Jumpin’ around

This week has been jam packed with all kinds of fun activities and assignments. We had our second buddy session in preparation for Jump Rope 4 Heart that is coming up in a few weeks. Jump Rope For Heart : Heart Foundation : HomeYou are amazing role models and teachers! So many of the buddies have learned and gained confidence in their jumping skills because of this time they have spent with you!Kids Jumping Rope Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free ... We will have one more session next week to help prepare them for the event. Have you signed up to fundraise online yet? The link is easily found on the school’s website if you are interested.

We started the week off with a few days of learning and reflecting on Reconciliation and why it is so important for us here, at Brentwood Park. You were introduced to The Project of HeartProject of Heart: Engaging with Empathy | CMHR plans and we asked you to spend some time thinking about what Reconciliation looks like for you personally.  After watching some videos, listening to a story, and analyzing some quotes and poems from Residential school survivors, you all created some amazing drafts of the artwork we will be creating next Tuesday morning. Every student in the school will create a small cedar tile that will be included in a mural that will be put up in the school’s main hallway, near the office and library. We were very proud and impressed with the designs and symbols you came up with. So much power in just a few words and symbols.

We were complimented by a few of the Grade 6/7 teachers who had been reading the completed Extreme Environment essays that are now on display outside our classroom.Academic writing Essay Creative writing, Doing Homework ...You should all be very proud and excited to know that the teachers, who may become your teacher next year, are looking forward to having you because they were so impressed by your essays. They said the essays were very well organized, had clear sub-topics, transitions between paragraphs, and were overall very creative and engaging! Pat yourselves on the back Division 6, you are doing great things and are getting noticed.

Our poetry writing continued this week as we explored another new  poetry: The ABC poem. A-B-C Poem This is a five line poem that describes a strong emotion. Why ABC? you ask… excellent question because the format of this poem is that the first four lines are in alphabetical order.  Whatever letter the first line started with, the next 3 lines have to start with the next letter of the alphabet. The last line can start with any letter of the alphabet and finishes off the poem.  We wrote one as a class that went like this:

Poetry- what does it mean to me,does it even mean anything? | by Kevin Su | MediumSuper Excited/ To go to Disneyland/ Unusual rides to experience and foods to taste/ Vacation to California/ Cannot wait to get there!

7,991 Canadian Parliament Buildings Royalty-Free Photos and Stock Images | ShutterstockOur research on Canadian government concluded this week and you are now moving on to creating a power point presentation to share what you learned. BC Parliament Buildings - Discover Victoria BC, International city of adventure. Your notes are your guide to what needs to be included… but remember that a power point is an AID to a presentation and should contain prompts and images that will trigger your memory so that you can EXPLAIN what you learned about the level of government you have been researching.  Burnaby Residents Oppose New City CouncilWe’ll chat about this a bit more next week, but be sure to spend some time at home working on this project… the due date will sneak up on us pretty quickly!

FYI – Kerala Association of NashvilleJust an FYI for those of you who want to earn a bit of EXTRA credit and go beyond… there is an extension activity on TEAMS for you to explore.  Have fun with that– there are some cool activities that will give you even more information about our government and how it works.

This week we continued our Body Science studies and got down to the “nitty gritty” as they say. This week we asked you to look at diagrams of the reproductive anatomy of both females, and males. You learned the important vocabulary terminology for the important sexual organs that many of you speak of in slang. It is important to not be embarrassed to talk about the reproductive organs as it is important that you know what things are called and what functions they have in the human body.Reproductive info for children. Pensive kids... - Stock Illustration [109834444] - PIXTA That way, if something is going wrong or does not feel right, you can get the help you need and express yourself clearly. We asked you to define the important parts of each reproductive system as well as locate the parts on the diagrams. We are very impressed with how maturely you are all engaging in these science lessons. It is understandable that we giggle and laugh sometimes, it helps us get through the lessons, but overall, you are all learning lots and participating respectfully. Well done!

It is Novel Study time!!! This week we started our class novel, The Boy at the Back of the Class. We spent some time predicting what the book would be about, only using the cover page for clues. What to Read After... The Boy at the Back of the Class ...You all made some great inferences and guesses about the possible Plot, Setting, and Characters. We have only read Chapter 1 so far, but in that one chapter, we uncovered that most of our predictions seem to be right on the money! Next week will dive deeper into the story and see what happens…..

Our Digital Literacy studies this week moved from Cyberbullying to Online scams and Phishing. You are all very aware of many of the pitfalls of online scams. We discussed the 7 red flags of phishing,17,400+ Phishing Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ... do you remember any of them? We also asked you to think about the best ways to avoid falling into the traps. You all were able to come up with these top three ways:

  • don’t click any links
  • don’t reply or forward
  • don’t open attachments

So, your Blog Response question this week is, HOW MANYQuestion Mark Clipart Images | Free Download | PNG ... RED FLAGS CAN YOU REMEMBER? In your assignment this weekend, list as many Phishing red flags as you can….remember, there are 7 we learned about, can you remember them all????


Have a great weekend everyone!

Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Gil

Marvelous May!

May Clipart Images - Free Download on FreepikWe have kicked off May with a bang! Monday was a professional day so while you  all were resting up and relaxing (we hope!), we were busy here at school planning for a very exciting Art initiative which will be happening at our school on May 14th. It is called the “Project of Heart” initiative and we spent the day planning activities and preparing for the special event. Without giving to much away, this Art project will help us put reconciliation into action here at Brentwood Park.

While we are wrapping up our Science projects, getting our Essays and Art ready to display, we have also started many new projects as well.

The Grade 5’s have started a new unit in Math where they will be exploring Measurement and Geometry. Geometry RGB color icon. Pencil and ruler. Geometrical ...We reviewed the metric units of measurement (mm,cm,m,km) and we practiced using our rulers this week as well. Perimeter is another topic we reviewed and practiced together. It is important to know how to measure shapes for perimeter as it is something we will need to use and understand all our livesPerimeter - Class Playground. Converting measurements and comparing them was also practiced. Next week we will be talking more about Perimeter and diving into the topic of Area. Do you remember learning about Area last year?

IF THE WORLD WERE 100 PEOPLE: 9781405298070: Books - Amazon.caWe wrapped up our “If the World Were 100 People” graphs with one final GOW. You received your “Part 3” section back and this last graph was an assessment to see how well you could take the information given and convert it into a pie graph.  This graph focused on wealth and income.  Did you know that only half of the world’s population makes over $7.00 a day??? What to know about the shocked face emoji | The US SunThe remaining half of the population earns LESS… with 10 % of the people on the planet having less than $2.00 a day to live on.  That sure is an eye-opener… and puts into perspective how truly fortunate we are!

We are still talking about Body Science and the topic of Puberty was the main focus this week. We worked in groups to unpack examples of how puberty can effect each of us differently.100,000 Puberty Vector Images | Depositphotos During puberty so much is changing. Whether it be physical, emotional, or social, our changing hormones play a huge role in how we feel about ourselves and in turn, can directly effect how we treat those around us. We were very proud of how mature you have all been during our discussions and we can see you already know a lot about your bodies! It is so important to know what to expect so we can ask for help if something feels wrong but more importantly, not worry when things feel different. Knowledge is power friends!

Federal Government Canada Stock Vector Illustration and ...Our research on government started this week as well.  Each of us now have a level of government that we are learning about: either Federal, Provincial, or Municipal.  Government ( no matter what level) is a HUGE topic, so we are narrowing it down and looking at only the “legislative” branch of each.  Resources & Links / Research ResourcesUsing our guiding questions, several videos on Teams, and “google”, we should be able to find out quite a bit about the level of government each of us is responsible for.  Remember, your notes are due next Thursday… and those will be your ticket to starting your power point presentation.   The goal is that everyone is starting their power point in class next week.

Finally, we have started to work on some Digital/Media Literacy studies. This week we explored a little bit about Cyber-bullying. It is so important to understand that Cyberbullying is a type of bullying and involves the use of technology to intimidate, hurt or humiliate someone. Stop bullying conceptCyberbullying can happen on social media, in texts, emails, and even websites or gaming platforms. Cyberbullying can include: sending cruel or threatening emails / messages. We want you all to be aware of how vulnerable you can be online and to understand the dangers lurking behind the screens. Next week, we are going to focus more on using technology wisely and learning how to navigate the internet safely and efficiently, especially when trying to complete work for school.

Your Blog Response Question for this weekend is…….Stop school bullying poster. Phones and fingers pointing at schoolboy surrounded by laughing bullies. Colored flat vector illustration. Vertical Stop school bullying poster. Phones and fingers pointing at schoolboy surrounded by laughing bullies. Colored flat vector illustration. Vertical. Poster stock vector

What are 3 actions you can take to be an “Upstander” instead of a “Bystander” if you or someone you know is experiencing cyber-bullying?

Cleaning things up!

This week has been all about “Cleaning things up”.clean-up-toys-clipart-clean - Saint Peter the Apostle Saint ...

It all began with Earth Day on Monday where we spent some time thinking about how important our earth is and how we need to keep it clean Earth Day Clip Art Images - Free Download on Freepikand healthy so it can keep providing us with so much. It was great to celebrate Earth and show it some well deserved gratitude!

Reader's Theater! | Jayanna's Blog

We presented our  Earth Day reader’s theatre plays On Thursday to a Mrs. Wilson’s and Ms. Allen’s classes.  They provided us with feedback on our performance in each scene and focused on our oral language skills.  Presenting to an audience of your peers is not easy and we are so proud of you for being courageous and stepping out of your comfort zone to do that!  Well done Div. 6.  Average Formula: Uses, Calculation in Excel & Calculator | EDUCBAWe used the data those classes gave us to learn about “averages” and how to calculate them.   In partners we calculated the averages from 5 sets of feedback.  Then we took those averages to determine what the final average was from ALL of the feedback provided.  It took some calculating, but we had fun figuring it out!

We moved on to cleaning up and reviewing our fraction and decimal work with the Grade 5’s. We had our unit test on Wednesday which seemed to go well for most of you and so now,Grades 3-5 Math Clip Art we will be moving on to Measurement and Geometry starting next week!

Next, we worked on typing up and editing our Extreme Environment Essays to get them ready for publishing. You took your drafts home on Wednesday and it is my hope that you will all have them handed in by Friday night or Saturday at the latest! While you are working on them at home, it is a great idea to have an older sibling or parent have a read through your work. 950+ Essay Writing Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...Our best editors are usually those who have no idea about your topic or your assignment. A sign of a well written essay will be that they can read through it easily (because there are no errors) and that they understand what you wrote. If they stumble or have questions, that is a sign that you should make some changes in order to “clean it up”.

Poetry Poster Pack: Diamante, Haiku, Cinquain, Acrostic, and Shape /  ConcreteAlong the lines of some other writing, we learned a new poem this week as well!  The Diamante poem is a 7 line poem around antonyms ( opposites).  To kick us off , we did another word sort using pairs of antonyms… but ones that were more abstract.  Pairs such as “hero/villian”; “wealth/poverty”;  “determination/apathy”.  As a class, we wrote a Diamante using the antonyms “reality and fantasy” as our anchor words.  This sparked our creative juices as we continued to write our own poems.

Social Studies Grade 6 Alberta - YouTubeOur new Social Studies unit is focusing on our government.   This week we watched a video about the 3 levels of government in Canada: Federal, Provincial/Territorial, and Municipal.  Next week we’ll dive into those a bit deeper.  The technology we’ll be using to share what we learn is Power Point.  Power Point icon, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Microsoft Office  Microsoft Word, MS Powerpoint transparent background PNG clipart | HiClipartIn our randomly created triads, we have been creating a mini- ( 5 slide) power point to show what we know how to do using this platform.  Most of the us have created power point presentations before so this was just a “refresher” before we embark on the actual project.

Puberty Boys: Over 928 Royalty-Free Licensable Stock ...Finally, we had some long discussions about how important it is to stay clean during puberty. We discussed the changes that happen to our body when we experience puberty like; increased sweat, overactive oil glands, acne, and of course,Puberty Vector PNG, Vector, PSD, and Clipart With Transparent Background for Free Download | Pngtree menstruation. It is important to remember that personal hygiene routines are super important when you are experiencing so many changes in your body. Next week, we will move on to discuss the science behind our reproductive organs and what jobs each part plays in the cycle of life. We were very pleased how well you handled our discussions this week because we know it can be quite embarrassing to talk about our bodies so openly. You all asked some really great questions and a lot of you already know what to expect, which is great!

Group Leaving Cards - sad to see you goSadly, we had to say good-bye to Radin as he is moving to North Vancouver.  We will certainly miss him in Division 6… but we also know that his new classroom will enjoy his presence and energy just as much as we have here.   We hope your transition into your new class is smooth and you enjoy your time in your new school as much as you have enjoyed your time at Brentwood Park! Good luck Radin!


This weekend’s blog response question is this:  

A book has 8 chapters.  Ch.1: 14 pages. Ch 2: 22 pages, Ch.3:  12 pages, Ch.4: 17 pages; Ch.5: 25 pages, Ch.6 19 pages, Ch. 7: 20 pages and Ch. 8: 15 pages.

What is the AVERAGE number of pages in each chapter?

Have a wonderful long weekend Division 6! Monday is a Pro D Day! 

Mrs. Gil and Mrs. Davis



Ready, Set, Conference!

Student Led Conferences (Friday, April 20th) – St. Paul School WebsiteThis week was all about getting ready for our Student-Led Conferences that took place on Thursday afternoon.  Preparing for these takes some time and included  reflecting on yourself as a reader, writer, mathematician, as well as how you are doing in terms of behaviour and work habits.  In addition to that, you pulled a variety of work samples representing Pride, Improvement, Perseverance, and Creativity.  We know that there were probably several samples for each category, but narrowing those down and choosing only one or two can be challenging.  Finally, you set goals for the last stretch of this school year, we provided a goal for you, and then your parent(s) gave you one as well.   Beyond the portfolio package you created, you also toured our class, had your parents respond to our GOW question, and toured our store fronts. Educational Tour Stock Illustrations – 605 Educational Tour Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime It is always such a joy to watch you interacting with your family on these events.  We love seeing you take the lead and show your work with such confidence and pride.  Well done Division 6!  Parents, we hope that you enjoyed the showcasing of not only your child’s growth but also seeing some of what we in Division 6 have been up to this year!

Talking about Favourite Subject - Belong-Art-Math | PubHTML5Our Graph of the Week questions that we asked this week were “What was/is your favourite/ least favourite subject?”  We asked all the family members that came on Thursday to respond — and the students also answered this question too.  On Friday morning, when we recorded the responses, we discovered that Science was the parents’ favourite subject ( followed closely by Math). Initiative to make maths a 'favorite subject. | Breaking News 24x7 The students’ overwhelming favourite was Math.  Make Your Own Emojis | Emoji, Emoticon, Emoji faces

The surprise came when we counted the least favourite subject… and to our shock and dismay, both parents and students all indicated that Language Arts - Etsy CanadaLanguage Arts ( reading, writing, speaking) ranked on the bottom of the list.  Why??

Our week wasn’t completely about Student Led Conference preparation… we did do a few other things as well.  Robot Clipart For Your Project - Free Clip Art Robots - Free Transparent  PNG Clipart Images DownloadWe continued our extreme environment robot work and started a new unit in Social Studies.  73,100+ New Clipart Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics - Clip Art  LibraryIn partners, we sorted a set of vocabulary into 5 different categories.  Some words we knew, some we recognized, and some we were completely new to us.  After our sort, we predicted what we were going to be learning about.  Over the next weeks of school we’ll dive into this subject a bit deeper and embark on a mini research project.  Our learning will be showcased and presented using technology.

Emotion,Communication,Play PNG Clipart - Royalty Free SVG / PNGFinally, our Jump Rope for Heart fundraising campaign kicked off on Friday. We are trying to raise funds in support of the heart and stroke foundation.  Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada - WikipediaWe watched some inspiring videos of what skipping can include — and how challenging a sport it is!  Over the next weeks, we’ll be doing a bunch of skipping practice as we gear up for the school wide event in May.  What skills will you try to learn?

Your blog response this weekend has 2 questions:  

  1. Why do you think Language Arts is the least liked subject for both parents and students?  
  2. Have you ever created a Power Point presentation?  If yes, when and what was it about?  

Have a fantastic weekend Division 6.  Mrs. Davis will be here on Monday!

Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Gil


Total Eclipse or Total Miss?

We saw all kinds of weather this week, but unfortunately, we were unable to see the eclipse on Monday, w936 Solar Eclipse Cartoon Images, Stock Photos, 3D objects ...ith all the cloud cover and rain, we missed catching a glimpse of the rare solar eclipse however, we did watch some live footage to make us feel more a part of what was meant to be a very special event.

Clip Art: Solar Eclipse Phases Color I abcteach.com

While the weather has been very busy, so have we! This week we were working a lot on our ongoing projects. At the start of the week, 2,300+ Kid Entrepreneur Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free ...we had time to finish up our storefronts and prepare for our shopping days with the grade 4/5 classes. We are very impressed with most of your groups as the creativity and style of the storefronts were really eye catching! Grocery store Retail Free content, cartoon grocery store ...All of your hard work really paid off on Wednesday and Thursday when we welcomed all the Grade 4/5 classes to come shop!  Everyone who came enjoyed seeing your creations and many people purchased your products! 304 Little Girl Holding Shopping Bags Stock Vectors and ... After the two days of customers from other classes, we decided that we wanted to have a private, “in-house” shopping event as well.  Stores opened one last time and you all had a chance to shop at each others’ stores.  That was lots of fun!

Profit and Loss | Formulas, Definition, Tricks, and ExamplesFollowing all the shopping, we spent some time calculating the success of our stores and whether or not each  business made a profit or suffered a loss.  For those businesses that made money, congratulations!  For those of you who didn’t, don’t be discouraged… many businesses start off a bit rocky before they start seeing a profit.  If You Want Things To Be DIFFERENT, You Need To Do Things ...What’s important is what you learned and the how you apply that to the future when/if you have a similar challenge. We hope you enjoyed this project– regardless of how your business did– we certainly did!  Our stores will stay here at school until the end of next week so that parents can see all of the businesses during our student led conferences on Thursday.

We also spent much of the beginning of the week continuing to work on outlining and writing the body paragraphs for our Extreme Environment Robot essays.  For many of you, having a detailed outline really helped you to focus your writing and stay on track. Many of you struggled with writing topic sentences. 5 Secrets of an Essay Outline Only a Handful of People Know | Techno FAQWe had some conferences so you could have some one on one time to try to better understand how to write them. We really want all of you to understand that the topic sentence is the sentence in the paragraph that gives your reader  the general topic and also the main idea, or what the paragraph is trying to say about the topic. The other sentences in the paragraph are meant to provide supporting facts and evidence to support your thinking. Next week, we are going to learn how to write Introductory and Conclusion paragraphs for essays. If you have not already completed the body paragraphs in class, do not forget to work on them this weekend so you are ready to move on next week!

Our creative poetry writing continued this week with the introduction of the Cinquain poem.  Cinquain PoemsCinquains are  five line poems that  also follow a particular formula.  Not only do they use syllables, but each line also has to adhere to specific parts of speech as well.  Nouns, adjectives, verbs, are all part of this poem following a 2,4,6,8,2 syllable pattern.  Whew! Lots to remember, but, we’re having a great time figuring it all out!

In the gym this month, we have the Trestle Tree equipment set up.Gymnastics Equipment: Over 39,744 Royalty-Free Licensable ... In our gym times, we have been exploring bars, ropes, mats and Bosu balls. When at each station, you are all working on different skills.  Some of you are trying out new ways to roll and balance while others of you are trying hard to get to the top of that rope! A lot of our gymnastics unit has to do with controlling our body movements, strength, agility and safety of course. We are always watching how you move on different pieces of equipment and paying close attention to how you challenge yourself to try new movements. We have a few more weeks with the equipment so make sure you are thinking ahead to what you want to work on most, the next time we are in gym!

Looking ahead to next week, there is a spirit day on Wednesday. It is called “Lucky Day”!  Everyone is encouraged to dress in green and participate in the fun activities leading up to the day.Lucky Day Heading Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - Luck, Day, Clip Art There is a “Guess the jelly beans” jar and a “Match” game where students are asked to match teachers to the lucky items on the display board outside the library. On the day of the event, we will be playing school wide bingo as well.  It is going to be a fun week for sure!

Your Blog Response Question for this weekend is……..

Do you have an item that you consider “LUCKY”? Lucky Charm Patricks Day Hand Lettering Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - St. Patrick's Day, Luck, Good Luck Charm - iStockWhat is it and what makes it lucky for you?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Gil

Welcome April!

14,200+ Hello April Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...Can you believe that Spring Break is already over and we’re heading into the final stretch of this school year?  Wow– time sure is flying by– especially since we’re having so much fun!  Getting back into the early morning and school routine is tough, but after a slower start on Tuesday, we found our rhythm and are now back in the swing of life in Division 6!

Free: Child Thinking Mentoring Kids To Become Entrepreneurs ...Our big focus this week is preparing for our Entrepenuer Fair next week.  Our store fronts need to be created as well as some advertising for the classes that have been invited to come.  We also created receipts for our customers so that they have a record of any purchases they make.  Grand Opening Stock Illustrations – 12,666 Grand Opening ...Our GRAND OPENING will be on Wednesday, April 10th with Mr. Peters and Ms. Allen’s classes being our first customers.  On Thursday (April 11th)  we’ll have one more day of shopping and will be visited by Ms. Wilson’s and Mrs.Willis’ classes.  Depending on our product supply, we may even be able to have a private day of shopping just for us. 1,200+ Counting Boxes Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free ... Remember, our class time is now focused on store creation; however, if you want to continue to create products AT HOME, you are more than able to do that.  We will have a LOT of people coming to shop, so having a good inventory of your stock is a good idea!

Illustration Graphic Of Earth Day 2024This month, we’re learning and practicing an EARTH DAY reader’s theater play. The class has been split in half and each person has a part in a particular “scene” of the play.  You have taken home your script to practice it a bit over the weekend.  Readers theater introduction | TPTMemorization is not expected… although it would be a wonderful goal to reach.  Focus more on HOW you speak: the expression you put into your lines, the volume and clarity with which you deliver your lines, and your pacing.   We’ll keep practicing next week in your groups.


Haiku Anchor Chart | Poetry ideas, Poetry lessons, Haiku poetryWe’ve embarked on a poetry writing project and are creating a collection of different types of poems.  Poetry is a style of writing that tells a story using powerful words, phrases, and focuses on the “big picture” that is being painted or ideas that are being conveyed.  Different poems follow a particular formula or criteria as well.  Our first poem is the Haiku.  We have been having fun working together to create these short , but powerful 3 line poems that follow a 5-7-5 syllable structure.

If the World Were 100 People: A Visual Guide to Our Global Village: McCann, Jackie, Cushley, Aaron: 9780593310700: Books - Amazon.caWe’ve started part 3 of “If the World Were 100 People” graphing lessons and this week’s question focused on hunger around the world.  “How many people have enough to eat?”.  We’re very fortunate to be in the category of having enough to eat… but, sadly, still a pretty big segment of humans  do not have enough food.

Baby Boy Clipart Images | Free Download | PNG Transparent Background -  Pngtree


Your blog response this weekend is about the big announcement Mrs. Davis made on Friday morning… there’s a new member of the family! What is his name?  



Good-bye March!

And just like that……..we will not be back at school until April! Wow, time sure is flying by.Goodbye March, Hello April! via Loving Them Quotes

We want to wish you all a wonderful and restful few weeks off. We hope you all have a chance to enjoy some Spring weather and maybe even do a little exploring. Whether you are staying close to home or heading off on a holiday, make sure you get outside and have some fun!

As we say good-bye to March, we wanted to give you a heads up on some things happening in April that you can all look forward to. Most importantly, we will be seeing Mrs. Davis back on her usual days! We cannot wait to have her back! On our calendar this month you will see:

  1. Track and Field- some of you signed up for this school sport 2,400+ Kids Track And Field Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art - iStockand practices will be starting the first Wednesday back, April 3rd at 8am. We will practice every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 am for the whole month.


Progress Reports will be going home on760+ Child Report Card Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free ... Thursday, April 4th. We hope you enjoy sharing all your progress and celebrate your successes! You have all worked very hard.


Children's Business Fair draws 22 entries | The Voice of LaSalle County since 1952!Our Entrepreneur Sale will be taking place April 10th and 11th. We will be inviting Grade 4/5 classes to come in and shop and hopefully all your creations will sell out. Because we had plenty of time to build our products in class, it is expected that our first week back after the break will be spent preparing our store fronts, creating price lists, preparing any advertising, and maybe even creating some receipts to track our progress.

Family Movie night is a Grade 7 fundraiser happening on Movie Clipart, Movie Night Clip Art, Popcorn Clipart, Movie ...Friday, April 12th at 7pm here in the school gym. Are you going to attend?

Student Led conferences will be happening the afternoon and early evening of Thursday April 18th. We will be preparingStudent Led Conferences - Thursday, November 1, 2018 4pm ... for our parents to visit and we are sure they are going to enjoy seeing all that you have done and do here in the classroom everyday!


Phew, April is looking to be another fabulous month for us. We hope you are as excited as we are. Recharging Energy: Over 114,772 Royalty-Free Licensable ...The next few weeks are sure going to help us refuel and recharge before what is turning out to be a fun and exciting, third term!

For your blog response today, just let us know you have read the blog with your parents by sending a quick “YES” in this weeks blog response homework page.

Once again, we wish you a fabulous break! See you all again in April.

Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Gil

Hello March!

From Mrs. Davis:   Division 6, by now Mrs. Gil has told you that I will not be at school again until after Spring Break, due to some family matters.  Elderly care Illustrations and Clip Art. 18,686 Elderly care - Clip Art LibraryMy father is elderly and lives alone.  He has a brain disease called Dementia and up until very recently, the help I was providing him was enough and he was managing quite well.   Unfortunately, things have changed suddenly and he needs much more help now.  There are several things that need to be done to best support him and it takes time to set those up.  I'm so Grateful, Grateful PNG Files for Sublimation Printing, Grateful Png, Grateful Clipart, Hand Drawn Png - Etsy Canada I am so grateful to Mrs. Gil for stepping into the four days that I will be missing  so that you don’t have a TOC in my place.  Thank you Div. 6 for your understanding.   I look forward to seeing you again in April when we all come back after Spring Break.

We are sad to hear about what Mrs. Davis is going through right now and we are missing her for sure. Even though we are sad to hear about what she is going through right now, we still have lots of work to do. With mixed emotions,Mixed Emotions Stickers for Sale | Redbubble we managed to soldier on and get some things done. It is almost Spring Break and so we are trying to wrap up some things so we can have a fresh start in April. We have been researching about Extreme Environments in Science by reading non-fiction texts and pulling out important ideas and details for note taking. In Math, we continued to explore how fractions are related to decimals. Finally, we spent a lot of time working on our ADST projects, creating products for our stores.

We had a short visit with our buddies this week where we helped them practice writing numbers and adding. It was so fun to watch you engage with them and help them work on their number sense. They adore you all so much! After Spring Break, Ms. Di Spirito and I have a fun building challenge activity you will work on with your buddies so there is lots more fun to come!

In Science groups, we researched about Deep Oceans, Volcanos, Polar Regions, Deserts, and Space. You worked together to read, unpack, take notes and think critically about the challenges of living and/or exploring each of the environments.DP Geography: 1. The Characteristics of Extreme Environments Now that you have some background knowledge about each place, you are going to be asked to choose the one that most interests you. Using that environment as a guide, you are going to create a Robot that can help us survive exploring that environment. This is your chance to think creatively about all the challenges faced in the environment you choose and come up with some ideas about how someone could safely research there. This is where critical thinking and creative thinking come together in a very fun way!

In Math, we have been working on our understanding of decimals as they relate to fractions. Decimal Places Royalty-Free Images, Stock Photos & Pictures ...Specifically, we have been going back to our understanding of place value and are now able to see the relationship between 1/10 (one tenth) and .01 (one tenth). Fractions Clipart - Fractions, Decimals, Percentages - NUMERICAL NOTATIONIt is becoming clear now how each unit of mathematics we study this year builds on what we have learned in the past. The relationship between whole numbers, place value, and fractions is becoming quite clear now and all of you are really getting the hang of it! After Spring Break, we will be moving into working on operations with decimals.

You have had 3 hour long blocks to work on your entrepreneurship products with your partners this week and you will have about the same next week. It always impresses us how you are all so focused and hard working during these work periods. On the horizon, you will need to have ALL PRODUCTS completed by the time we get back to school on April 2nd. At that point, we will have four class periods to prepare for the sale. The sale will be held April 10 and 11th and we will be inviting the 4/5 classes to come to the sale. To prepare for those two days, we will be asking you to create price lists, receipts, advertising and a “Store Front”.Science Fair Tri Fold Examples - YouTube ****Reminder to parents and students, a tri-fold poster board which can be found at a local dollar store is required for each store. The students should have included this in their operating budget and should be here NO LATER than April 2nd. We can see you are all excited for the sale and so are we. Your products are all turning out wonderfully!

Track and Field will be starting up for our school team. All grade 4- 7 students have been invited to join if they would like. Kids Running Track Stock Illustrations – 237 Kids Running ...A meeting was held on Friday at lunch and all interested students should be bringing home a notice with more information about future practice and meet dates.


The countdown is on……. Spring Break is only a week away.  Next Thursday is another school spirit day and the theme is “The 90’s”90s Stock Illustrations – 120,378 90s Stock Illustrations ... and Progress Reports will be going home later next week as well. 150+ Clip Art Of A Student Report Card Stock Illustrations ...Lots to look forward to Division 6!

Your Blog Response for this weekend is………

  1.  What Extreme Environment are you most interested in exploring?

               2)  3 reasons why you find it so interesting.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Gil



A Treat for Mrs. D…

So Pleased | Symbols & EmoticonsThis week was a special week for all of us!  Mrs. Gil is celebrating with her family for an extended holiday and while she was away, I got to step in for the whole week!  It sure was a treat to start and end the whole week with you all Division 6! The best part is that it’s not over yet– I’ll be back for Monday and Tuesday next week too!  Mrs. Gil will be back on Wednesday the 28th and then we’ll be back to our regular schedule as we move into March.

4-day Work Week Symbol. Concept Words 4-day Work Week On Wooden Blocks On Beautiful White Background. Businessman Hand. Copy Space. Business And 4-day Work Week And Short Workweek Concept. Stock Photo, PictureEven with it being a short week, we sure packed it full of a bunch of learning!  Our Viola Desmond test got finished and we also completed our term reflections.  Both of these were started last week, but had to be paused as we weren’t finished by the end of Thursday.  777,900+ Reflection Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector ...Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Gil will be starting progress report writing so those reflections are really important.  Thanks for being thoughtful Division 6 in not only what you want to highlight as successes these past months, but also in the goals you set for yourselves as we move into the final months of the school year.

Black History in Canada - Canada's HistoryOur study of discriminatory policies in Canada and how minority groups were treated hasn’t ended just yet.  Viola Desmond and the black community was only one of the groups that wasn’t treated equally back when Canada was becoming a nation.  We read an article called “Not Wanted” in the KAYAK magazine and discovered a few shameful situations in Canada’s past… and one area that was VERY CLOSE to home… can you remember which area that was and what was “legal” at the time? Righting Canada's Wrongs: The Chinese Head Tax and Anti-Chinese Immigration Policies in the Twentieth Century : Chan, Arlene: Amazon.ca: Books  Our study is now focused on how Asian immigrants were treated– and it is very disturbing and shocking to think that Canada once held the views it did.  Considering how many people of Asian descent now live here, it says a lot about how strong they were, are still, and continue to be given the treatment they endured.


Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions Conversion | by Math Tutor | Medium

In Math we learned what the difference is between proper, improper, and mixed fractions.  A proper fraction is when the numerator is LESS than the denominator.  An improper fraction is when the numerator is GREATER than the denominator.  Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Explained! - YouTubeWhen this happens, the fraction needs to be converted into a mixed fraction which is made up of a WHOLE number and a proper fraction.  We played “Six Pies for Sale” as a way to practice this as well as some worksheet work to help us learn how to convert one type of fraction to another.

267 Start My Own Business Images, Stock Photos, 3D objects, & Vectors | ShutterstockOur big ADST/Careers project is underway!  This week you chose business partners and have signed a contract committing to a number of conditions and agreements as you move forward in business together. Circle icon clip art contract deal partnership illustration finance business 18869400 Vector Art at Vecteezy You also presented a business proposal  outlining the products you wish to create for sale in your store.  Now it’s time to collect your supplies, shop ( if you need to) and bring your materials back to school.  Your first “creating” time will be on Tuesday afternoon.  There will be several opportunities to work on this in class over the next few weeks.

This leads perfectly into your BLOG RESPONSE for this weekend:  Firstly, go over the business agreement you signed and have your parent(s) sign it as well.  This is just to show that they are aware of our project and what your responsibilities are. Bring this back to school on Monday. 

Then answer the following questions as your blog response: 

My business is selling the following products:  

Are you a monopoly? Explain why:

If you aren’t a monopoly, how many other businesses are you in competition with?  

Have a wonderful weekend Division 6!  See you on Monday!Drumright Head Start - We're sad Spring Break is coming to an end but can't wait to see you Monday! | Facebook

Mrs. Davis  and Mrs. Gil ( from a beach in Mexico) Beach Summer, sun, waves, and cozy beach chairs under umbrella beach umbrella stock illustrations



Fabulous February Flying by…

As we race our way towards spring, February seems to be flying by and with two short weeks in a row, a professional day Friday followed by Family Day on Monday. Before you know it we will be in March! This term is winding down and that means it is almost time for us to send home another progress report to familiesTime Flies clipart images and royalty-free illustrations .... It is very important to check in on ourselves and see how we are growing and changing as students. It is important to celebrate our successes and set goals for the future. Goal Setting Cliparts, Stock Vector and Royalty Free Goal ...We know you have all been working hard on the goals you created at the end of last term so its time to think about how far you have come.

We have worked really hard exploring a number of topics this term. In Math, we have been focused on understanding fractions in Grade 5. You should all be able to compare and order fractions, create equivalent fractions, and solve word problems using pictures and calculations.a poster with fractions, fractions and percentages We had a check-in quiz on Wednesday and it is clear to us you have all improved in your understanding of fractions over the past few weeks. Next up, we will be exploring how to convert fractions into decimals and how fractions are really just division!

Family Day Stock Illustrations – 195,797 Family Day Stock ...Our GOW for this week surrounds the long weekend. The question was, “If you could plan a Family Day weekend, what three activities would you choose to do?”  There were lots of options to choose, but the one that most of the class chose was doing a winter sport ( skiing, snowboarding, skating, or sledding).  I wonder if you asked your family this weekend if they would consider one of your plans this weekend?  This GOW was sent home for homework… due on Tuesday for those of you who didn’t get it done at school.

We also had our Viola Desmond quiz on Thursday.  We had to explain how certain images ( that we used in our mini-books) connected to Viola’s life story. School Clipart - chalkboard_test_today - Classroom ClipartAs we were deeply concentrating and focused, a surprise  fire drill interrupted our train of thought— which was very tough to get back when we came back inside. Rainham Central PS on X: "First fire drill of the school ... Add to that the excitement of having 4 days off… let’s just say that we will need a bit more time on Tuesday to finish that quiz.

We wrapped up our Laws of Motion unit by working with partners on an experiment to answer questions of our own making. You were all required to write a question, bring in materials, write a procedure, collect and record data, write a conclusion. Friction Experiment - DIY Friction RampBasically, you all conducted your own experiments from start to finish and they turned out great. In the end, you were asked to explain why your findings are useful in the real world. This means that you had to think about the application of your discovery. This activity was science at its best! It was fun watching you all explore, discuss and discover.Extreme environments Vectors & Illustrations for Free ... Coming up for the next term, we are going to talk about Extreme Environments, have you studied this topic before? What environments do you think would be considered ‘extreme’.

On Valentine’s Day we celebrated by exchanging cards and treats (thank you to all of you who brought in things to share with classmates) and we added some “love” themed work throughout the day.Valentine Hedgehog, Clipart Bundle, 11 High Quality JPG, Digital Downloads, valentines watercolor, valentine clipart, classroom valentines image 2 In Literacy, In the dog house idiom illustration Stock Vector Image & Art ...we learned about heart and love idioms and explored some figurative language related to love as well.  We had fun with Valentine themed word problems in math and even solved some valentine mysteries by finding patterns.Figurative Language | OER Commons Valentine’s day would not have been complete without some free time to enjoy each other’s company! It was a great day all around and we hope you enjoyed it too.

On the horizon, we have a short week

Your Blog Response this weekend is…

Family Day Clipart PNG, Vector, PSD, and Clipart With ...Family day dreams…  An activity I would love to do that might take a few hours or more is ___________________________.  Something that can be done at home and includes all of my family is _______________________________.  Finally, an activity that I have never done but would like to try is _______________________.

Have a wonderful EXTRA-LONG weekend Division 6!  See you on Tuesday! 

Mrs. Gil and Mrs. Davis