Current Assignments April 18, 2017

Hi Division 1, 

I was impressed with the way you were figuring out how to create and post in your blogs today. I saw cool ideas and links today.  I wanted to remind you of your current assignments so that you can plan your time wisely.

Current assignments in Division 1:

  1. Blogfolio favorites (see blog post below)
  2. French Assignment given today Carnaval poster advertisement (due next Tuesday April 25th)
  3. Career Assignment- keeping track of how you spend your time your should have 7 days in a row on your chart for us to analyse on Thursday April 20th
  4. Math 6 – begining unit 5 lesson 5.1 all questions due tomorrow and the Math dictionary of units words.
  5. Math 7 Beginning of unit 5 lesson 5.1 Practice 1-6 and Math Dictionary of unit words
  6. Art Assignment from last week rough Draft due Thursday April 20th -Bring to Library on Wednesday
  7. Study for Socials Studies quiz tomorrow Wednesday April 19th
  8. next month Lunch orders are due ASAP
  9. Remember to sell sell sell those plant orders to support our grade 6/7 activities!!!


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