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On this website-blog, you will find a variety of activities to help support student’s English language learning from read-a-louds and stories to writing prompts. The easiest way to navigate this blog is to use the category tabs at the top of the page. To keep up to date when new activities are added, you can “subscribe” to this blog (look to the right of the page) by adding your name and email address.

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Continued Learning During Covid 19

This is a very challenging time for families, and teachers are doing their best to support continued learning.  For each family this will look a bit different.  Some people are home with their children and have time to work together on activities.  Some people have to continue to work and it can be difficult to complete assignments from school.  In some homes parents are working from home and there are not enough devices for everyone to do their work.  Please prioritize time spent enjoying things like walking in nature, playing games together, cooking together, dancing, and reading to your child in whatever language you are most comfortable.  We are expecting a range of participation in online learning and that is completely OK.

At this time the guidelines for time spent on continued school learning are

For Grades K-3: approximately 60 min total

For Grades 4-5: approximately 90 min total

For Grades 6-7: approximately 120 min total

This time is to be roughly divided between Social Emotional Learning, Language Arts, and Math

The activities that will be posted to this website are designed to be used instead of work assigned in class.  Please don’t feel like you need to do these activities in addition to the work already assigned by teachers.

If you have any questions for me or feel that your child requires support in a particular area please let me know.

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