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Package #9

Hello friends,

In this week’s package, you will find a book on the life cycle of a chicken, phases of the life cycle labelling sheet, a chick body parts labelling sheet, a coloring sheet, make a sentence worksheet, and some math measurement worksheets and journal. In your writing journal, we want you to write about something you learned this year at school. Try to write at least 3 sentences with proper uppercase letters, finger spaces, and periods at the ends. Continue to do your readings online at GetEpic ( and Raz-Kids (


For Math this week, we are learning about distance


Activity: How far can I jump?

  •  Put a piece of tape on the ground and jump as far as you can from the tape
  • Put a piece of tape on where you land
  • Do it 3 times


  • Measure it using non-standard units (Your foot steps)


  • Record your measurements

Which jump is the farthest from the starting point? Which jump is the closest to the starting point?

Our baby chicks!

They should hatch sometime this week! I will post some photos on our class blog and make sure you check the Instagram page for more photos. (

As always, message me if you have any questions or need help with anything!

Package #8

Hi friends,

After seeing the chicken eggs online, hope you are all excited to learn more about the life cycle of a chicken. This week in your package, you will find the life cycle of a chicken worksheets, chick facts worksheets, math measurement worksheets and make a sentence worksheets. There is also a measuring tape for you to use! In your writing book, we would like you to write about what you like to do outside on a sunny day. Try to write at least 3 sentences with proper uppercase letters, finger spaces, and periods at the ends. Make sure you’re going on GetEpic (password qme0040) and Raz-Kids to read more books on chicks and measurement.

For Math this week, we are learning about length and width and standard measurements:

Make sure you review these to understand the differences between height, length and width

Activity 1: Find 5 items in your house and arrange them from shortest to longest.


Activity 2: How many steps long? How many hands wide?

Pick a room or a space in your house. Use your steps to measure how long the room is.



Pick a window in your house. Use your hands to measure how wide the window is.



Activity 3: Using the measuring tape, we want you to measure the length of the 3 items you have chosen. Record your answers on the worksheet.


Life cycle of the chicken

Continue to write your observation in your journal, to see more photos of the eggs, make sure you check out Mrs. Lee’s Instagram page (

Work on the chick facts worksheet and the life cycle worksheet.

 An example:

As always, text or email if you have any questions or need help with anything.

Package #7

Hello friends,

In your package this week, you will find a self-evaluation sheet, a baby chick journal, some vocabulary worksheets (Yes! We are getting baby chicks on Tuesday. Stay tuned for photos!), some printing sheets, make-a-sentence sheets and some Math measurement worksheets. We are not sending anymore books in the packages, make sure you go on GetEpic ( password qme0040 and Raz-Kids ( to read books online.

For Math this week, we are starting our measurement unit:

  1. Watch this video of a story called, “How Tall” by Mark Weakland. (
  2. For activity, you’re going to measure your own height using the yarn and paper clips. See Ms. Lee’s (Mrs. Curtis’ teacher candidate)  photo examples (I am 55 paperclips tall.)
  3. You’re going to record your answer on the recording sheet. Then, try to find someone in your house to measure (you won’t have enough yarn for this, you will have to get your partner to lay on the floor and place paperclips beside them). Record and compare your answers. Who is taller?
  4. Complete the Math measurement detective worksheets

Make sure you follow these rules:


Directed drawings – Chick & Butterfly. Click on the links to find the instructions.



Here is Ms. Lee’s drawing. Send me a picture of your drawing or show me on Thursday when we have our class meetings!

Have a great week! Feel free to send us a text or email if you have any questions or anything you need help with!

Package pick-up #7

Hello friends!

Please come by the school on Monday June 1st between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm to pick up package #7.   Also, a reminder to return books in the big envelope with your name on it.   Check your MS Teams calendar for our next video chat.  It will be on Wednesday or Thursday.

Take care,

Mrs. Wong

Package pick up #6

Hello friends!

Just a reminder that Mrs. Curtis and I will be handing out package #6 tomorrow (Tuesday May 19th) from 10-2.   There will be a special treat too!  Also, remember to return all your books in your BIG envelope labelled with your name.

See you soon,

Mrs. Wong:)

Week #5

Welcome to another week!

You will notice lots of new things in your work packs this week. First, let’s start with what’s the same. You have 5 more letters to practice your printing, another colouring sheet, a subtraction sheet to use with your dice, and a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt. Remember to read all your books and write in your writing book. This week we’d like you to write about what you miss about school. Try to write at least 3 sentences with proper uppercase letters, finger spaces, and periods at the ends. I would like you to take a photo of your writing and send it to me by email so I can see what you’re thinking about.

Math is new this week. You have 5 Daily Math sheets to review math concepts we’ve already learned this year. Put your mathematician hat on and try to remember how to do everything! Also new is Build a Sentence. You need to cut out the words on the bottom of the paper, and move them around to figure out the sentence. Once you know, glue them down in order, then practice printing the sentence & draw a picture that matches it. Fun, right?

The really fun stuff is the science activities! We have real live caterpillars at home.  Right now they are little, about 1.5 centimeters long:

They live in this little container until they make their chrysalides:

The stuff you see at the bottom of the container is their food:

First, I want you to read about caterpillars. If you go to our GetEpic website (classroom code qme0040) you will find some books I have assigned for you to read in your mailbox.  “Creepy but Cool Caterpillars” is my favourite! You have a caterpillar anatomy sheet to do. Cut out the names of the caterpillar’s body, and glue them in the right spot to label the caterpillar. The other fun thing to do is to have a caterpillar race! You have 2 strips of construction paper & 2 straws. Watch this video to learn what to do, then race someone else!

Here are a couple science videos that are cool to watch:

How do germs get inside of your body? – Mystery Doug

Watch the video to discover the answer to “How do germs get inside of your body?” and don’t forget to vote for next week’s question!

How does hand sanitizer kill germs? – Mystery Doug

How does hand sanitizer kill germs? Watch the video to discover the answer and don’t forget to vote for next week’s question. There are mysteries all around us. Have fun and stay curious! This episode is locked Invite 5 or more friends and we’ll unlock all previous episodes as a thank you! Locked.

As always, send me a text or an email if you need help with anything!

Week #4

Hello again!

We were sssooo excited to see everyone who picked up their packages yesterday! It was nice to have a visit and see all your smiles again.  Have you enjoyed your bubbles yet?

We loved reading your letters. If you haven’t had a chance to write yet, you can do it this week and return your letter to school next time. 😊

This week you will notice that the word work and the daily math is the same as last week. You also have a new colouring sheet, more printing letters, and a Spring Scavenger Hunt.

This week in geometry we are moving from 2D shapes to 3D shapes. These are the shapes of things you use in real life. For example, an orange and a ball are both spheres. Can you think of other things in your house that are 3D shapes? Try making them with your toothpicks and Play Doh.



You will also have a template to make a cube. Cut it out, build it, and use it for the game inside your geometry booklet.

We gave you 2 new activities to do with your dice. One is an addition sheet, the other is a game to play with someone else in your family.

As always, there are 5 new books for you to read. This week we would like you to write about one of the books you read in your yellow writing book.  Everyone is doing such a great job at returning their books every week, it makes us very happy!

Also, Karin has been busy at home putting together activities for you to enjoy at home.  Check out her website:

Have a great week and remember if you have any questions or if we can support you in any way please, text or email and we will try our very best to get back to you!


Hi again,

Package pick up #4 is this Monday April 4th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Hope to see you!

Mrs. Wong 🙂


Package pick up #4

Hi Division 12!

Please return your 5 books in the BIG envelope with your name on it.  Pick up time will be 10:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Monday May 4th.   Mrs. Curtis and I will be there for a quick, “Hello!”

Hope to see you on Monday,

Mrs. Wong 🙂

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