Current assignments October 17, 2018

1. Literature circle – onto the 3rd book (How do the characters demonstrated their character traits.)

2. Identity Speech – 3-objects check the critieria on the board
3. French learn the vocabualry number quizz next week, and skit spripts are due next Thursday
math – make sure you are keepin up with daily lessons

5. I A K Stories – pracitice reading

4. Its Drop Everything and Read Day celebration on Monday – where your pajamas and be prepared by having a choice book to read.

Friday September 21, 2018

Welcome Back Everyone!

Its has been a great week getting to know my new class and the parents during our intakes! We are off to a great start and are beginning our inquiry question:   Identity: “How does understanding who you are help you understand the world around you and your peers?” We will begin a literature circle unit next week that will be stories about identity.  Students are asked to discuss with parents how they were given their name. 

Current Homework:


1.Draw a self portrait  of yourself on the blank paper handed out in class. It can be a sketch, do the best you can and put it in your Reading Workshop Doutang.

2. Write a draft descriptive paragraph  that tells who you are and where you live.  Give details about your personality traits, remember the list we had in class.  What makes you unique and how do you feel about your uniqueness? (A paragraph is 5-7 sentences min,) Remember the story you read in class (Peacocks and Bandaids)

3. I.A.K. Writing package the first two pages are due Monday.  If you want to work on writing your story, please feel free to get started. 

4. Work on memorizing you times tables (1-4)

5. Up coming speech you will need 3 small objects that describe a bit about who you are.  I will have a bag for you to put them in next week that you will decorate.

Thank you 



Speech Competition

Congratulation to Anisa and Coralyn who will represent our school at the district semi finals. Congratulations to our grade 6 participants who will attend with our grade 7 representatives to support and learn for next year. I am proud of how hard our grade 6/7 students worked this year on their speech assignments and how they spent time asking questions and rewiriting drafts to share in class. Congratulations and I look forward to see how our students conitnue to grow in the area of speaking and presenting their thoughts and ideas.

Tips from the Pros

Welcome Back everyone! I am looking forward to the school year! To get the school year off on the right track Mr. Hunter and I have collaborated on creating Division 1’s first assignment this year to get us started on our 2017-18 learning journey!

First Collaborative Assignment:
Computer Tips from the Pros
Division 1 we will be creating a tips from the pros bulletin board that explains the programs and apps we will be using in our yearlong portfolio project about learning, but first we need to make sure everyone in our class understands what we will be using, this will help us to teach other classes this year. You will be working in partners to research and create a teaching presentation, with poster and icon to show how your topic works.
Topic Choices:
• Google Docs
• Google Drive
• Google slides
• Google Forms
• Snipping tools & Picture editor
• Hyperlinks
• Video editor
• Utube
• Digital citizenship
1. ART- You will need to recreate the icon on 4 x 51/2 Card stock paper using pencil crayons, marker, rulers.                                                                    /4
2. Art / Writing – a poster on 81/5 x 11 landscape white paper with your researched information so anyone reading will understand what you are explaining, (Use these questions to create your poster – what is it? What is it used for? Why is important?) this poster should be visually appealing and easy to understand and read from our class bulletin board.                                                                                   /4
3. Oral Presentation to the class – you will teach our class about this topic in a 3-5 minute oral presentation that will include a demonstration of how to use it. Remember to speak in a presentation voice so that your information flows.          /4

Friday June 2 Computer Lab Asignments

Hi Class,

Hope your all doing well this morning!  Just wanted to say how much I liked the talent show and I am pleased with the number of people who stepped up to help out for set up, clean up and your participation during the show.  Thank -you!

Friday lab time Priority is:

#1 Please print good copies of you poems to the photocopier in the office, I am still missing a few and would like to work on the covers today and your poetry self-evaluation later in class. Please make sure you have and About The Author Page and a Title Page.

#2 Check last weeks blog post for your two blog post assignments on Roy Henry Vickers and Scratch.

#3 Using our school library on-line resources find out 5 pieces of information about Ancient Greece to help increase your background knowledge on this Ancient Culture.  You will then write your information on long strips of paper provided by your teacher for further discussion in class.


Friday Assignments

Good Morning,

Here are your assignments for your Friday computer lab time:

#1 Check the Blog Post Assignment Check list on my blog to see what your missing and complete this list.

#2 If you are finished all blog post you have 2 new options for posting today both must done (no not today….. but soon)

Option #1:

Find a Roy Henry Vickers picture that you like and then create blog post that links to it and explain what you like about it, what elements of art you see in it and what you think the message in the picture is if there is one.

Option #2:

Create a Scratch Animation of your name and embed it on your eportfolio.

Thank you for your focused attention on your work!

Ms. B & Mr. H

Blog Post Assignment Check List



  1. Welcome to my blog post introduce yourself
  2. My favorites
  3. Best learning self
  4. Poem in the pocket why you chose this one
  5. Career day
  6. Camp Zajac
  7. Thumbs up
  8. Spine Poem
  9. 6/7 year end poem

Extra add-ons

  1. Challenge Program and movie you made
  2. Random likes – make sure to give a title and tell why -give reason
  3. Explore Customizable settings
  4. Ask your peers for help on how do things like hyperlink, post a picture, change backgrounds etc.
  5. Use proper punctuation and grammar this is still important

Plant Fundraiser Due Now

Division 1 and 2 students remember to put your plant fundraiser order online througth our school website cash on-line link by Monday April, 24 2017.

Also please remember to bring Ms. Borgenstrom as hard copy of your order so I can make sure I have put in the right number of plant orders.