When I Grow Up…

We ended our year together looking into the future…CLICK for a closer look!

Our Last Day

Our last morning together…we watched a photo story of all of our fun we’ve had together over the last 10 months, signed autograph pages for each other and I shared one of my very favourite Dr. Seuss books, Oh, the Places You’ll Go.

A big Thank you to you and your families for sending your Flat Stanleysimages all around the world this year. It’s been so exciting having them return with pictures, mementos, postcards and so much great information about the places they visited. I look forward to receiving more when I return to Nelson in September. If you’ve still got yours, please take lots of pictures around town & in your travels abroad! If you’ve sent yours and do not have one, click HERE to print off another. I can’t wait to see all the places that you explore this summer!

Love you Division 8, have a TON of fun this summer and I can’t wait to see you all in the fall!  t4511Ms. Watt

Z is for ZOOM out of school & ZIP into summer!

Z ~ One last full and busy day together as 2017/18’s Division 8 Grade 2s & 3s before ZOOMING out of Nelson & ZIPPING into summer! We finished viewing our Two Truths and a Lie videos, took photos for an upcoming When I Grow Up… post and played one last Minute to Win It game, Face the Cookie.

After recess, Ms. Tsumori hosted us one last time and shared some delicious tea containing dandelion leaf, yarrow and stinging nettle, plants we have been learning are very important to the Indigenous people of BC. It was such a treat and most found it absolutely delicious, requesting seconds and thirds! 
We finished our morning full of fun with a balloon toss outside. Some of those balloons were indestructible! 

In the afternoon, we watched a touching Graduation Ceremony – Well done Mr. Morrison and Mr. Ing! I was honoured to present past students with citizenship awards and I hope to be presenting one to you in 4 or 5 years!
Click to see our fun! 

Y is for YIPEEE!!! …

Y ~ We celebrated the accomplishments of Nelson’s Intermediate students in the morning during the awards ceremony. Can’t wait to see you up there next year Grade Threes!
After lunch, we gathered with the whole school at Secret Park and had our last Literacy Celebration as we read with our friends in the sunshine.
Lastly, at the end of the day we had YIPPEE, it’s YEAR END free time!
Clickclicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticonfor photos!

X is for (e)XPLOSIONS

v11242hwigyX ~ Who doesn’t love eXPLOSIONS!?
We learned more about volcanic eXPLOSIONS  in the morning & then eXPERIMENTED with our own mini volcanoes in the afternoon!
Click bth_volcano1trto see our fun! 


W ~ WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE! One of Ms. Watt’s favourite books. After watching a video reading of Where the Wild Things Are we played a Jeopardy type game to test our knowledge of Maurice Sendak’s book.
Way to go Group 3 for your success!
Click on the picture to watch the video again!


V ~ VACATION from School at Suncrest Water Park! We spent our morning playing in the spray park, on the playground and relaxing on our blankets with our friends. Cool, windy weather unfortunately had us heading back to school after lunch, but we got a quick side visit with Ms. Lawder at South Slope.


Thank you to all the students who created questions to our Think Math answer last week:
The answer is 17 Sports Day stations. relay-race-smiley-emoticon
There were 5 stations. Sunny opened a station then the kids said, “We’re mad! Give us another one.” Then they got 1 more with criminals involved. Then 10 more opened because they were happy. How many in all? ~ Sunny

Way to go Grade 2s & 3s! What an awesome year of Think Math questions. I’ve had so much fun reading all the different questions from all of you! I can’t wait to share the questions to our summer themed Think Math answers next month!


U ~ We celebrated the sun by wearing our shades-animated-animation-shades-smiley-emoticon-000387-largeSUNGLASSES,
some more UNUSUAL than others!

We also created “What do you see yourself doing during the summer?” sunglass art!


T ~ 
We grabbed iPads today and created some fun stories about ourselves including Two Truths and One Lie. We had lots of fun watching them afterwards and guessing which one was the Lie. Great job today Division 8!
Click  to see our fun!