Another Long Weekend… ( for You)

Hi Division 7! 

    It’s Friday, Feb. 16th in the evening as I begin to work on this post.  I am currently waiting for my dinner to cook and thought I would see how far I get with the weekly update before the meal is made.  Related imageToday YOU had a day off school, but Miss D and I were busy learning at our district wide Professional Day.  It was a very productive day and I left feeling inspired and accomplished. Image result for satisfied emoji clipart   I hope your day left you feeling satisfied as well. 

Our week was short, but still ( as always) packed with learning. Related image  On Tuesday we were treated to the Grade 7 speech finals and listened to some pretty impressive thoughts about what heroism is and what makes a hero.  I know that it took  a considerable amount of courage for those 8 finalists to present to all of you, all of us teachers, and a panel of judges. Those of you in grade 5 will be doing speeches next year in Grade 6…. I wonder what the topic will be?  Grade 4’s…. you have another year to be the audience– but your time will come soon enough! 

  That same afternoon, we had a guest from “Green Bricks” come and teach us about water conservation.  Related image  She taught us about where our water comes from and some of you even got to take a test of what water from Yemen tastes like.  We are very lucky to have the water we have…. not every country in the world can say that!  She also invited us to participate in the “Save Water Eat Pizza” water conservation challenge.  We could win a pizza party for the class!  If you are interested in taking part, go to  and complete the questionaire.  

 Image result for valentine clipart  Wednesday was Valentine’s Day.  Although we didn’t have a full blown party, we did enjoy a great time of exchanging cards and there were still lots of treats that were brought to eat as well.   Image result for valentine elephant clipart Congratulations to Damiano who was the lucky winner of our Valentine’s Day raffle! 


 Image result for barefoot book of children   Miss D has started a new Social Studies unit and kicked it off  with: The Barefoot Book of Children.  As she begins to take us on a personal journey of our heritage, this book gave us some great questions to consider about who we are as individuals and how everyone is unique. Questions about your name, your home, your special place, the foods you eat, your family, just to list a few. Image result for barefoot book of children   After you listened to and discussed some of the various questions, each of you chose one of them to respond to in writing.  Which question did you write about? 

The following day, Thursday, Miss D continued with a lesson about immigration and how Canada is cultural mosaic that represents almost all of the cultures around the world.          Image result for canada as cultural mosaic clipart She asked us where we were born… in Canada or somewhere else? Some of you were surprised to learn that I was born in Germany.  Miss D was born in Iran, and several of you were born in another country as well.  Miss D shared with us her own immigration story and I think all of us were surprised with what we heard.    I know I was very touched by her story and what her family had to go through to come to Canada.   Image result for canada as cultural mosaic clipart This weekend you have been asked to interview your parents to discover some of your family’s history and cultural background. I wonder if you will discover something you did not know before? 

This leads me to this weekend’s question:  What 3 things did you learn about Miss D that you didn’t know before?  Were you surprised by something she shared?  How did you feel after hearing her story?   

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7! See you on Monday.  Don’t forget you have a French number quiz  as your Monday morning brain booster! 🙂 

Mrs. Davis 

Family Day Long Weekend

Hi Division 7 !

I woke up this morning to see something we haven’t seen for a LONG time! Let me give you a few hints… it’s huge, yellow, and bright.  Can you guess?  ( I know it’s tough because it is so unfamiliar ).  It’s the SUN!!!Image result for sunshine clipart   Were you as surprised to see it as I was??  All kidding aside, it is a gorgeous day and a great kick off to the long weekend!  I hope  you get the chance to go outside and enjoy it!  It is currently 10:30 am on Saturday as I sit down to write this post.  

It’s been another week filled with great learning and lots of fun.  Miss D has now finished her second full week of teaching with five more weeks to go.  She is doing a wonderful job so far and has already learned a lot about what being a teacher is and how demanding it can be. Image result for thumbs up clipart She is also totally ENJOYING all of you!  Image result for teacher clipart images As challenging as teaching is, it is also one of the most rewarding professions ( in my completely unbiased view) and Miss D is experiencing that side of it as well.   The transition from me as teacher to her as teacher is going quite well! THANK YOU for that!  

Everything we have done is in the continuing stages: Writer’s workshop stations, biography study, Math, Science, French and PE.  

  Image result for canadian biography series clipart images In the language arts, you are at the half way point in your biography study of a famous Canadian.  I provided you with feedback surrounding your note-taking, using non-fiction text features, and summary writing.   Related image  As I told you all, summary writing is a challenging skill and from what I was seeing, all of you are in the “emerging” stage of proficiency ( that means you’re all still beginning to learn how to write an effective summary).    That is OK!  It provides  a great opportunity to show how you will grow in your learning.  Image result for how to write a summary clipart images  I gave each of you a frame to use for the summaries you write in the final half of your biography study.  Of course, if you wanted, you could also go back ( once you have finished all the chapters) to improve the summaries you have already written.    That is up to you.  I don’t know about you, but I am very impressed with the incredible Canadians that make up our history!

   I also set a timeline and a minimum requirement for our creative writing stations.  The timeline is February 27th, and you must have completed at least: one “creative journal” write, one “think, draw write”, one story (either “And Then…?” or “Unlikely Friendships”,  four season haikus, five haikus of your own choice, and the dictionary skills practice.   Image result for kids writing clipart images The puzzles and games are bonus activities, but should not be your first priority.   Image result for kids writing clipart images   On Thursday I asked you to choose one of the writing assignments for me to give you feedback on.  I photocopied your choice and have taken them  home.  Then I gave back your package yesterday ( to those of you who were at school) so you can continue to work on your stations at home if you wanted or needed.    I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to get creative in your writing.  I look forward to what I have to read this weekend! 

In science Miss D introduced you to another concept surrounding mixtures and solutions:  filtrationRelated image  Your task was to create a way to filter a mixture of water and dirt.  You worked in teams to create your filtration system and the goal was to see whose filter removed most of the dirt from the water.  The results ranged from “coke-like” to what looked more like “iced tea”.  It looked like a very fun experiment!  I wonder what you’ll be doing next? 


Image result for photography clipart images Yesterday, Miss D and the non-Whistler class continued their ADST photography project.  Miss D had printed out all the photos you took last week of letters you “found” in our surroundings.  Using a combination of letters from each group, you were able to create an alphabet book from A-Y…. and then went on a mission to find the best “Z”… were you successful?   
Image result for A-Z letters found in nature clipart images Then, the letters your group photographed were mounted onto a page and you decorated the frame.    Related image   These pages will be turned into a book for each of you to keep.  Our last Whistler day will be on March 2nd and Miss D will wrap up this project and maybe send you on another photo mission…. we’ll have to wait to find out!  

Image result for Winter vocabulary in French clipart images  In French we went over what your suggested translations were for each of the eight sentences surrounding “L’Hiver”.  Many of them had some easy context clues to help you figure out some of the translation such as words that look and sound like English, or words that you already had listed as part of your  French vocabulary.  I gave you a matching activity where you  had to cut the English sentence to match it with the French.  Our next steps are to turn those pages into a booklet, read the French, and be able to tell me the English translation.  Don’t worry, we’ll practice a bunch more times so you’ll be ready when it’s time for assessment.  We’ll start making our books next week.  Don’t forget to keep practicing your numbers to 50…. a quiz is coming soon 🙂 

  Image result for multicultural kids playing ice hockey clipart images We went for our final skating session this week and it was WONDERFUL to see so many of you take up hockey this time.  We were joined by Mrs. Nielsen’s class and the rink was half filled with hockey players.  It was so fun to see!  Maybe some of you have discovered a sport that you’d like to continue outside of school? I would encourage you to … you are at a great age to explore all sorts of new experiences and if you have the opportunity… GO FOR IT!  

   Image result for 2018 winter olympic clipart images Speaking of skating…( and success in sports), the Olympics have started! Did any of you watch the opening ceremonies last night?    I would encourage you to follow our Canadian teams as they compete over the next 17 days.    Image result for 2018 winter olympic team Canada images All of them are very accomplished athletes and are a source of inspiration for people of ALL ages.  I am looking forward to seeing how Canada does.  This leads me to my question this weekend:  If you were an Olympian, what winter Olympic sport would you like to compete in?  Which event(s) are you most interested in following during this Olympic season? Image result for 2018 winter olympic clipart images

Have a wonderful Family Day long weekend Division 7! I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday! 

Mrs. Davis

 Related image PS: I almost forgot to mention how wonderful it was to see so many Grandparents join us on Thursday morning for Grandparents’ Day!  I hope you enjoyed sharing the morning with your very special guests during Music and playing some math games!  Thanks Grandparents for taking the time out of your day to spend some time with us!! 

It’s February!

Hi Division 7!

It is just before lunch on Friday ( Feb. 2nd) as I start writing this weekend’s blog.  Right now, some of you are enjoying a day of Image result for skiing and snowboarding clipart  skiing or snowboarding up at Whistler and the rest of the class is enjoying some gym time.  Having Miss D in charge of the teaching has freed me up to do a few things that I would not usually be able to do otherwise… like write our blog during the school day! Related image I hope you Whistler folks are having a great first day on the mountain… I am looking forward to hearing about your day on Monday!   Here is a quick re-cap of our week. 

Miss D has taken over most of the teaching and has gotten off to a great start.  We started our week with a community circle and Miss D started her unit on “Our class has…. Character!” Related image The first quality or character trait you learned about was optimism.  Optimism is when you look on the “bright side” of things or have a positive outlook on life.  Did you know that optimism is something you learn how to be?  Miss D also told us that optimism is GOOD for you and can affect your health!  How about that?!  After some discussion, you all created an advice column about a made up problem.  Your task was to offer advice in 3 different ways:  the unrealistic optimistic way, the optimistic perspective, and the pessimistic option.  It looked and sounded like you had fun coming up with a problem and suggesting the different “solutions” to it. 

Along the same lines, our Graph of the Week this week was surrounding character traits too.  The question was: “If you could be described using only 2 qualities, which two would you choose?”.   Image result for bar graph clipart  The options were optimistic, unique, responsible, patient, kind, compassionate, courageous, and trustworthy.  The results were interesting.  Most of the class chose responsible and patient as their two choices.  All of these are important character qualities and it is hard to choose just two…. but the two you chose are definitely useful now and for your whole life.  

  Image result for cash register clipart In Math we did some more work with money and had some assessments: one surrounding problem solving using money and the other was making change.  Problem solving involves several steps and sometimes even uses a variety of operations to get the answer.  I am pleased to see that your money skills are developing very well.    Image result for multiplication and division clipart  We’ll continue to work with money later this term, but next week Miss D is going to change gears and spend some time around multiplication and division concepts. 

Another thing that you did this week was expand your vocabulary to include some new words.  “Homogeneous”, “heterogeneous”, “miscibility, and “immiscibility” were just some of the new terms you were introduced to.  These words all relate to mixtures and solutions.  Related image   You did an experiment using sugar cubes to test solubility with water and then you played a game where you predicted whether or not different household things would be miscible with water.  Maybe you could test your parents and see what they would guess the outcome would be.  

  Related image   Today, Miss D is introducing those of us that didn’t go to Whistler to an ADST/Art project surrounding photography. Image result for photography clipart The lesson is just about to start, so I need to pause and listen for now. … I’m back now… that was a fun lesson!!    We got to go on an alphabet scavenger hunt in groups and take photos of the things we found in nature, on the playground, or in the school that represented each letter of the alphabet! So FUN!  I am already looking forward to the next step of this project.  

Here are this weekend’s questions:  

  1. For the non-Whistler folks:  What is the difference between “bird’s eye view” and “worm’s eye view” when it comes to photography? 
  2. For the Whistler group:  What did you learn during your ski/snowboarding lesson?  Tell me a bit about your first day on the mountain.

 Have a great weekend everyone! 

Mrs. Davis 


Welcome Miss D!

Hi Division 7! 

It is just after 10 am on Saturday morning as I post this blog.  Image result for rainy day clipart  It is raining here in Pitt Meadows and I suspect the weather in Burnaby is much the same!  If you are going outside at all , it is definitely an umbrella day! 

We had another productive week!  Most exciting news was that Miss D joined us and will be with us this whole term! Image result for welcome to our classroom sign    This week she was “phasing-in” and spent the time helping small groups, observing how our class runs,  and getting familiar with some of the routines we follow.  She was also busy preparing her lessons for when she takes on the majority of the teaching starting on MONDAY!! I am looking forward to watching her grow in her teaching skill and feel very privileged to be able to mentor her and share what I have learned over the years with her as well as learning FROM her! This is going to be a fun term! 

  Image result for basketball clipartRelated image Another highlight of this week was that we started basketball in PE.  We started with the basic skill of dribbling. We practiced dribbling in different directions, as well as with either hand. We finished our lesson with a variation of  “Octopus” with the goal being to dribble your ball across the length of the gym without the “octopuses” knocking it out of your control. 

In math, we continued climbing up our multiplication “table tower”.  Many of you are progressing very quickly and have already bumped up a level.  Well done!  Knowing your multiplication facts by heart will come in VERY handy in all areas of math. Image result for multiplication clipart Like I explained earlier, this is one of the foundations of math.  Having a strong understanding and recall of multiplication (and division) facts will provide a solid base for all the other math concepts you will be learning in the future!  


We also continued our understanding of money concepts and I introduced you to the concept of DEBT.  We looked at a number line and discovered that numbers go in either direction… positive and negative. Image result for positive and negative integers clipart  In terms of money, when you have a NEGATIVE amount of money, you are in DEBT ( which means you owe money).  A “zero” amount means you don’t have money, and a “positive” amount means that you do have money and are not in debt.  We played “Don’t go Bankrupt” in groups and this time, if the spinner was not on your side, you could go into debt.  Several of you were able to get back out of debt and some of you were not.  The winner of the game was the person who had the most amount of money.   Image result for canadian money clipart  We also did some problem solving this week with 2 activities: “At the Cafeteria” and “At the Clothing Store”.  Both involved solving addition and subtraction of money amounts. Some even required several steps before you could solve the problem.  You will continue to work with money next week with Miss D. 

  Image result for kids reading clipart  It was Family Literacy Day yesterday and we spent part of our day participating in the school wide read-a-thon.  Many of you wore your PJ’s and brought a favourite stuffy to curl up with.  I enjoyed seeing you all settle into your chosen book(s) … even I was able to get some reading done and was entertained by a story Jessica wrote about an “Unlikely Friendship”.  It was engaging , exciting, and very creative! Ask her if she will let you read it– I think you will like it as much as I did! 

   Image result for drawing supplies clipart  Our week ended with part 2 of our portrait drawing lesson.  Nadra taught us how to draw ears, add hair, and finish off with the neck and shoulders of our person. She then also provided all the materials for us to create a frame for our portrait.  She had some bright coloured paper, pom-poms, and glitter that we could use to add that finishing touch.   Related image Your frames are all on your desk still ( drying) so on Monday we will have to put them in a safe place to keep them from getting bent or damaged.  I will leave it up to you if you want to add colour to your portrait. They actually look really great just as a pencil sketch, but you can make that final decision.  I thought Nadra did a wonderful job– and taught us so much, so I invited her to come back and give us another lesson later in the year! Thanks again Nadra for sharing your talent with us. We look forward to what you will teach us next time! 

This is actually a great lead in to my question for this weekend.   What type of visual art ( painting, drawing, sculpting, photography…) would you be interested in learning about or trying?  Image result for visual arts clip art  Maybe that could be something I chat with Nadra about or maybe Miss D has a talent we have yet to discover…. 

Have a great weekend Division 7! 

Mrs. Davis

Presentations All Around!

Good Morning Division 7! 

It’s 10:20 am on Saturday as I post this blog.  I hope your weekend is off to a good start!  Here’s the recap of our week. 

It was a week of presentations… especially yesterday. Related image    Three groups presented their “I Resolve” reader’s theatre presentations and the last group will have to present on Monday morning.  A couple of groups were missing members, so, if those people are back, we’ll have to put together another group so I can hear those people do their part as well.  I have not yet been able to set up presentations in other classes, so, I am not sure if that will take place or not.  Congratulations on memorizing your lines and trying to deliver them in a natural way!  I was entertained by all of your performances! 

   Image result for capoeira clipartThe afternoon was our Capoeira skills showcase.  It was fun to see what other classes did but WOW… it was a LONG afternoon.  Unfortunately, many groups (including us) got their time cut as the afternoon progressed.  As it was, dismissal actually took place at 3:20 pm!  I have to compliment you and how patient and respectful you were.  It was a long time to be sitting on the floor and you managed yourselves very well.  Image result for audience clipart   As it is with “first times” you learn a LOT and we did too ( as a staff) so, when we do capoeira again, we’ll know how to make the showcase time better.  I hope you did enjoy learning the skills and some of the moves though… and given the short time you had, you did show progress!  

In math, we continued to learn how to count, add, subtract, regroup, and make different combinations of money amounts.  You learned and played 2 new games “Petty Cash” and “Don’t Go Bankrupt”.  Image result for canadian money clipart   We even played as a class with each grade group competing against each other.  I hope you are enjoying these games.. I am! 


We started our “Literacy/Writing stations” this week too!  There are 5 stations so far with more to be added this upcoming week.   Image result for And then? Story starters clipart So far you have the following options to choose from:  ” And Then?…”, “Creative Journal Topics”, ” Think, Draw, Write”, “Unlikely Friendship Stories”, and “Boogle”. Image result for boggle clipart On Monday, I will add “Scrabble”,  Haiku poetry, and a dictionary activity.  Image result for dictionary clipart     Remember, you may take your activities home to work on as well.  Happy writing! 


  Your biography study on a famous Canadian is underway and you and your partner are now reading, discussing, and recording information you find out about this person.  You are also practicing “reading between the lines”… this is called INFERENCE. Image result for images for inferencing Making an inference is when you learn something that isn’t DIRECTLY stated in the text, but rather from the clues you get from the text or the text features. We make inferences all the time, but you might not be aware that you are doing it.  You practiced thinking about the person you are reading about and considered what inferences you could make about their personality based on what you have learned so far.  Then, using examples of how they act or what they have done you supported your inference with those examples or clues you were given from the text.  

This leads me to my question for this week.  Look at this picture. Image result for images for inferencing  What inferences can you make? 

Try to come up with as many different things as you can from the clues in the picture.  Support each inference with a reason.  ” I think _________ because_____________

Have a great weekend Division 7! 

Mrs. Davis. 

 Related image  

PS.   Monday is the first day that Miss D joins us for her teaching practicum.  I know you will make her feel most welcome and at home in Division 7! I am very excited to have her spend this term with us! 

Skating, Capoeira, and Sketching! Oh My!

Hi Division 7!

It is 10:50 am on Saturday as I post this blog.  I hope your weekend is starting well.  Mine is 🙂  Let me recap our first school week of 2018. 

We started our week learning a reader’s theatre script called “I Resolve”.  You worked in groups of 6 to practice the lines of this entertaining dialogue about New Year’s resolutions.  Related imageNext week you will be performing  for your classmates and I will also try to get you into some other classes to perform for them 🙂 Try to memorize your lines ( if you haven’t already) , as well as delivering them with expression, clarity, and at an appropriate pace and volume.  We’ll have more practice time this week as well. 

Image result for new years resolution    Along the lines of New Year’s resolutions, you all had the chance to consider what your “Word to Live by” might be.  Last week I shared that mine was INSPIRE and I explained why I chose this word for myself.  After some thought, some of the  words you have chosen are: EXPLORE, FOCUS, DETERMINED, EFFORT, COURAGE, BRAVE, KINDNESS, PARTICIPATE, CONFIDENT, just to name a few….  Image result for inspirational quotes  These are all fantastic words and if you do put them into practice and keep them in the forefront of your mind, I am sure you will have a very successful year and will be proud of your accomplishments and your own personal growth.  I am looking forward to how each of you put your word into action. 🙂

Image result for capoeira clip



We had a pretty physical week as well.  On Wednesday we kicked off our day with our first Capoeira lesson. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that was created by the slaves and disguised as a type of dance ( to fool the slave masters).  Pretty smart if you ask me!  Image result for capoeira clip  We are lucky to have AXE Capoeira come and teach us some introductory moves and sequences which we will be performing next Friday.  You are learning a LOT and this is unfamiliar to most of you.  You are all doing really well so far with the skills you have learned already…. and you are getting one HECK of a workout!! 

Image result for kids ice skating clip art   Later that same day, we walked to Kensington rink for our first ice skating session of this term.  We were lucky that the weather was PERFECT which made our walk pleasant and enjoyable! As always, I was amazed and surprised by the level of skill many of you have on ice!  I love seeing another side of you that I don’t get to see in the classroom! Image result for surprised emoji   Some of you had never skated before and were already showing improvement just after that first hour— I am looking forward to seeing how much more you improve after the next two sessions!  Our next session is on January 31st. 

  Image result for art supplies  Our week ended with another special activity: Portrait sketching.  I invited Karl’s mom ( whom I discovered is a very talented artist) to come and teach us how to draw the portrait of someone special to us.  Each of you had a photo of someone you care about and we then followed Nadra’s step by step instructions of how to draw this person’s face.  Related image  We learned about face shapes, lines of symmetry, facts about facial features, and how to draw lips, eyes, eyebrows, lashes, and laugh lines.  Our next session will be on January 26th and that is when we will finish our sketch, add colour, and then frame it.  Again, inspiration and hidden talents all over the place!! Keep it up Division 7!!  

Whew! What a great start to our second term and the 2018 school year!  Here is your blog response for this weekend:  Give a quick reflection of the 4 activities that we did this week ( Reader’s Theatre, skating, capoeira, and sketching) and  your personal reaction  to each of them.  

Related image

Mrs. Davis 


Happy New Year!

Hi Division 7! 


Image result for 2018 clipart   It is Friday, January 5th as I post this first blog of 2018!      It is the last official day of our break before we start back to school on Monday.  I hope you have all enjoyed a restful, fun, and enjoyable holiday!  I sure did!  With Christmas happening just a few days after we finished school, it has allowed for some true rest to take place once all the celebrating was done.  I have enjoyed spending time with my family, sleeping in, visiting with my friends, and getting some much needed things done around my house.   Image result for woman painting a wall clipart  I am actually still trying to finish a project that I just started:  painting my entrance hallway.     I will let you know whether or not I finished that or if I will be finishing it next weekend 🙂 

What did you do?  Did you find what you were wishing for under your Christmas tree this year?  Did you ring in the New Year in a special way?  Did you travel anywhere?  I look forward to hearing about your holiday highlights on Monday when we get back to school. 

A New Year is upon us.  2018.  Wow! As is custom with the beginning of a New Year, people often make promises or resolutions to themselves.  I don’t usually make resolutions…. but, I heard of something that I thought I might try instead: a WORD ( or concept) to commit to for the year.  After giving this some thought, the word I have chosen for myself this year is : INSPIRE ( and all the variations of that word). Related image   I was inspired to consider this as a new way to make a “resolution”.  I also want to “inspire” Miss D ( our student teacher this term) as she takes her final practicum with us.  At home I was “inspired” to make some changes around my house ( in terms of decorating and updating my home).  Of course I want to be an inspiration to all of you…. as well as be INSPIRED by you in my teaching.  Inspiration comes from all sources and I want to be open to however they move me to action 🙂   I am looking forward to where inspiration takes me! Image result for inspiration

Just a couple of reminders before Monday.  If you haven’t already brought in your skating permission form, please get that in no later than Tuesday.Image result for skating clipart  Our first session is on Wednesday the 10th.  We will be walking to the rink and will be leaving the school at 11:15 am.  Bring your lunch, snacks, gloves, a toque, a helmet, and skates ( if you have your own) to school that day. 

 Image result for capoeira clipart  Also, we start Capoeira lessons this week as well! Our first session is also on Wednesday, so be sure to wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in.  

 Image result for portrait sketching clipart  On Friday afternoon, we have the pleasure of being taught an art lesson by Karl’s mom.  She has asked that you bring a photo of someone that you love or is very special to you.  It can be anyone ( but must be human– sorry no pets this time) as she is going to teach us how to draw a portrait!  I am looking forward to being INSPIRED by her skill and to learn something new! 

 Related imageSo here are your two questions for this weekend:  First:  What WORD would YOU choose for 2018?   and  Whose photo are you going to bring for our portrait art lesson? 

I would like to wish all of you and your family a very Happy New Year and may 2018 be a year that keeps you all healthy, provide some new adventures, and bring you great joy!

See you all on Monday! 

Mrs. D.

Merry Christmas!

Dear Division 7! 

It is Friday evening ( 5:10 pm) Dec. 22 as I post this very short blog.  I left school, came home, and enjoyed opening all my gifts!  THANK YOU!!! You spoil me with your generosity and kindness!  I am ONE very BLESSED teacher!!  Thank you so much!!   Image result for grateful emoji

Whew! What a week!! So much fun and excitement but we still managed to get a bunch of things done!  We finished reading and summarizing The Chocolate Touch and also got our French Christmas tree pop up cards made.  Of course the main event was the two performances of “Chopped Christmas” on Tuesday afternoon and evening.  Image result for congratulations   You did SO WELL– Congratulations!  I was smiling the whole time watching you.  I bet your parents enjoyed the show immensely as well.  

Well, our first term is over and now we get a much needed and well deserved break!    May the time off school be a time of relaxation, quality time with family, and fun with friends.  If you are travelling, may you have a safe and enjoyable time abroad.  However you celebrate, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year, I wish you all the joy the season brings.  Again, thank you for your generous gifts, your support during this first term, and your kindness!  

Image result for merry christmas and happy new year

Merry Christmas Division 7 families …. and Happy New Year!

See you all in 2018!

Mrs. Davis


Rehearsals and Report Cards

Hi Division 7! 

It is 8:45 am on Saturday as I post this blog.  I hope your weekend is starting off well.  The countdown to Christmas is on… one more full week!! I am excited… I bet you are too!  As always, our week was busy.  Let’s recap what we did. 

The blog title mentions “Rehearsals” because everyday this past week you were involved in practicing “Chopped Christmas”.   Related image  As the choir, you have an important role of supporting all the acts of the entire play!  So, every song and every action is what you need to know and have memorized!  That is a LOT and I am very impressed with how well you are doing.  Remember,  MONDAY ( Dec. 18th)  is dress rehearsal day and you need to come dressed in full concert wear: black pants, white dress shirt ( or plain white t-shirt), a neck tie, and dark shoes. I would suggest bringing a change of clothes to school on Monday, so that you aren’t in concert wear all day.  Our dress rehearsal is from 9:30- recess, so changing would be a good idea.  You can leave your concert clothes at school overnight and change at lunch on Tuesday for our first performance on Tuesday afternoon.  

Aside from rehearsing everyday, we have also been working our way through The Chocolate Touch.   Image result for The Chocolate Touch clipart We are half way through the novel now and will finish it next week.  The first 5 chapters we did as a class and for chapter 6  you had the chance to complete the summary with a partner or in a small group.  The next few chapters will be done the same way, and the final 3 will be done independently.  I’m curious to find out how the chocolate spell gets broken and how the story ends. 

  Image result for French Christmas words clipart  We also did some Christmas related French this week.  We went over some vocabulary and then created a short description entitled ” Mon Arbre de Noel c’est magnifique!” ( My Christmas tree is magnificent).   Image result for French Christmas words clipart    Your homework this weekend is to decorate your tree according to the French description you created.  Next week, we will finish this activity and turn that tree into a pop-up card.  Try to read your description to your family at home this weekend.  Don’t worry if your pronunciation isn’t perfect… you are just learning.  Try your best 🙂 

Another exciting thing we did was our “Secret Santa” draw.  After discussing the different approaches , we had a vote and it was decided that you preferred to buy for a specific person . Image result for secret santa gift exchange clipart   Everyone who wanted to participate was given a “wish list” and we had a random draw to find out who you were going to be a “Secret Santa” to.   Remember, the budget is between $5-$10.  Once you have done your shopping, wrap up the gift, and put the person’s name on it.  DO NOT  put your name on the gift… that’s the “secret” part.    Image result for secret santa gift labels clipart Then, STEALTHILY, bring your wrapped and labelled gift to school and I will hang on to them until Friday Dec. 22 which is when we will have our Secret Santa gift exchange.  

Image result for report card clipart   Finally, report cards went home this weekend.  As I mentioned, the “letter grade” that means the MOST to me are the G, S, and N’s…. representing the EFFORT you are putting into your work at school.  I also explained that you should see your time at school like a job .  In life ( as an adult) often the employer ( the boss) will give a “BONUS” to the employees  (the workers) for their hard work and productivity.   Related image  I did the same with you… based on the number of G’s you earned, I gave you a Megabuck BONUS.  There were 10 subjects…. which meant that you had the potential for earning a bonus of 10 MB!  Congratulations to many of you who did receive the maximum bonus this term. If you didn’t, then you have lots of time to set some goals, make some changes, and work toward that “straight G” report card. 

This leads me to my question(s) for the weekend:  How do you feel about your report card?  What did your parents say?  What are your goals NOW for the next term ( after seeing your report card) ?  

Related image


Once you have finished reading the report card, please KEEP the contents of the envelope and return the signed envelope back to the school.  I would like them all back by Wednesday please. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Mrs. Davis 

Two Posts in One

Hi Division 7!

It is Thursday night ( December 7th) as I sit down to post this blog.  I have a bit of time and thought that I’d get this up before the weekend, which is going to be very busy for me and I didn’t want to miss another week of posting. Image result for to do list clipart   This blog is titled “Two Posts in One” because I am going to try to make up for the one I didn’t post last week because I was writing report cards all weekend.  I am SO glad those are done!! 

The last two weeks have been jam packed with learning!  One thing we did was an introduction to the Core Competencies.   Image result for individuality clipart  We spent quite  a bit of time discussing each of these skills  (Communication, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Personal/Social identity).   Related image  Image result for thinking clipart I shared the power point I created to help you understand that these central skills are practiced and developed throughout our entire lives.   I also pointed out that these are developed not only in school but in ALL things we do.  So, whether you are aware of it or not, you are developing these skills ALL THE TIME. Related image    My job is to make you more aware of when you are practicing each of them 🙂

As a follow up to that lesson, I gave you your task : begin to create a power point presentation that shows how YOU are developing your core competencies.  First you “played” with the power point software and created a mini- presentation about any topic that you wanted– that was  so fun for me to watch. Related image   You all catch on SO fast and the presentations you created already look SO GREAT!!  Many of you are now on the beginning stages of your bigger project:  “The Me I See… as a Thinker, as a Communicator, as a Unique Individual, and as a Citizen”. This is a LONG TERM project and you will work on it not only at school but also at home.  The goal is to have it ready by JUNE.   You have LOTS of time. 🙂 

This weekend you have taken home your growth portfolio to share with your parents.  Please take at least an hour to sit down and explain your learning this term.  Don’t forget to point out the core competency labels you added to some of your work samples.   Related image  After you’ve shared your portfolio, set three goals for next term.  Your parents should be involved in this as well and can help you with choosing a goal and making a plan.  Please bring back the purple sheet ( with your goals) and your portfolio on Monday, Dec. 11th. 

 Related image  We started a unit on money in math called “Let’s Go Shopping”.  Using the London Drugs holiday flyer, you went on a scavenger hunt to find items that fell within different price ranges.  Then, this week, you used the catalogue to complete several different tasks like Christmas “shopping” for your family with a budget of $500.  We’ll be doing ‘money math’ for the rest of this month…. and maybe into the new year too:) 

Rehearsals have started for the musical performance of “Chopped Christmas”.  We are the choir this year along with Mrs. Nielsen’s class and we are responsible for knowing ALL the songs and ALL the actions.  WOW!! That’s fantastic!        Image result for kids choir clipart Already, after only 2 rehearsals, you have learned so much.  Everyday next week we’ll be practicing, so, keep learning and memorizing the song lyrics.  Our performance day is Tuesday Dec. 19th,  in the afternoon and in the evening.  Hopefully your parents and grandparents will be able to come and see it! 

Another new thing we did was practicing the steps of the “scientific process”.  You learned some new words like “hypothesis” “control”, and “variable”. Related image     Then, we did a couple of experiments. “Walking Water” and “Walking Water 2”.  The first was our control. In the second experiment we changed one variable.  We hypothesized, observed, recorded our observations, and then researched what happened.  We discovered ( Thanks to Mr. Hubscher) what “capillary action” is and how each of our experiments demonstrated it.  That leads me to this weekend’s blog response:  What were the variables we changed in each of our experiments?  Fill in the blanks.  Three experiments changed the paper towel bridge to ______, _____, and _______.  The other three experiments changed the liquid from water to _______, _______, and ________.  The experiment that showed the best capillarity ( ability to absorb) was the experiment with the _______ and ________.  

Have a wonderful weekend Division 7! See you on Monday! 

Mrs. Davis