Friday June 2 Computer Lab Asignments

Hi Class,

Hope your all doing well this morning!  Just wanted to say how much I liked the talent show and I am pleased with the number of people who stepped up to help out for set up, clean up and your participation during the show.  Thank -you!

Friday lab time Priority is:

#1 Please print good copies of you poems to the photocopier in the office, I am still missing a few and would like to work on the covers today and your poetry self-evaluation later in class. Please make sure you have and About The Author Page and a Title Page.

#2 Check last weeks blog post for your two blog post assignments on Roy Henry Vickers and Scratch.

#3 Using our school library on-line resources find out 5 pieces of information about Ancient Greece to help increase your background knowledge on this Ancient Culture.  You will then write your information on long strips of paper provided by your teacher for further discussion in class.


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