Div. 9 Artists are in the Burnaby Art Gallery!

In the Fall, Division 9 completed a photography project that we presented to Ms. Lewis as a retirement gift. The photos had so much meaning that we decided to use them to create another art piece for the Burnaby Art Gallery Arts Alive exhibition. This year the theme was Connection, and who is a better “connector” than Ms. Lewis! We are so proud of our work!

If you would like to visit our art work in the gallery, please call to book a time slot. Here is more information about how you can book.  

Words Writing Contest Winners!

Every year, for the last 36 years, the Burnaby School District has recognized excellence in writing through the Words Writing Contest. This year, Division 9 submitted 6 pieces of poetry and prose. This takes a lot of courage to put yourself and your writing out there for others to read! I want to congratulate all of you who shared your talent for writing.

Two students in Division 9 had their writing chosen to be published in the 2021 Words Anthology! Congratulations to Luke and Chloe!  Here are their winning pieces:


        I slowly walk to the place I asked her to meet me. When she arrives, my mouth opens slowly and says, “will you be my girlfriend?” Then the moment I have wanted, her response… but she simply says “no” and walks away. I stand there for a split second. Then my heart drops and shatters like glass. Tears start streaming down my cheeks as she walks away. I start walking in the opposite direction with my eyes glued to the ground and tears dripping continuously. I walk home hoping my heart will heal fast knowing it will take some time.

By Luke Zhang

My Wish

I stagger toward my bed feeling like a car with no gas left. Not even a little. Suddenly I hear my big, bossy know-it-all sister hollering. “Sophia! Come help me with the dishes!”. That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. Tears stream down my face. I go downstairs to find mom. As usual she’s working in her office. Her face is lit by the computer screen. I rub my red eyes and go to my (special) closet. I always go there when I’m upset because there are pictures of my grandma there. I miss her soothing voice and her vanilla scent. I miss her warm hugs and inviting smile. I wish……I wish she was here right now.

By Chloe Song

Willy Wonka Worlds – The 2021 ADST Design Showcase

Over the past several years, Brentwood Park has held an ADST Showcase (ADST stands for Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies). We often use cardboard and recycled materials to create our projects. This year, the focus for our school was on the process of design. When we create different designs, we go through a process of

  1. Ideating – finding an idea, building on others’ ideas, and pursuing an idea to develop. Ideas can change through the process, and that’s okay!
  2. Making – we choose different materials and technologies to help us make things. In this project we used lots of cardboard and other recycled or art materials.
  3. Sharing – we share our designs with others and we think about our successes, challenges, and what we could change in the future.

Please come by our classroom window display to see our Willy Wonka World projects!

Make learning multiplication fun!

We have worked hard to learn our multiplication facts over the last few months. We are now moving on to learning division, which makes knowing our basic facts SUPER important!  Keep practicing your basic facts with these fun multiplication games. You will only need simple materials, such as a deck of cards or dice.

Pyramid (2 players)

Materials: Use a deck of cards with the numbers A to 10 (take out the face cards). A = 1

Goal: The goal is to get the highest number of points possible by finding the highest products.

How to play: Build a pyramid with 6 rows. The cards should be facing up.

Player 1 finds two “exposed” cards, then multiplies them together. The product is your point total for this round. Write it down on a white board. The next player(s) find their product, and writes their score on their white board.

Continue making the highest products. With each round, make sure you add your score to the previous one.

The person with the highest score at the end of the pyramid wins.


Multiplication War (2 players)

 Materials: Use cards A to 10 (take out the face cards). Deal out all of the cards. Keep them in a pile in front of you.  A = 1

Goal: Win all of your opponents cards.

How to play: At the same time each player flips 2 cards.

Multiply your two cards together. The person with the highest product wins all of the cards.

If both players have the same product, you have a “war”. Put two cards face down (so no one can see), then turn two cards face up. Whoever has the highest product this time wins all of the cards!

Keep going until someone has lost all of their cards.

Spoons (up to 6 players)

Materials: You need a deck of cards (A to 10) and some spoons. You need one less spoon than the number of players. You also need a white board and pen.

Goal: The goal is to make the target product on the board, and get a spoon before your opponents. The last person standing wins!

How to Play: Sit in a circle, put the whiteboard in the centre, and put the spoons around the outside of the board. Make sure you have one less spoon each round.

One player chooses a “target” number and writes it on the white board. It has to be a number that is a product of the numbers between A (1) and 10.

Deal 6 cards to each player. Your goal is to find 2 cards that can multiply to make the target number.

Pass one card to the left. Decide if you will keep it or give it away. Keep passing to the left until someone has the target number.

When you have the target number grab a spoon. The last person to grab a spoon is out!

*If no one gets the target number after 6 passes, choose one more card from the deck. Keep adding cards until someone gets the target number.

Tips for taking tests!

When you hear the word TEST, what goes through your mind?

Do you feel like

On Thursday, we will have our first test of the year in Math. I am not a big fan of tests. I get to know more about how you are learning and what you know from the many activities we do. But, learning how to be a good test taker is an important skill for us to learn throughout our years of schooling.

This is the list of test taking tips that you (Division 9) came up with…

Be a positive thinker!

  • Pretend it’s a regular math sheet – you’re just doing it in a quiet way, with no discussion or help from others
  • Think good thoughts – having a positive mindset can have a positive affect on your work
  • Tell yourself “I know I can do it” – be confident in what you know
  • Put in your best effort – even if some things are hard, do the very best you can
  • Move off the worries – when your mind goes to a bad place, bring it back to something positive or something you feel confident in

Use your strengths:

  • Spend time on the parts you are confident in – you do not have to go in order
  • use the strategies that work best for you


  • don’t allow yourself to get distracted
  • move away or put away anything that will make you distracted

Use your calming strategies (like deep breathing) if you are getting anxious

Don’t rush! Take your time – Ms. Willis will give you more time if you need it

Be prepared! 

  • review the things you don’t know or need some extra help with
  • ASK for help if you need it! Come see Ms. Willis, your parents, or a friend to explain something you’re not sure of

Still struggling? Please talk to Ms. Willis about your worries. Together, we will find a way for you to be successful!

Here is a little YouTube video with 5 Tips for Coping with Test Anxiety

Black Shirt Day

Today is Black Shirt Day – a day to commemorate the ongoing struggle for civil and human rights by Black and racialized Canadians.

I believe that anti-racist education starts with

a) understanding the meaning of important words such as racism, discrimination, and stereotyping so that we can recognize them in ourselves and others

b) operating from a place of kindness, respect, and understanding of both our similarities and differences as human beings.

Today we discussed some of these words and read a book called “Let’s Talk About Race”. There are many wonderful books in our library that we will continue reading and discussing in our class.

Here is a link to some video read-alouds from the Netflix Jr. Bookmark series.

Here is a link to a collection of Epic books that you can read as a family. Our class code is pgb1797.

Please continue these conversations at home. I am happy to help with any resources you may need.

We wish you well in your retirement Ms. Lewis!

This week, we had to say goodbye (or see you later) to our long time and beloved principal, Ms. Lewis. Each class had an opportunity to spend some time with Ms. Lewis. Division 9 has been learning about photography, so we put our skills to work and presented Ms. Lewis with a photo essay titled “Because of You”. Here is the work we created…

Because of You

Ms. Lewis, because of you, Brentwood Park is a place where…

Ms. Lewis, because of you Brentwood Park is a place where…

Ms. Lewis, because of you, Brentwood Park is a place where…

Ms. Lewis, because of you Brentwood Park is a place where…

We wish you a happy, healthy, and adventurous retirement Ms. Lewis!

Division 9 is spreading joy as holiday helpers

Perhaps no group of people has been affected more by Covid-19 than seniors citizens. Not being able to see family, socialize with others, or participate in recreational activities has a significant impact on the mental health of our most vulnerable people. Many senior citizens have been isolated during the pandemic, so we wanted to make sure we brought a little joy to the day of someone needing a pick-me-up.

This is the message from the coordinator of the Holiday Helpers campaign…

“What started as a project to get a couple hundred holiday cards made for the Holiday Helpers hampers resulted in more than 1,700 cards. Seventeen hundred!

Thanks to parents, teachers, and administrators spreading the word, 19 schools and programs participated. A huge thank you to the teachers, librarians, administrators, and office staff who helped organize on the school side.

The biggest thank you goes to the students who made these cards with so much care and love. The messages in the cards – even the ones with few words – were clear: We care about you; we love you; even though we can’t be with you, we have not forgotten you; and we’re all looking forward to the day when we can be together again”.

I would also like to add a thank you to Ms. Hickman who delivered our cards.

Thank you for spreading kindness and joy Division 9!

Thank you for “socking it to poverty”!

Our Sock It To Poverty drive was a huge success! Our class was very generous and helped to collect several pairs of socks, gloves, scarves and hats for people living on the Downtown East Side. Our school collected a total of 661 items that will be distributed to people in need! These gifts are so needed as we head into the winter months, and will go a long way to helping the homeless stay a little warmer. Thank you Division 9, and thank to Ms. Keeler, Ms. Davis and Ms. Hickman for organizing this drive.

We are still collecting for the local Food Bank this week. Let’s fill our box (actually, let’s OVERFLOW it!) with food for people in need.

Lest we forget

Yesterday was Remembrance Day. This week we have been talking about the significance of this day, and how we can honour those who have fought so that we can live a free and peaceful life.

The big questions that we discussed were:

Why do we continue to recognize Remembrance Day?

How can we show our respect for those who have fought for us?

Together, we worked on a collaborative poem. After watching a short video, we tried to use our senses to describe what the experience might have been like for the soldiers in World War I.  Then we tried to add powerful vocabulary to our poem. This is what we created all together.

We Remember

The smell of the gases of bombs diffusing

The commotion of explosions and people screaming in fear

Heartbroken, soldiers watched their friends collapse to the ground in horror

Feeling terrified and hopeless

Angry for their sacrifice.

Bright, blazing red poppies represent the soldiers

who fought for the freedom we have today.

Thousands of white crosses mark their friends lost in battle

We remember the souls that have passed in war.

~ By Division 9