Literacy Week!


Dress up as your favourite book
character to have fun and gain
points for your house team!

Click on the picture for some ideas!



All family members are welcome 
to join their kids in their classrooms
to enjoy a book together!
Brothers and sisters will be 
reading together in the younger siblings 

Flat Rishi’s Sikkim Adventures!

Flat Rishi’s adventures in Sikkim, India! Here are some pictures of Flat Rishi hanging out in Bagdora Airport, relaxing with the house dog Snow, in the Prayer Room, resting in the money plant and in the Himalayas with the Buddhist Prayer Stupa! What an incredible adventure!!
Click on the pictures for a better view

Flat Stanley Adventures Begin!

Flat-Stanley-AdventuresWe have been learning about continents and other map skills in class. Among them, we are learning how to locate our province, our country and other countries on maps & globes. The character Flat Stanley has inspired our current project. Click on the picture above to learn more!
Division 7 & 8 students have created their very own Flat Stanleys that are ready for adventure!  There are a couple different ways they can travel…

Mail Flat Stanley Around the World
Your Flat Stanley can be sent to a friend or relative that lives in another province, or one that lives in another country! Students are bringing home a letter that is sent along to explain the activity to friends or family members & one for them to return to our class. The recipient will be asked to return the traveller after a week or so with pictures of the Flat Stanley somewhere in their area and a postcard or artifact/souvenir if they are able. They may also email me the photos @

Take Flat Stanley on Your Family Vacation
Take pictures of your family with your Flat Stanley at landmarks and recognizable locations during your travels and if you are able to purchase a postcard &/or small souvenir it is definitely welcome! When you return email the photos to Ms. Watt @

When the Flat Stanleys return to school, we will plot their whereabouts on our map and share the information received with each other.
Our Flat Stanley project will continue throughout the year and we are all very excited about what we’ll learn about our world. Our own travels; letters, pictures and artifacts from our friends & family; and lastly through the research we do in the classroom, we will learn about the different places our Flat Selves travel to.

To see examples of other Flat Stanleys please click HERE to see a video made by the Canadian creator of the Flat Stanley Project!




Thank you to all the students who created questions to our Think Math answer this week:
The answer is 15 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. snowman-2
There were 20 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 5 got swept away. How many left? ~ Luke
There were 20 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 5 got scared and ran away. How many left? ~ Angelina
55 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 40 got tired. How many left playing? ~ Prabh
3 groups of 5 snowmen were playing in a snowstorm. How many in all? ~ Prabh
85 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 70 got banned. How many left? ~ Prabh
There were 40 snowmen. 25 got tired. How many left? ~ Luke
There were 18 snowmen playing. 3 snowmen got dizzy in the snowstorm. How many left? ~ Kaley
There were 50 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 35 got lost. How many left? ~ Avi
20 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 5 got hit by the giant snowball. How many left? ~ Avi
There were 3 groups of 5 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. How many in all? ~ Akash
There were 30 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. They were divided into 2 cities. How many in each city? ~ Akash
There are 10 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 5 more came to play. How many are playing? ~ Mairah
There are 25 snowmen playing. 10 got lost in the snowstorm. How many left? ~ Mairah
30 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 1/2 of them went back home. How many left over? ~ Crystal
There were 20 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 5 got lost. How many left over? ~ Kayden
30 snowmen playing in a snowstorm, but 15 melted. How many left? ~ Kaitlyn
There were 20 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. 5 fell down. How many left standing? ~ Shimer
14 snowmen playing in a snowstorm. Later 1 came. How many in all? ~ Shimer

IMG_5638Here’s this week’s answer! Good Luck Grade 3s! Remember there are as many different correct answers as there are students in our class! I can’t wait to share the answers next Tuesday!

Bring Water Bottles

Hello parents, our classroom sink has been shut off due to items being shoved down the drain, causing damage that needs to be repaired by a district plumber. Although I encourage students to always have water bottles with them at school, it is even more important now as trips to the water fountain can be disruptive during class time. Thank you!

Inside Days

On those rainy winter and spring inside days at Nelson we’ll be learning lots of ways to move our bodies to get some energy out. We started by borrowing some ropes and trying some Chinese jump rope! We had tons of fun, I don’t know about our friends in room 103… Click on the smiley for some pics!

I Like Winter Because…

Inspired by the start of winter, we brainstormed why this season is some students’ favourite! To see our writing and artwork, click on the YOUNG ARTISTS tab above! 

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Nelsonites! I hope everyone has had tons of fun over the past week celebrating the holidays & spending time with your friends & families! 148377-Animated-Merry-Christmas-With-SantaIt’s been a nice and relaxing time during Kennedy’s 3rd Christmas. After a quick trip to the aquarium, we jumped onto a ferry to Vancouver Island to stay with Kennedy’s Grandad and Grandma. She’s having lots of fun exploring local beaches and collecting rocks, shells and beach glass. She’s also reading lots of Christmas books and playing with gifts from Santa. Enjoy your 2nd week of winter holidays everyone and I can’t wait to hear about all your celebrations when we return in 2019! 
Click on the pictures for a closer look!

Christmas Ugly Sweater & Head Gear Day!

Smiley-7Click on NELSON SPIRIT DAYS above to see a sea of red & green! We wore our ugly Christmas sweaters and donned our antlers, Santa hats, elf ears, etc. to celebrate the start of the winter holidays.

Catching Snowflakes!

catching-snowflakes-smiley-emoticonCrossing our fingers & hoping for a white Christmas, we were inspired to do some winter artwork. To see some of our pastel art, Catching Snowflakes, click on the YOUNG ARTISTS tab above! More to come in January!