly answering the questions they asked. We did a bunch of different things like gold-panning, playing Ulu Maieke, barrel building at the Cooperage, and touching the furs in the storehouse.    Image result for fort langley national historic siteThe afternoon session had us learning about the cedar tree, and how different plants were used by the First Nations people.  We also learned that they traded beaver pelts for tools made by the blacksmith and that those tools made what was very difficult and time consuming work so much faster and easier.  We got to try making a weight for fishing nets which is what the children in the First Nations communities did.  One weight could take 3 weeks to make ( if it didn’t break!).  We also did a relay race called “Salmon Run” where we had to race through the stations of preparing salmon for export.  I really enjoyed our day at the Fort and I think you did too!  

  Image result for rube goldberg machineOur week ended with another exciting beginning:  designing and creating  a Rube Goldberg machine.    Today you met in your teams and started thinking about what you could create.  All of you have the criteria in your Science duotangs to refer to. Share this with your parents and  do some experimenting  with some items you find around the house…can you create a chain reaction that you could incorporate into your machine?   Related image Bring some different materials and more ideas to school on Tuesday because we’re moving full steam ahead to have this all done by showcase day on November 29th. 


Image result for Remembrance day long weekend  imagesFinally, today we had our Remembrance Day ceremony at school.  We spoke a bit about why we honour this day and why it is so important to KEEP honouring it.  Image result for remembrance day 2018 Please be mindful this weekend about all the freedoms we have here in Canada… these only exist because people fought for them, stood up for what is right, and did everything they could to ensure we have the type of country we now call home.  Lest we Forget.  

Here are your questions for this weekend about Fort Langley: 

  1. What does a cooper make?  _______________
  2.  Who makes tools out of iron? ________________
  3. What was exported to San Francisco? _______________
  4. What is a nick name for the cedar tree? ______________
  5. What game came from Hawaii?  __________________

See you on Tuesday Division 7!  Have a great long weekend! 

Mrs. Davis 


Welcome November!

Good Morning Division 7!

 Image result for It's Saturday clipart It is 9 am on Saturday as I sit down to write this post.  It’s cloudy here in Pitt Meadows and looks like it could rain at any second. Image result for cloudy weather clipart I am glad that I’m inside where it’s warm and dry!  I hope your weekend is off to a good start. 

  Image result for Goodby October clipart Wow! It was a busy week…. and loaded with all sorts of activities!  We said “goodbye” to October on Wednesday ( Halloween) and celebrated with a party in the afternoon.  Thank you to everyone who contributed by bringing something to eat or something to play.  We had SO MUCH food and a fabulous variety that there was something for everyone to enjoy!  I also saw some cool games that I hadn’t seen before and many of you were having fun playing together for the afternoon.   Image result for haunted house clipart  Some of you even summoned up the courage to venture into Division 1’s Haunted House!  From the sounds of the screams that were coming from that room, I bet it was pretty scary!!          Related image Congratulations to Mell who was one of the  winners in the intermediate classes for the pumpkin carving contest!

  Image result for pirates clipartImage result for pirates clipart    The pirates have come!  Chapter 5 of Horrendo’s Curse tells about the pirates arriving and kidnapping the 12 year old boys from the village.  Fortunately, Horrendo had put his plan into action and was hiding behind some rocks in the ocean.  Image result for pirates clipart  He watched as the pirates rowed their dinghies to shore, listened to the shouts and screams from the villagers, and then saw how each of his classmates was kidnapped and taken onto the ship.  The final boy to be captured was Rascal and Horrendo’s heart sank.  The chapter ended with Horrendo doing something very unexpected:  He came out of hiding , gave himself up, and joined the rest of the boys for whatever horrible experiences they would have to go through with the pirates for the next two years.  I wonder what will happen next? 

 Image result for math key words for operations  In math we played “SCOOT” using addition and subtraction equations.  That was a lot of fun!  We also continued learning how to identify key words that will give us clues as to whether we need to  add or subtract when faced with a word problem.Image result for math key words for operations   I introduced you to the five step process (problem,  facts, strategy(ies), solve, and sentence) and we started to practice working through some more complicated word problems.   We’ll continue doing this next week as well. 

 Image result for transfer of  energy  On Thursday and Friday we did another experiment surrounding the study of force and energy.  This time we were learning about the transfer of energy from one object to another.  We used coins and explored 3 different questions:  1. What happens when an object collides with another object?  2. What happens when an object collides with a several objects? and 3. What happens when an object collides with a solid object ( that doesn’t move)?   How about you describe what your group found out ( or demonstrate) with your parents this weekend.  I am sure they would be very interested to hear ( or see) what you did at school.  Image result for kinetic and potential energy For homework some of  you have the follow-up reading/filling in the blanks activity to still complete.  We’ll be going over this next week, so make sure you get it finished over the weekend.   

 Image result for remembrance poppy mosaics Remembrance Day is next weekend and our mosaics are looking gorgeous.  Many of you are finished and have put the clear “modge-podge” coat over your picture to seal it.  Our final step will be to mount it on a frame and then display them in the hallway.  If you weren’t finished yesterday, you have taken it home to complete this weekend.  Please bring your finished mosaics back to school on Monday ( very carefully).  We also chose our wreath layers and candle lighters for the ceremony on Friday.  Caleb and Gabriel will be laying our wreath and Massimo with his little buddy Trevor will be lighting the candle. 

  Image result for fort langley national historic site  On Wednesday ( November 7th) is our field trip to Fort Langley.  According to my weather app, the forecast is for a SUNNY DAY!!  Let’s hope that is true… although I will be very pleased if it is DRY ( sunny is a bonus ๐Ÿ™‚    Image result for fingers crossed emoji clipart

Thank you to all the parents who expressed a willingness to help out and join us on that day.  There were 9 parents that wanted to come ( and I wish I could bring all of you), but because of bus space, I can only bring one.  So, the fairest way to decide was to have a draw.  Our winning parent was Aida’s mom!  We are looking forward to having you join us and spending the day in Fort Langley with us.    Related imageWe are leaving the school at 9 am so please everyone, be at school by 8:45 so I can take attendance and we can leave promptly.  

Here is your question for this weekend:  

 Image result for books on a shelf clipart  In a library, there are 1456 picture books, 2469 chapter books, 534 graphic novels, and 2638 non-fiction books.  There are also  28 computers to use for research.  Every week, more than 1000 people visit the library.  How many more chapter books are there than picture books? 

Use the 5 problem solving steps ( problem, facts, strategy, solve, and sentence)  

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7! See you on Monday! 

FSA Week: They came, We conquered!

Hi Division 7! 

Image result for Weekend   Image result for friday october 26th 2018It’s Friday evening as I sit down to write this post.  I hope your weekend is off to a great start!  

 Related image  Our week was spent  “conquering” the series of FSA’s that the government expects Grade 4’s to do every year.  There are assessments in Reading, Writing, and Numeracy ( Math) and are done online and in a booklet.  Grade 4’s: you were absolute TROOPERS this week! All 6 assessments got done and now you can relax.  Grade 5’s, you know what those are like since you did them last year,  and you too were SO respectful and patient this week. Image result for kids concentrating clipart Related image   You provided a quiet environment for your classmates to concentrate and complete what they had to get done.  THANK YOU!! Whew! I bet you are ALL glad that these are finished! I know that I am!! 

   When we weren’t doing FSA’s, we did do some other things as well.  We continued learning how to estimate, and all of you worked ( or are working through) the Math Mysteries booklet.   Image result for simple algebra Image result for addition and subtraction key words for word problems  We also began looking at the relationship between addition and subtraction.  We noted that an addition equation is part of a fact family:  the addition part and the subtraction part.  In an addition equation of 2 numbers ( A and B) we found that A + B = C and B + A = C.  Reversing the order of the two addends ( numbers that are being added together) doesn’t change the total.  The opposite subtraction equations are a bit different.  C – A =B and C- B= A.   We also spent a bit of time identifying key words that tell us WHEN to use addition or subtraction in a problem.  We’ll keep working on that in the weeks to come.  


   Today we continued in our study of our basic needs and looked at BELONGING. Related image Belonging is our need to be connected with others.  We are meant to be social and must have personal interactions in order to meet this need.   Image result for social connection We discussed some of the ways that this can be done: In a family, through friendships, teams, clubs, cultural and religious groups, or with pets.  You are creating a ” belonging collage” to represent the ways that YOU meet this need and you also completed a belonging survey to identify specific ways that this need is met in your life.  I asked you to bring an artefact to school on Monday that represents who you are connected to or what you do that meets this social need .  I am looking forward to seeing what you bring that represents one way that you meet your need for belonging. 

 Image result for twins clipart  Tuesday was TWIN DAY and 27 members of Division 7 participated!  WOW!! It was fun to see all the look-a likes in our class!  Thanks for helping make our first school spirit day a success!  

 Image result for bowling clipart We went bowling on Thursday!  That was such a fun day… even if we needed to walk in the RAIN.  Five divisions spent most of the day at REV’s enjoying each other’s company, getting to know each other, and celebrating strikes, spares, and whatever other combination of pins that were successfully knocked down.  Thank you again for representing Brentwood Park, and Division 7 so beautifully!  Even a member of the public called the school to compliment how well mannered all of you were!  You made us proud!!   Image result for THANKS Parents Thanks also to the parents that joined us and braved the elements to help supervise on our walk to and from the bowling alley.  We appreciate your time and willingness to help!!

 Image result for Remembrance Day mosaic art  Your Remembrance mosaics are getting very close to being completed!   Related image They look FANTASTIC and I can’t wait to display them in the hallway in honour of November 11th.  Your patience is paying off!  Well Done! 

  We also continued with our French lessons.  We played number “LOTTO” today using the numbers 1-20.  Well done learning the song!  It is pretty catchy and makes learning the numbers pretty fun.  Now, keep listening and practicing: 20-50 is next…. but you don’t have to learn them all in one week. Image result for French speaking bubbles We also expanded our basic greetings vocabulary to include ” please, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, goodbye, see ya later, and see you tomorrow“.  We also learned the colours.  Image result for french colours list  You have homework:  complete the ” colour by number” page using the code given.  Also, take a listen to the alphabet song on the blog …. we may be playing alphabet Lotto next week ๐Ÿ™‚ 

This leads me to my questions for this week: 

Answer EN FRANCAIS  using the full FRENCH sentence reply ๐Ÿ™‚ You will need your book.  

  1. Comment-t’appelles tu? 
  2. Comment ca va? 
  3. Quel age as-tu? 
  4. Quelle est ta couleur prรฉfรฉrรฉe?
  5. Quelle couleur dรฉtestes-tu?

Have a fantastic weekend Division 7!  I look forward to seeing you on Monday! 

Mrs. Davis Image result for SEe you on Monday images



Pro D Weekend

Hi Division 7!

 Image result for Pro d day  It is early on Friday morning (8:30 am) as I begin to post this weekend’s blog.  It is a long weekend for you, but I am here at school for Pro D.  I thought I’d get a start on this blog, before my collaboration session begins.  I hope you are taking advantage of the day off of school and doing something fun! 

We had another short, but packed week of learning!  We continued on with things that were already on the go and added some new things to the mix.  It was a productive week.  Here’s a quick re-cap.  

  Image result for house clipart    As part of our “Healthy Living” curriculum, we began our study of psychology ( the study/science of behaviour). Did you know that psychologists have determined that our behaviour ( everything we do or say) is because we either WANT or NEED something?  We discussed the difference between “wants and needs” and then learned that humans  have 5 basic needs.  These are : survival, belonging, freedom, fun, and power.  We explored the most basic of these needs ( Survival) first because it is this need that provides a foundation for all the others.  Survival includes: food, shelter, clean water, clothing, and safety.  We are very fortunate that this need is met in our lives… but there are many people for whom this is a struggle.  That is why we collect for the food bank and “Coats for Kids”.  Image result for scaredy squirrel books  We also read “Scaredy Squirrel” and saw how he meets his need for survival in very humorous ways.  We’ll continue to learn about the other needs we have in the weeks to come.  


 Image result for pirate clipart  The pirates are on the horizon!  In Chapter 4 we learn that Rascal is sick with his lung issues and that he won’t be able to train at all for at least a week.  Gretel meets Horrendo at the beach ( a surprise visit) and gives him a little box of herbs.  Her instructions are to use them against the pirates when he is on board their ship.  This surprises Horrendo because, he is NOT expecting to be captured.  The chapter ends with the pirate ship visible on the horizon, sailing toward the village.  Gretel vanishes and Horrendo dives into the water to put his plan into action.  This book is keeping me on the edge of my seat…. I hope you are as engaged by it as well.  I wonder what will happen NEXT??!?!  

 Image result for reflection emoji clipart  We also spent a bit of time looking back at the last 3 chapters we completed. I provided you with a self reflection/criteria sheet which we discussed and then you assessed yourselves on the personal response and illustration sections.  Since we did the summaries together, those were not needing to be assessed.  Image result for feedback sheet clipart   I have your literacy duotangs and will be providing my feedback to you this weekend.  So, next week, when we continue with our novel, you will be able to apply the feedback you were given to improve (or keep doing)  as we continue to move through the book. 

 Related image  Yesterday we started FRENCH!  We are starting with the basics and the goal is to have fun, learn how to say some new words, do our best at pronunciation, and be able to apply some of these basics in our day-to day.  Yesterday we listened to the national anthem ( in French) and the number song (1-100). Both of these are found on our symbaloo.  We also went over some basic phrases which you have highlighted in your duotang.  Have fun practicing over the   weekend. 

In Math we have been using different strategies for estimating.  An estimate is making an approximation.  Image result for math estimation  We have been using front end and benchmark, and compatible estimating strategies using 4, 5, or 6 digit numbers.  Front end estimation is always going to be an “under-estimate”, while the benchmark strategy can be an under or over estimate ( depending on which is better). 


  In Science, we continued our study of motion to include FORCES.  We learned that forces are a push or a pull on an object.Image result for forces and motion clipart  We watched one video together as a class and the other was done either at school ( while we had the laptops) or at home for homework.   This leads me to this weekend’s question:  Use PUSH or PULL to describe the different forces at work when sharpening a pencil. 

In order to sharpen a pencil I need to :  (Create  5 push /pull statements) Related image



Have a great weekend Div. 7!

Mrs. Davis

Quests, Competencies, and Captures!

Hi Division 7! 

  Image result for outdoor activities clipart  It is just after 9 am on Saturday morning as I sit down to post this weekend’s blog.  It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend for getting outside and being active…. so, let’s get this done! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

We had a productive week! Although it was a short one, we certainly packed a lot into it!  I titled this blog post as “Quests, Competencies, and Captures”, because it sums up some of the highlights of this week….here’s a re-cap. 

 Image result for Little girl who lost her name clipart  Quests:  We started our first creative writing project involving a quest.  A quest is a hunt or a search.  The inspiration came from a book  called ” The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name” which was written about my name ( Kelly). In my story, the little girl received the help from 5 different characters ( a Knight, an Elephant, a Lion, a Lobster, and a Yeti) in her search.  Each character gave her the letter she needed for her to “find” her name).  After listening to the book, you created your own plan using the letters of your first name.  Some of you worked around a theme and some of you are just choosing a random assortment of characters or creatures that help you in your quest.   Part 1 of our planning is complete.  Part 2 ( drafting the story) begins next week. 

Image result for how things move clipart   Another part of the “Quests” title is our quest into how things move.  This week we looked types of motion,  speed of motion ( and that we measure speed by how far something moves over time) as well as what makes things move.  Yesterday we did our second “lab” exploring how things move using a marble, a block, string, and straws.  Next week our lessons in physics will continue. 

Image result for core competencies clipart Competencies:    Last week we looked at the proficiency scale and the terms we would be using to describe our learning.  Yesterday we spoke about another lens that we will be using when we consider the different things we do at school and in other parts of our life:  The Core Competencies.  Who we are as communicators ( readers, writers, speakers, and listeners), critical and creative thinkers, unique individuals ( personal) , and who we are when we are with others (social) are the core competencies.  We learned that these are life long skills that we develop from when we are born and don’t end until we die.  Related imageThey span ALL areas of our life and EVERYTHING we do develops one or several of these competencies.  It is my job to make you aware of how you are developing them at school.  Your job is to “tune in” to how you are developing them not only at school, but in all parts of your life.

CapturesImage result for Horrendo's Curse clipart  This part of the title of this blog highlights two aspects of this week.  The first is our continued study of Horrendo’s Curse.  We finished chapter 3 which continued to describe how the boys from the village were trying to avoid capture from the pirates. We learned that every Autumn in this village, the pirates come and kidnap all the 12 year old boys.  Image result for boys swimming  underwater  cartoon clipart  In Chapter 3 Horrendo is joined by Rascal in his training to avert capture from the pirates.  The plan is to hold their breath underwater, swim to a hiding spot, and hide.  This chapter ended with Horrendo’s 12th birthday “celebration” at which all the 12 year old boys ( eight of them) shared their fears about what they were expecting would happen to them once the pirates come.  What should have been a party seemed more like a funeral, but Horrendo , still under the “curse” of kindness, did his best to look on the bright side and not focus on how horrible the future appeared.  I wonder what Chapter 4 has in store for us… Related image

 Image result for kids playing tag clipart The second part of the “Captures” title describes our games of Capture the Flag that we had this week.  Since the weather was SO beautiful, we took full advantage and spent our gym blocks outside.  Our teams have been evenly matched so the games have been very exciting and fun to watch.  So far I think the score is tied… or very close.  If the weather stays as nice as it has been, I am sure we’ll be able to play another round or two next week.  Image result for volleyball clipart  We’ll also continue our volleyball skill development as well.  We’ve been practicing the volley and bump and are getting pretty good at both!  

Here is your question for the weekend: 

Describe ONE activity you did this weekend with your family using the Core Competencies.  Try to explain which core competency(ies) was/were being developed and HOW each core competency was being developed in the activity you did.  

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7!  See you on Monday. 

Mrs. Davis

PS:  Keep those food items coming!  We have already filled 2 boxes and collected over 80 items of food for the “Brentwood Park Scares Hunger” campaign.  Way to go!! Related image

Also THANK YOU for bringing in coats.  So far, Division 7 has donated 15 coats to the Coats for Kids collection!! Image result for winter coats for kids clipart   That means that at least 15 kids in Burnaby will stay warm this winter because of your generosity!  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Morning Division 7! 

Image result for sunshine clipart   It is a gorgeous day here in Pitt Meadows as I  post this weekend’s blog.  It is 9 am Saturday morning and the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the temperature is crisp.  What a great start to a long weekend!  I hope you and your family get to enjoy some time outside today.   

We had a great week!  We heard presentations, we completed our class charter, explored physics, started our first novel study, and began an art project that will take some time and patience to complete.  Here are some more details. 

 Image result for applause clipart  CONGRATULATIONS to you all for completing your very first oral presentation to our class!!  I was so impressed with how well you all presented your coat of arms and ‘mini-me” to the rest of us.  You were well prepared, had a plan about what you were going to say, shared a bunch of details about yourselves, and spoke with confidence.  Image result for congratulations clipart animated free  Public speaking can be pretty intimidating  and nerves can often get the better of us; however, you all did a fantastic job overcoming any nervousness you may have been experiencing.  I    am very proud of you all!! Well Done Div. 7! 

 Image result for Science clipart animated free  Physics is the science of MOTION and this week we embarked on our exploration of what movement is and how things move.  Our first lesson was to define movement.  Motion is the change of an object’s position over time. On Thursday, we explored the different ways things can move through an experiment using different toys. Image result for types of motion clipart   Based on your observations, many of you concluded that there were between 2 and 8 different ways that things can move.  Some of these ways included:  up, down, sideways, spinning, sliding, and rolling.  Some of you narrowed these down to movements that are natural, forced, or mechanical.  Next week we will find out more about motion and the different things that cause it and effect it.  

  Image result for Horrendo's Curse clipart We also started reading our first novel together called Horrendo’s Curse.  We are going to read this novel in three different stages: as a class, then in partners or small groups,  and, depending on how the partner work goes, you may be released to do the last chunk independently at your own pace.  I want us to work together for the first section so that I can model summary writing and how to identify the most important aspects of each chapter.  So far we have read 2 chapters.  In Chapter 1 we were introduced to Horrendo and what makes him unique in the village he lives in.  In chapter 2 we learn more about the kids in the village and what happens to boys when they turn 12.  How about you tell your parents about what we have read so far.  Don’t forget to tell them about some of the subjects the boys had to learn at school! ๐Ÿ™‚   The author  has quite the imagination and has already grabbed our attention!

  Image result for class contract clipart We completed the last step of our class charter this week as well.  In addition to the nine adjectives we chose to describe what we want Division 7 to be, we each made individual commitments to those descriptors. For example:  I want division 7 to be a place that is friendly, so I will ___________Image result for class contract clipartEach of you committed to actions for each of those 9 words.  Those went home, were shared with your parents ( which they signed), and will become a book that we can refer to if  we encounter times when our class charter is not being followed or we have problems that need solving.  I have read all of your commitments and if we all do what we say we are going to, then Division 7 will be THE BEST place to spend this year! 

 Image result for poppy mosaic art   The  project that will take some time and patience is a piece of art in anticipation of  Remembrance Day : a torn/cut paper mosaic.   Yesterday you chose one of four designs: A soldier standing at a graveside;  a poppy wrapped around a cross ( marking a soldier’s grave); a collage of poppies; or, a dove with the peace sign. Image result for poppy mosaic art   We looked at some examples of mosaic art ( pictures created using small pieces of coloured tile, rocks, glass, or other materials)  and discussed what makes a mosaic effective.  Our medium ( material) will be coloured paper and you are off to a great start.    I hope you are already seeing how incredible these will look if you take your time, make little pieces, and stay patient.  We have a month to do this, so there is no need to rush ๐Ÿ™‚ 

 Image result for learning clipart  Yesterday we did an activity around the words attached to our school proficiency scale: Emerging, Developing, Applying, and Extending.  We discussed what each of those words mean ( in terms of our learning) and then we matched speaking bubbles to each of the 4 terms.  This leads me to my questions for you to respond to this weekend:  

Part 1: Which of the 4 terms match each of these statements?  In your booklet just copy the number and the blank. You don’t need to copy each statement

  1. I’ve got this.  I can teach it to a friend” =  _____________
  2. I am just getting started. I learn best with help.” = __________
  3.  ” I am getting some of it.  I still need more practice.” = ________
  4.  ” I can do this by myself.” = ________________

Part 2Share the activity we did using these words where we moved around the room…. can you come up with some examples to use with your family? 

 Image result for thanksgiving clipart Finally, I would like to wish all Division 7 families a wonderful Thanksgiving! Image result for thanksgiving clipart  I hope you enjoy time with family and friends as you celebrate this day of gratitude.   

See you all on Tuesday! 

Mrs. Davis   

PS.    Don’t forget to bring in non-perishable items for the food bank this month.  Remember, every 3 items of food = 2 MB’s toward our Halloween party.   Related image 

 Image result for winter coats for kids clipart  Also, our “Coats for Kids” campaign is happening this month so if you have a winter coat that you, a sibling, or a cousin have outgrown and can be donated to another child, please bring it in.  Each coat will be given to a family in need right here in Burnaby.  Thanks so much! 

Setting A Course

Hi Division 7! 

  Image result for 7 am clock image It is early Saturday morning as I post this weekend’s blog.  I was hoping to get some “sleep-in” time today, but, I woke up just a little later than I usually do when I have to come to school. So, I thought it best to make use of the time and get this blog done.  I hope your weekend is off to a great start!  


I titled this blog ” Setting a Course”, Image result for success sign post images   because we’ve been spending some time this past week looking ahead and making some long term plans for this year.  We considered what “success” means to us and the “ingredients” needed to get there.  We generated quite a list including words like  determination, hard work, perseverance, patience, taking risks, making mistakes, practice, passion, encouragement, effort, and time (to name just a few).   One ingredient; however, is the foundation of success: ATTITUDE.  How we approach life and learning and the messages we tell ourselves ( especially when things become challenging) will determine the level of success we experience. Related image   So, our motto for this year is: Attitude is EVERYTHING! Pick a good one.   This quote, along with another “Success is a ladder. It cannot be climbed with your hands in your pockets.” became the inspiration behind our growth portfolio cover design.  Related image

    All of you also set some thoughtful long term plans for this year.  Each of you have a target for the number of minutes you would like to read through our reading club, and the amount of kilometers you would like to accumulate through KM Club.  Image result for goal setting clipart free   Along with those, you set 4 additional learning goals that you wish to work at between now and June.  Your parents also gave you two goals that they would like to see you work toward.  I am very excited to see all of  you strive toward the goals you set and look forward to celebrating all of your mini-successes along the way.  Remember… take JOY in the journey!!

  Image result for class charter clipart free  In addition to us setting some academic and learning goals, we also spent some time working on our class charter this week.  We narrowed down our very long list of  “We want Division 7 to be a place that is…” to the top  adjectives including: welcoming, friendly, caring, safe, joyful, respectful, fair, and fun ( I think I might be missing one or two, but you get the idea).    We’ll continue to work on the finalization of our charter over the next week or two, but so far, doesn’t our class sound like a FABULOUS place to spend your day??  I certainly think so! 

 Image result for election clipart free  Another very exciting thing took place in Division 7 this past week: we had an election and voted for our class representatives for Brentwood’s Student Leadership Council.  We heard from 3 candidating teams ( Brandon & Thomas, Lilly & Madie, Dane & Caleb) as well as Mya who was running independently.  Each team had some great ideas and presented strong campaigns.   Image result for congratulations clipart freeCongratulations to Thomas and Brandon who were elected as our class reps and to Mya who will serve as our alternate if either of the reps are absent for meetings.  We are looking forward to what the Student Leadership Council has in store and how we will be able to share our voice to the decisions that will be made.  

  Image result for terry fox clipart free We also honoured Terry Fox this week with our annual run.  It was a wonderful day weather-wise and it was great to see the whole school united in such a great cause.  We also watched the movie “Terry” which helped us to understand the magnitude of what Terry did, how determined he was, and how important it is for us to KEEP his dream alive until the end goal ( a cure for cancer) is realized.  Don’t forget,  you can still submit donations until October 12th.  Related image  

Related image    Finally, all of you have been practicing for your first oral presentation of the year.  Next week, you will be sharing your “mini-me” and your personal shield/coat of arms with us.  We discussed what a strong oral presentation has and you were given some time to practice in a small group.   Our first set of presentations will be on Monday and we’ll hear from former Div.7-ers ( Thomas, Mell, and Gabriel) as well as Lilly and Madie.   I am looking forward to hearing your presentations and learning more about each of you.  

 Image result for ladder clipart   My questions for this weekend are

What were the five ingredients  you put on your “ladder” to success? 

           AND Image result for speaking bubble clipart

 What “positive attitude” statement did you include for yourself when climbing that ladder feels a    bit challenging? 

 Image result for weekend clipart  Have a wonderful weekend Division 7!  I will see you in October! 

Mrs. Davis