Sports Day Fun!

Hi Division 7! 

It’s Friday afternoon and you have all headed home after another great Sports Day. There were some interesting a new stations this year.  Did you have a favourite?  It’s always fun to see what the Grade 7’s come up with! Image result for first place ribbon clipartAlthough fun is the first goal of sports day, there is an element of competition too.  It was a close battle for first and I have to say, I was very surprised with the outcome: Green made a huge comeback after being in 4th place after the stations.   Related image  That’s what determination does!!  Blue, although leading at first, didn’t take the  win… upset by the Red Team . Congratulations Red! Enjoy the moment 🙂 

 Image result for counting down clipart  Our time together is coming to a quick end…. only 8 more full days of school before we all get to enjoy a relaxing break from work.  But…. there is still more  to be done and we didn’t waste any time this past week getting to it.  Our biggest task was learning about the muscular, digestive, and respiratory systems in our research teams.  All of you read about the system, shared your learning with each other, and then narrowed down all the information to TEN super facts…. that you will be teaching to the class.  We brainstormed some different ways to do this and all of you are getting creative with how you will share your knowledge with the rest of us. Image result for skit clipart There are power point presentations being created, skits are being written and acted out.  Image result for kaboom clipartAll of you are also creating “Kaboom” questions as a way of quizzing us and making our learning more fun.  These presentations will be happening on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  🙂 

 Image result for checklist clipart The other thing we worked on was getting our candy graphing project done.  I have those this weekend and will give them back to you for your portfolios. 

  Image result for New student welcome clipart Another thing to celebrate was the addition of Ayra to our class.  Welcome Ayra! You have joined us at a super fun time of the year.  I hope you are enjoying Division 7! We are sure enjoying getting to know YOU! 

I am going to keep this blog super short because I am heading to our staff party hosted by Mr. Ricker.  We call it the “Ricker Q”  and it is always a fun time!  Image result for barbecue clipart

So, just a reminder to practice your French “C’est Mon Corps” ( especially the Grade 5’s) because I will be quizzing your oral skills on Monday.  Second reminder is that Sunday is Father’s Day.   Image result for Father's Day clipart  Please take some extra time to recognize your dad , stepdad, grandpa, or uncle with whom you have a special relationship.  I hope they like your little token of appreciation.  

  Related image Here is your question for this weekend:  Wednesday will be potato harvesting day.  What is a favourite way that you family eats potatoes?  Can you describe it? Do you have a recipe that you could share?  

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7!  See you on Monday! 

Mrs. Davis

Welcome June!

Good Morning Division 7! 

It is Saturday June 2nd and most of you are probably still sleeping as I post this blog.  It is not yet 7 am and I woke up much earlier than I had hoped to… so, I decided to get this task done.  Today is a busy day for me and I bet it is going to be a busy one for you too.   Related image  Today, Burnaby is celebrating “Hat’s Off Day”…. are you going? 

Image result for deck furniture 

I will be getting my back yard ready for the summer by bringing out all our deck furniture and maybe even getting our pool set up!!  I LOVE getting ready for the summer months!  

   Related imageWe had a great week!  Congratulations to our 11 COLA presenters who represented Division 7 very well by sharing your poems and explaining what haikus and tankas are.  All of you spoke very clearly and used the microphone well to help project your voice. Speaking in front of the entire school takes courage and all of you should be very proud of yourselves for accomplishing that and for stepping out of your comfort zone!!  Well done!  

    Related image Along the lines of celebrating, we also wrapped up kilometer club and reading club for this year.  Image result for horizontal bar graph clipart   I tallied up the final minutes that were submitted for at home reading and the final laps that were accumulated this week for KM club.  Many of you did VERY well and should be pleased with your accomplishments. Image result for books clipart I think I mentioned that this year was a RECORD- SETTING year ( at least for Reading Club) and that next year I will have to come up with a different way of keeping track of the minutes my class reads.  Thank you for setting such a high bar— next year’s class will have quite a challenge before them 🙂 

Related image  Related imageWe also had our first of three swimming sessions at Eileen Dailly Pool.  The weather was great for the walk there and back, and the time in the pool is always lots of fun.  We’ll be going again this coming Friday (June 8th) and one last time on Friday, June 22nd.  

 Image result for candy clipart  We did a bunch of learning this week.  You have been given your last graph of the week assignment for the year:  What’s in a bag of _____?  Each of you chose either a bag of Skittles, M&M’s, Rascals, Smarties, or Jelly Beans for this assignment.  Image result for skittles candy clipart   Image result for m&m candy clipart Your task is to represent your bag of candy using the three different graphs you have learned this year: picto, bar, and circle.  Part of this assignment also includes creating charts to show what your bag of candy contains as well as making interesting observations about you discovered.    This weekend, make sure you finish the drafts of all your charts, graphs, and observations.  That will be your ticket needed to get the “go-ahead” to start your final poster of this project AND to eating your candy. 🙂 

  Related image   We are also on the final stages of revising and editing our creative writing pieces.   Image result for Good writing has...  This weekend is your last opportunity to get your pieces typed and have any improvements made before we publish them.  You should have at least three pieces of writing:  Your “creative journal” ( What if…?),  “Think, Draw, Write”, and either an “And Then?”  story or a story describing an “Unlikely Friendship”.     Some of you may have both of the longer stories ( which is totally okay), but the minimum was to have at least one of the two options.  In addition to those, you also have all  your poems that we completed earlier this term.     We will start putting all these together into a book for you to keep as a reminder of what you did this year for creative writing. I know that the “revising and editing” stages of the writing process are not most people’s favourite, but I think once you look at the final outcome, you will agree that it is a valuable stage and worth the time and energy you put into it.  

   Image result for the human body labeled in frenchAnother project that is well under way is your “C’est Mon Corps” booklet.  Most of you chose to use photography as a way of “illustrating” this French book.  Each page describes a way we can use each part of our body.       Remember, each page has to have the French statement and the appropriate photo, drawing, or clipart image(s) to support it.  Yesterday, you were given a photo of your face and you labelled it in French.   From what I saw yesterday, your books are coming along really well— they will be very cute when they are done.  This is another thing you could be working on this weekend…. it is due on Thursday, I would like to look at them and give you feedback during your swimming time on Friday.  I will be asking you to read and translate your books sometime the following week so be sure to practice that as well. 

  Image result for happy weekend everyone  Image result for hat's off dayThis weekend is a long weekend for you…. Monday is a Pro-D Day!  I hope your weekend is relaxing, fun, and productive.  Take advantage of your day off school to work on some of those homework items. 

My question for this weekend is:  Describe “Hats Off Day” ( if you went), and if you didn’t, then tell me what you did do over the weekend.  

See you on Tuesday Division 7! 

Mrs. Davis

It’s the Last Week of May!

Hi Division 7! 

 Image result for End of May calendar clipart It is Friday evening ( May 25th) as I begin to write this weekend’s post.  I can’t believe that it’s already the end of May…. we are in the final stretch of the school year!!! The weather has been helping us look forward to the summer even more… it has been gorgeous!!   We had a very good week and lots of learning was going on.  Since we didn’t have a blog post because of the long weekend, there is quite a bit to catch up on.  Here goes: 

   Image result for human skeleton clipart   We continued our study of the human body and focused first on the skeletal system.  We labeled the major bones of the body, and have found out some cool facts about them.  The symbaloo has a whole series of videos ( kids health) that you are free to watch and explore.  We watched the “Bones” video and also read the article.  We have played “KABOOM” a bunch of times and have had tons of fun trying to avoid getting “kaboomed”. Image result for chicken bones skeletal system On Thursday, we did a couple of different activities: note-taking, comparing the skeletons of other vertebrates,  bone measuring, and of course “kaboom”. We rotated through the different stations and got to three of the four.  We’ll finish those up on Monday.  Today we did an experiment where we examined some chicken bones and then predicted what might happen to them if they were immersed in different beverage options.  We put a bone in milk, apple juice, water, coke, and coffee ( this might become a choice in your future… I doubt you are drinking coffee now).  We’ll give the bones at least 4 days to really soak and then we’ll see what the results are. 

 Image result for writer's process  We also continued on our writer’s workshop …. and are typing out the last of our stories.  Next week we’ll be peer editing some more and then we’re going to work on the final versions before the publishing stage.  The end result will be a book of your creative writing.   Image result for kids on computer clipart  Speaking of computers….. don’t forget to keep adding to your Core Competency power point if you have it on USB and are able to spend some time at home on it.  We will have the laptops again this upcoming week to work on it some more at school too.  

    Today we had fun working with cameras to photograph ourselves using our body in different ways for our “C’est Mon Corps” ( This is my Body) french book. Image result for kids taking photos clipart    Many of you had your own devices and took photos that way and some of  you used the school cameras to capture your images.  I spent some time after school today printing those pictures, so next week you can start putting your book together. If you haven’t taken photos yet, and   plan to use your own device, this weekend would be the time to get that done.  

 Related image  Our final school COLA ( Celebration of Learning Assembly) is happening next Tuesday.  Eleven of you volunteered to be brave and read one of your spring/summer haikus or tankas for this assembly.  We have practiced a few times already and we’ll do a couple more practice runs on Monday.  Hopefully you’ll get to try it with the microphone on Tuesday before we actually do it, but, if  not, you’ll be fine 🙂  Parents, the COLA will be after recess ( 11 am) in case you want to come.  

  Image result for long division steps clipart In math we did some more division practice … remember that early next week we’re having a quiz 🙂  Also, our final graph of the week assignment will be given this week.   Image result for types of graphs clipart This is where you can demonstrate all your learning about data collection and the different graphing we have done this year.  I hope you will enjoy this final activity 🙂 

That brings me to the end of this weekend’s post.  Just a few reminders: 

Our  first of three swimming sessions at Eileen Daily is on Wednesday May 30th.  Image result for swimming clipart  Please remember to bring your swim gear ( towel, goggles, swim suit) and either your membership card or BActive pass.Image result for swimming clipart  Parents, if you are joining us for the walk, I believe we are leaving the school at 11:45 am.  


  Image result for kids reading clipartAlso, this is the last week of ” At Home Reading Club”, so if you are close to a megabuck milestone, be sure to read and hand in your form by Thursday so I can record it.  This will also be our last Km club week as well.  We’ll try to fit in a few running times this week as well.   Image result for kids running clipart

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7!  

Here is your question for the week:  What do you think will happen to the bones in each of the 5 different drink choices?  Remember, we put a bone in water, milk, apple juice, coke, and coffee.  

See you on Monday! 

Mrs. Davis

Mother’s Day Weekend

Hi Division 7! 

It is a gorgeous Friday evening as I sit down to begin posting this weekend’s blog.   After school today I did the “Coquitlam Crunch” ( which I have been trying to do at least twice or three times a week).  The Coquitlam Crunch is a short hike up and down one of the hills in Coquitlam.  Image result for coquitlam crunch hiking trailRound trip is about 4.5 km.  I have been going with Mrs. Nielsen and Mrs. Keeler.  It’s been great exercise and with weather like this, it is very enjoyable!  Have any of you done “The Crunch”?  You are probably all enjoying the Spring Social  tonight….  Image result for carnival clipart Did you and your family go?  I bet it was a fun evening!  Whatever you are doing, I hope your weekend is off to a great start!  

Our week was fantastic!  We continued some things that we have been working on ( needle work) and a bunch of you finished that project.  I have taken photos of each of the completed pieces because some of you need that item this weekend…;)  If you haven’t yet finished your needle work project, you will have to get it done next week.  

 Related image  We started our study of the human body!  Yesterday you had some time to sort, classify, and define some vocabulary surrounding body parts.  You also tried matching the words with pictures.  Today we labeled the pictures with the actual name of each part.  Some of the words we already knew, but others were new to us…. remember, all 28 are words that you will be expected to know and by the end of our unit, you will be able to identify and explain what each part does and how it is important to the functioning of our body. We also watched a documentary about the human body today which had some pretty amazing facts in it.  The movie is called “The Human Machine” and it is found on our Symbaloo.  If you want to re-watch it over the weekend, go for it! 

Along the lines of the human body, we also learned some of the basic body parts in French today:   Image result for human body french vocabulary clipart images  La visage ( the face) and Le corps ( the body).   We’ll keep practicing those new vocabulary words in the next weeks as well.  

We had two guest come visit and chat with us this week: Mrs. McTavish ( our school counsellor) and Mr. McGrath ( Imogen’s dad).  Mrs. McTavish came to share some ways that we can take care of ourselves in  terms of our mental and emotional health.  You shared a lot of different ways that help “lift” your spirits when you are feeling a bit sad or down. Image result for kids listening to music clipart images Often, strategies  like playing a game, listening to music, exercising, getting together with friends or family, or reading a book are enough to change how we are feeling and improve our mood.  But, sometimes we need more than that…. which is when we should find an adult to talk to.  Image result for kids talking to an adult clipart images  Your parents are always a good choice.  I am available too as are any of the teachers at Brentwood Park.  So, if you feel sad and nothing seems to be “helping you feel better”, don’t hesitate to find a trusted adult to talk to.  Everyone feels down now and then, and chatting about it and getting another point of view is often the best solution.  

 Related image  Mr. McGrath ( or should I say Chief McGrath) came to share some information about fire safety and his job as a firefighter.  He gave us lots to think about: checking our smoke detectors, making sure we have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen that is easy to access, Image result for firefighter clipart imagesthe importance of having flashlights in our bedrooms, and replacing batteries regularly so that the devices we need are actually able to work when we need them.  He also gave us some great tips about what to do if we ever experience a fire in our home.  Hopefully that will NEVER happen, but knowing what to do is the best defense against panic in case it ever does.  I wonder if any of you were inspired to maybe become a first responder someday in the future? 

 Image result for mother's day clipart images Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I know that you all treat your mom wonderfully EVERY DAY of the year, but on Sunday, make sure she gets treated like the QUEEN that she is.  My question for you this weekend is: How will you honour your mom on Sunday?  What plans do you have for her on Mother’s Day?  

Happy Mother’s Day to all of Division 7’s moms!! Image result for mother's day clipart imagesYou all are amazing and I hope that you are celebrated and that you are shown an extra helping of love and consideration this weekend!  Enjoy!! 

Mrs. Davis


May the Fourth Be With You!

Hi Division 7! 

 Image result for star wars day  It is Friday, May 4th…. Star Wars day…. as I sit down to write this weekend’s post.  Today was a fantastic day as we witnessed the talent showcased by your school mates!  I am always amazed at what gets presented and how incredibly gifted so many of you are!!   Image result for talent show clip art Congratulations to our own Jayden Y for his piano playing skill AND for Maya O who submitted a piece of art ( a Pusheen stuffy she made herself).  I know that there are a bunch of you who also have a skill or talent that you didn’t publicly share today…. that’s ok…. not everyone wants to step into that spotlight…. maybe one day you’ll go for it!

Related image This week was a lot of finishing up work that we started.  All of you have handed in the final versions of your haikus and tankas and have started revising your “Think, Draw, Write”  and  “What If (creative journal topic) paragraphs.  We will continue working on those and then we’ll move on to our stories ( “And Then?… and “Unlikely Friendships.”) . Next week we have another small side project to do before we continue on our writer’s workshop tasks. 

You also completed the book describing confederation ( 1867).  In addition to that, we had Brandi ( our First Nations resource teacher) visit and do the “Blanket Activity” with us.  Image result for indigenous people clip art  There was a LOT of information that she shared with us but I hope you still found what she told us interesting and informative. Image result for Canada's confederation clip art It is important for us to realize that the creation of Canada ( as we know it today) didn’t come without some cost… especially for the Indigenous people who lived on this land before the Europeans came.  It puts a bit of a different perspective on how Canada came to be …. and who called this “home” long before July 1st 1867.  

Some of you are nearing the final stages of your needle work project.  This upcoming week will hopefully see most of you finishing this project.  They are looking really good…. and your sewing skills are improving very quickly!! 

  Related image We did some celebrating of successes today as well.  Many of you have reached Kilometer Club milestones as well as Reading Club milestones. Image result for reading achievement clip art   Well done!       Image result for congratulations clip art  



One other success that I mentioned at school, but wanted to make sure parents know also is that Miss Daneshwand has been hired by Burnaby as a TOC!!  I am hoping that she will be coming to Brentwood Park sometime soon to kick off her teaching career in the school in which she did her practicum.  This is such an exciting time for her— I remember when I got hired ( 27 years ago) and how excited I was for my first position.  Congratulations Miss D!! We are all thrilled for you and wish you much success!! 

  Related image One new thing I introduced you to this past week was how to make a pie or circle graph.  A pie or circle graph is another way to represent data.  It is based on percentages  calculated from the fraction of people who responded to options on a survey.   

Here are this weekend’s blog questionsWhat calculation do you have to do to figure out percent?   ( hint: it involves “N”, “D” and X 100) .  What is a full circle equal to in percent?  What is half a circle equal to?  A quarter?  What percent would 15/21 be?  

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7….    Related image

Mrs. Davis

So Long April….

Hi Division 7!

 Related image   I am starting my weekend post on Friday night. It is 8 pm and I have a few minutes to spare as I wait for Mr. Davis to get home. I hope your evening is starting out great! 

Image result for when given lemons make lemonade saying clipart


Our week was fantastic!  We had a bit of disappointment on Tuesday with the sudden cancellation of our field trip to Fort Langley.  With bus problems, we had no other choice than cancel our trip…. BUT, when given lemons, you make lemonade…. and that is exactly what we did.   Image result for kids playing frisbee clipart  We made the best of the situation and decided instead to spend the afternoon at Beecher Park where all of you had a great time playing together.  Related image  It was a wonderful afternoon!  Thank you , again, for being so understanding and “going with the flow”.  Your attitude made the situation even better!  

   The rest of the week was lots of fun too.  We started learning about division in math. Image result for division clipart  After a quick “show me what you know” assessment, some of you are working independently while the rest of the class spends a bit of time learning the foundations of division.Image result for division fact families clipart  Remember, division is the opposite operation of multiplication and involves dividing the amount of things given into equal groups.  Right now we have been working with simple division equations, but we’ll get more complicated next week. 


Related image  All of you are well on your way to “colouring with thread” and your stitching project is coming along very nicely! Related image   We spent all of Thursday afternoon enjoying the sunshine and getting a good start on this art/ADST activity.    It looks like you are all getting the hang of it.  It is fun seeing how the image comes alive as you add more and more stitches.  

We completed our ADANAC colony posters and presented them this week.  You also completed a reflection of this activity and you shared what you enjoyed , what challenges your colony experienced, and which core competencies were being developed through this activity.    Image result for confederation canada clipartYesterday, we made the connection between ADANAC and CANADA ( which many of you had already noticed is ADANAC spelled backwards).  The game of ADANAC  actually mimicks something that took place in history: Confederation.  Way back in 1867, on July 1st, 4 colonies joined together to make what was the beginning of Canada.  You are working on a mini-book describing how what we now know as Canada began and developed into the 10 provinces and 3 territories we currently have.  We read through the story and this week you will be illustrating the pages… perhaps you are already working on it this weekend.  I gave you some illustrations to “springboard” from…. but, try to add to those based on other ideas you get from the text.  Target due date for completion is Friday.  

This was leads me to the questions for this weekend: What were the first 4 provinces to join Canada? Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?  How many other men participated in the negotiations that resulted in the joining of those first 4 provinces?  What nickname was given to those men?  

 Image result for weekend clipart  Have a wonderful weekend Division 7!  I will see you on Monday!

Mrs. Davis


Long Weekend ( for YOU)!

Hi Division 7! 

  Image result for sunny clipart  It’s 10:45 am on Saturday morning as I post this weekend’s blog.  It is sunny and a bit windy here in Pitt Meadows… a nice change from the rain we have had recently.  The forecast is for a stretch of beautiful days ahead, so that will be very nice to see!!   Related image Great for your long weekend and for our upcoming field trip to Fort Langley.    I am fighting a cold…. I hope it passes quickly!!   It’s the first cold I have had in a LONG time— so, I am going to take it easy this weekend to get rid  of it! 

Our week was great!   ADANAC negotiations continued and the decision was made to JOIN colonies and become a country! Related image You have been busy finishing up your colony posters and to get ready for presentation next week. The  cartographers met to decide on the best railroad route AND create the map of our new country.    Image result for ADANAC game clipartChief negotiators also met to decide on where the capital city of ADANAC would be and to design the flag.  The capital will be in the Northwestern part of Whiteland  close to the border of Reddington.  A settlement is already located there and it is a coastal location which makes it perfect for ship transport as well as a good location for the railroad.  The capital is also quite central so that all colonies can access the capital quite easily if they need to.  The flag was designed by New Orange’s Maya O and was unanimously agreed on by the other negotiators as the best flag to represent ADANAC.  Congratulations Maya! 

 Related image  We wrapped up our business math unit with a final assessment on the concepts we were practicing and using in the creation and running of our stores.  Related imageI am very pleased to see that everyone has shown good understanding and was able to apply the concepts you used in your store to the one given on the assessment.  Well Done!  We will be starting a new unit next week as well as starting up ‘graph of the week’ again.  If I can give you a “heads-up”…. you need to know your multiplication facts… 

I introduced you to our next art project as well: “colouring with thread”.  Image result for cross stitch clipartEssentially it is an extension of the sewing you did with Miss D but this time you are designing a scene , or choosing an image, that you will colour using stitching of embroidery thread.  Image result for cross stitch umbrella clipartMost of you have created your draft and have transferred the image onto the piece of burlap.  Next week,   Image result for cross stitch umbrella clipart I hope everyone will be on the stitching stage to “colour” the design.  You all seem very excited about it…. I know I had fun creating mine to show as an example for you.  I am looking forward to how they turn out!


We participated in two assemblies this week: the first was to kick off our “Jump Rope for Heart” campaign in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.Related image  Image result for Earth Day 2018 clipart  The second assembly was to recognize Earth Day.  It is always nice to see what other students are learning and what other classes are doing.  I was particularly impressed with Ms. Smith’s class’ presentation: they “sang” the song “Heal the World” using sign language.  It was very powerful and moving!! I loved it!     Next month, we will get the chance to share some of our learning…. I wonder what we will choose to do? 

That leads me to the question for this weekend:   Image result for Earth Day 2018 clipart How do you take care of our planet?  What does your family do at home? Were you inspired to make some additional changes to your current habits to preserve our environment even more?  

Enjoy the weekend Division 7! I will see you on TUESDAY!

  Image result for reminder clipart Remember, we are going to Fort Langley on Tuesday so, bring your lunch, a few snacks ( that you can carry in your pocket), and water to drink.  We will be leaving our class at 10: 55 to be on the bus by 11, so parents that are coming  (Jenny’s dad and Imogen’s grandma) please arrive at our classroom by 10:45.  Thanks so much! 

Mrs. Davis


Friday the 13th

Hi Division 7!

It is 6 pm on Friday the 13th as I write this weekend’s post.   Image result for superstitions clipart   This morning we spoke about superstitions and that this particular date is considered a “bad luck” day…. I hope you and your family experienced the total opposite!  It has been a great day ( aside from the weather) for me!! But, if your day hasn’t been as lucky as you would like it to be, then try to avoid black cats, opening umbrellas indoors, and breaking mirrors 🙂  

   Image result for stores clipart This week was very productive and fun.  Your stores got completed and you got the chance to shop at each other’s stores yesterday.  Image result for grand opening clipart      Today we invited Mrs. Nielsen’s and Mr. Peter’s classes to come shop as well.  It looked and sounded like everyone was having a great time.   On Monday we will find out whether or not your business made a profit or has suffered a loss.    I wish Miss D. had been here to see how well your stores turned out and all the fun you were having!  I will send her some pictures of you with your stores so that she can see at least see the final product. 

  Image result for debate clipart  The negotiations surrounding ADANAC have progressed very well.  This week the colonies debated the issues surrounding the railroad and types of government.  The delegates are driving a HARD bargain, but, negotiations have progressed and everyone has left the table satisfied with the result.  Today was VERY interesting!  I will be very curious to find out what the other colonists say when you share the outcome of this last debate.  Your final decision will be whether or not your colony wants to join ADANAC.  Image result for debate clipartThere will be ONE more debate before that decision is made…. perhaps you can re-visit what happened today and make that a negotiation point?  I am looking forward to seeing how this all ends up.  Those who aren’t negotiating have also been busy making the  Image result for coat of arms template clipart Coat of Arms for your colony, a map of your colony, and you started working on a flag as well.    Cartographers met today to discuss and propose the best route for the railroad.  We’ll still have to wait to see if the proposed route will actually be realized.  Everything depends on what the final decision is going to be.  

  Image result for writer's workshop steps clipart We continued working on our writer’s workshop from last term but are now working through the writing process.  We started with our poems ( haikus) and I introduced you to another Japanese poem: the tanka.  Related imageYour task this week was to chose 8 of your draft poems and do some revisions to make them more powerful.  Four of the poems will be about the seasons and the other 4 will be your choice of topic.  Four will be haikus and 4 will be tankas.  Related image Many of you have finished your second draft of these poems and those of you who aren’t yet done, that is your homework this weekend.  Our next step will be to work with a partner to try to make your poem the most powerful it can be by maximizing each syllable with interesting   vocabulary.  

That leads me to the blog response for this weekend:  Finish this tanka about  RAIN. Remember to use interesting words, try not to use filler words that waste syllables, and don’t repeat words I have already used. 

Line 1 (5)   Grey clouds cover sky        Image result for rain clouds clipart

Line 2 ( 7)   raindrops falling  endlessly

    Line 3  (5)   __________________________

  Image result for umbrella clipartLine 4 (7)   ________________________

Line 5 (7)  ___________________________

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7! See you on Monday!   

                                                   Mrs. Davis


Farewell Miss Daneshwand!

Hi Division 7!

It is 9 am on Saturday morning as I sit down to write this post. Image result for rainy day clipart It is POURING rain here in Pitt Meadows…. Image result for colourful umbrella clipart  and I suspect Burnaby is looking much the same!  If you have outdoor activities planned, make sure you have an umbrella!  

   Well, our first week after spring break is complete and we are off to a great start into the third term. Image result for farewell clipart free   Yesterday we said goodbye to Miss Daneshwand as she officially completed her practicum with us and is now on her final stages of becoming a certified teacher!   Image result for good luck clipart free I know she will be back to visit…. and if she gets hired in Burnaby, she will most likely come back to Brentwood Park as a TOC someday.  I am excited for her and can’t wait to hear where she ends up! 

  Image result for store clipart freeWe had a productive week of learning too!  You continued working on your stores and those are getting close to being finished as well.  Remember, we are aiming to have them done by Wednesday so that we can possibly do our first day of “shopping” on Thursday.   If you have access to a computer at home, try to collect as many images as you can for your store.   I will try to book either the laptops or the library computers early next week as well.  

As well as continuing what we had already started before spring break, we have also started some new things: Gymnastics and ADANAC. 

In gym, the tressel tree equipment is set up and available for us to learn some different gymnastics skills.Image result for balance beam clipart    In March we used only mats to practice balances and rolls. Now we get to incorporate those skills as we use the equipment. Image result for rope climbing clipart  There are several different stations such as the rope climb, the parallel bars, the single bar, the raised ladder ( monkey bar), the agility ladder, the hurdles, the balance beams,  the springboard and boxes (jumping and landings), as well as the tumbling mat. Image result for cartwheel clipart  Yesterday you were able to visit almost all of the stations once.  On Monday we have gym again and we’ll continue to develop and improve our gymnastics skills.  


In Social Studies, you became colonists in the game “ADANAC”.  This is a game in which you and your colony have to decide whether or not you wish to unite with four other colonies to create a country. Image result for Adanac game clipart The five colonies are: Bluemont, Reddington, New Orange, Whiteland, and Green Island.  Each colony has something that makes it unique and offers something of value to the proposed union; however, joining may or not be the best option.  So far, you have chosen two negotiators for your colony and you have heard from the other colonies what their preference is on language, a railroad, and what type of government(union) they would want to see.  Within your colonies you discussed the first issue:  language and had to weigh the pros and cons of the two language options (either “yellow” as the one official language or “yellow” and “purple” as official languages). Related image After discussing privately, you sent your negotiators to the language debate to present your position.  After listening to everyone’s preference, delegates asked some questions, presented some other perspectives, debated the issue and eventually voted to have the official languages be “yellow and purple”.   How this decision impacts your colony specifically may or may not have been positive, but remember, there are still two other issues that need to be addressed before the final decision is made: Whether or not to join ADANAC.  

I am really enjoying this so far and from our debrief yesterday it looks like you are as well.  This leads me to my question for the weekend:  Which colony are you in and how has this language decision effected you? Was this what your colony was hoping for?  Explain how or why this is a positive or negative decision for your colony?    How does this impact your point score? 

Have a great weekend Division 7! Stay dry 🙂 I will see you on Monday! 

Mrs. Davis

Welcome April!

Hi Division 7!

Image result for easter clipart It is Easter Sunday and April 1st! I hope you have had a fantastic spring break and I look forward to hearing about what you did on Tuesday morning.  My break was great! I didn’t go anywhere, but I did do a bunch of re-decorating in my house.  Do you remember the painting project I started during the Christmas break? Well, I finished that one and also painted my family room. It was a lot of work, but, it was worth it! There are still a few final touches to be done, but the biggest part of the job is complete! 🙂 

Today, Easter, my family is going to church ( as we do every Sunday), and will be celebrating the day with a turkey dinner.  Are you doing something special today for Easter?  Did any of you participate in egg hunts this weekend?  

It also happens to be April Fool’s Day….. do any of you have tricks planned for your family?  Beware…. you might be the one getting fooled! On Tuesday you can share April Fool’s Day stories too.  Related image



  Image result for don't forget clipart So, Division 7, that’s about all for this weekend’s post, but I wanted to remind you of a couple of things: 1. Please remember to bring your signed report card envelop back to school this week ( keep all the contents at home). 2. Don’t forget to bring your Fort Langley field trip permission slip back to school as soon as possible as well.  The due date is April 10th, but the sooner the better. 🙂 

Your blog response task for Tuesday is to bring in your SIGNED report card envelop on Tuesday morning 🙂 No other response is required this weekend! 

Enjoy the last weekend of spring break Division 7!  I will see you on Tuesday! 

Mrs. Davis