Tips from the Pros

Welcome Back everyone! I am looking forward to the school year! To get the school year off on the right track Mr. Hunter and I have collaborated on creating Division 1’s first assignment this year to get us started on our 2017-18 learning journey!

First Collaborative Assignment:
Computer Tips from the Pros
Division 1 we will be creating a tips from the pros bulletin board that explains the programs and apps we will be using in our yearlong portfolio project about learning, but first we need to make sure everyone in our class understands what we will be using, this will help us to teach other classes this year. You will be working in partners to research and create a teaching presentation, with poster and icon to show how your topic works.
Topic Choices:
• Google Docs
• Google Drive
• Google slides
• Google Forms
• Snipping tools & Picture editor
• Hyperlinks
• Video editor
• Utube
• Digital citizenship
1. ART- You will need to recreate the icon on 4 x 51/2 Card stock paper using pencil crayons, marker, rulers.                                                                    /4
2. Art / Writing – a poster on 81/5 x 11 landscape white paper with your researched information so anyone reading will understand what you are explaining, (Use these questions to create your poster – what is it? What is it used for? Why is important?) this poster should be visually appealing and easy to understand and read from our class bulletin board.                                                                                   /4
3. Oral Presentation to the class – you will teach our class about this topic in a 3-5 minute oral presentation that will include a demonstration of how to use it. Remember to speak in a presentation voice so that your information flows.          /4

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