Online/ Remote Learning Information & Expectations

• During this time there will be three primary methods of communication between myself and all of my classes/students. These methods are listed below in order of importance.
1. Office 365 Class Teams: Our “Office 365 Team” will be the primary communication tool for us to connect. It will be through this program that I will provide you the weekly plan, notes, links, & assignments and any other required materials, in addition to being available to chat in real time through its messaging and video chat features. This will allow you to seek help as outline below under “Office Hours” and for all of us to stay connected. I ask you to be patient as we are all learning this program and there is likely to be some glitches & hiccups along the way. If you encounter a problem using Teams, please let me know and I will try to work through the issue with you to find a resolution.

2. Email ( If you have a simple question or if you are struggling to hand in work through our ““Office 365 Team” feel free to send me an email, however if you have a more complex issue that requires detailed instruction and communication it would be best for use to connect using Office 365’s video chat function.

3. Homework Site ( The information & files found here will be an exact replica of what is posted in the “Office 365 Team” for your course. This is meant as a back-up just in case anyone runs into issues accessing the materials on Teams.


Office Hours:
• I will be available at specific times (as per the schedule below) during the week for each course via email & through our Office 365 Teams (utilizing the Messaging or Video Chat functions) for assistance and to check in with students.

• To ensure all students have equal access to communicate with me, should need to, each course has been assigned two 1.5 hours blocks of time (one in the morning and one in the afternoon on different days) to connect with and seek my support.

• I will be unavailable on Mondays, except in the most urgent situations, as this time will be dedicated to updating my website and our Office 365 Team with the “Weekly Plan” and any other required materials (notes, video links, assignments, etc.).

• I will be unavailable on Friday mornings, due to a regularly scheduled Science Department meeting.

Course Materials & Due Dates:
• As mentioned previously, every Monday I will update our “Office 365 Team” and my website with the plan for that week, notes, links, assignments and any necessary files that you may need.

• Once our “Office 365 Team” is updated, students will have until 3:00pm the following Monday to complete and submit the assigned work. For example, the assignments that will be posted on Monday, Apr.6 would be due the next Monday, Apr.13.

• Therefore, it is essential that all of the students for all of my classes check in every Monday after 2:30pm for the updated weekly information. If any of the above is unclear, please contact me and I will review these expectations with you individually.


Assessment & Handing in Work:
• Whenever possible please attempt to complete assignments directly in your “Class Notebook” under the “Assignments” section of our “Office 365 Team” as all marking and feedback will take place through the “Class Notebook” or “Assignments” in the team. This should streamline the marking and feedback process, as I can write directly on your completed assignments using my table, so you can see my feedback immediately. Hopefully this will prevent my inbox being overloaded with 200 emails every week.

• If you printed off the assignments to complete by hand, please also submit your assignments using our Office 365 “Class Notebook” by uploading pictures or scans of the completed assignments into the “Assignments” section.

• If you completed the assignment digitally, such as through google docs or word etc., and you have the option to use the “Print to OneNote” function, you can insert the assignment directly into the “Assignments” section of your “Notebook”. If you do not have this function, you can still upload your file by following the steps below.
1. Open your “Class Notebook” and click on the “Assignments” section.
2. Select the “Add Page” function at the top.
3. Give the blank page a title and then click on the empty page.
4. Next insert your file by selecting “Insert File Printout” under the “Insert” tab of the tool bar. Please note you must first save your work as a PDF before you can do this.
5. Once done your completed work should appear and then I can mark it.
• If you need assistance with any of this please let me know.

Please note that any of the above can change at any time without notice as issues & concerns arise. Please do your best to check back regularly to check for updates in this evolving new world.

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Welcome to Mr. Taylor’s class website.  This site includes course outlines, a list of all assigned work (updated daily), due dates, test dates and links to Dropbox where copies of all handouts, including notes, can be accessed in PDF form.

***Both students and parents should refer to the two documents below, to make sure they understand how work habits will be assessed and what the RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES of parents, students and teachers are.***

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Science Student Work Habits

Science Work Habit Rubric


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Student/Parent Rights & Responsibilities

Student/Parent Rights & Responsibilities

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