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Immunizations and Social Emotional Development


March 2nd

Good Morning

v  We are officially in phase 2 of the Covid-19 immunization plan! Attached is a handy chart showing who is included in the 4 phases and corresponding dates for immunizations. In phase two seniors in supportive housing, home care clients and staff, Indigenous folk 65 years old + and seniors 80 years old + are scheduled to be immunized in March and early April. Check out this link on how to schedule appointments for your senior folks for phase 2.

v  The Social Emotional Development in the early years (SED) from Child Health BC has began a public messaging campaign and I would like to share some of their wonderful information. Social and emotional development is critical in the early years (birth to 6 years old). Building the capacity to form close relationships, experiencing, managing and expressing a full range of emotions and exploring and learning about their environments leads to healthy brain development, success in school, increased community involvement and success in future employment. What can we do as parents and caregivers?

o   BE PRESENT NOT PERFECT. A child’s healthy development starts with a loving, trusted, responsive caregiver. Every child needs a trusting relationship with at least one dependable adult in their lives, so they can grow and develop in a healthy way as family and community members, friends, thinkers, and discover their connections to the natural environment. You don’t have to be a childcare expert – just being present to provide love, safety, security, joy, and paying attention to them is enough.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!


Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd

Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144

M 604 723 9548

3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7

Money, Play and Learning events


Parenting Learning Event 2021 Embracing Challenges (4)


v  Mark your calendar for March 24th 1 – 2:30 for a very informative virtual Financial Empowerment Workshop. Reflect on the habits, beliefs and practices that lead our behaviour towards money. Learn about money management and practice using tools to plan and decide where your money goes. Check out the attached poster for more information or call 1 800 609 3202 or email  You can also visit  to register.

v  The Power of Play – Book a Wednesday morning one-on-one play session with me, Anita – Enjoy a private play space with your little one as I coach and model child-led play, establishing healthy boundaries, turn taking and so much more with parents/caregivers and their child. Call/text or email, 604-723-9548 or email to see availability.


v  You won’t want to miss Burnaby Family Life’s Parenting Learning Event happening on every Thursday this March between 6:30 – 8! These are free to all families, caregivers and professionals in the field. Choose from The Power of Self-Compassion, Shifting Screen Habits, Nature…A Playground for all children and Belonging to the Village – or attend all four!! Check out the attachment for more information and registration or


Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd

Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144

M 604 723 9548

3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L

More information from Anita

Outreach Poster PHONE NUMBER ONLY (2)



March 1, 2021

Good Morning – Happy March!

v  It’s hard to believe we are starting March already – that means spring is just around the corner! On your walk today, see if you can spy any bird’s nests in the trees – children are great at this game when they know what to look for – and see what they know about nests. When you get home invite your little one to build a nest for you to sit in together – pillows and blankets work well. If you’re feeling up to a bit of a messy activity and have some yarn and white glue, you can invite your little one to make a yarn nest! Check out the for the step by step instructions on how to create these messy and beautiful nests!

v  After a conversation with my sister this morning about mental health, it became very clear that there is this idea to keep busy with the things you love doing to keep mental health up during the pandemic. And don’t get me wrong, I think this is a great strategy – currently I have about 4 different side projects that I dabble in to keep me afloat. But it also made me think – the days that I don’t feel motivated to touch any of them doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not fostering my mental health. Recognizing and honouring all feelings that come up is essential to our mental health – knowing how we feel and putting a name to it is a powerful thing – we can use those feelings, both good and bad, as a kind of fuel to keep on moving or help get unstuck. Talking with people you trust and love can really help unpack feelings too. I’ve attached a poster with many support phone numbers on it, one of which is specific to mental health and dealing with worries or concerns – check it out or call: 604-951-8855

v  If you are interested in a free one-on-one consultation about your child’s development, behavior, parenting tips, tricks and education please email or call me, Anita, to set up either a virtual appointment or a socially distanced visit in the community. 604-723-9548

Have a wonderful Monday!


Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA,

English /Arabic Free online Tax workshop

v  Tax season is upon us! On Feb 26th between 10 – 1230 join ISSofBC to learn about the Canadian Tax System (English/Arabic). This is a FREE online workshop that will cover information about the Canadian tax system, individual taxes, taxes for families with children and without children, taxes for individuals with disabilities.

 رضه محا هامه جمه ال الكندي، واألرس ذوي رض ع تطبيق زووم لمعلومات عن نظام ائب ل مت ر رض األطفال و بدون اطفال و نظام ئب ال لألفراد ذوي االعاقه و . المسن ير

To register, contact Wael Sidaros 604-395-8000 (ext.1640) or email


v  If you are interested in a free one-on-one consultation about your child’s development, behavior, parenting tips, tricks and education please email or call me, Anita, to set up either a virtual appointment or a socially distanced visit in the community. 604-723-9548

 Anita is available for all your Parenting questions anytime! There are no wrong or silly questions All are important!!!

Truly Ms. Trish


Burnaby Family Life Free Programs

“Embracing Challenges”

Free, online Parenting Learning Event 2021

Working in collaboration with Burnaby Public Library and others in the community, Burnaby Family Life is hosting its second Parenting Learning Event. The four sessions will offer Burnaby families creative and practical solutions and emerging research findings to help them thrive and sustain their resiliency during and beyond the pandemic. The PLE2021 sessions will focus on four themes:






An Important message from Anita, Early Childhood Community Consultant

v  It’s such a lovely day for a walk – how about a silly walk with the little ones today? Different animals can be a great source for acting out a silly walk – animals that you may see on your walk like dogs, cats, birds walking on the ground – favorite animals or even dinosaurs! See what you and your little one can come up with, it’s sure to be a good laugh.

v   Join the Vancouver & Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Service Society for a weekly online Mother and Child Emotional Power Program on Mondays Feb 22 – March 29th between 10 – 11 am. Learn about your child’s emotions, development, community resources and connect with other parents through fun games, storytelling and arts! This program is for parents with children 0-6 years old – new immigrant families and refugee status welcome! Check out the attached poster for more information and registration or contact Liliane or Ramzia or Tel : (604) 436 – 1025


v  Do your children like to draw? Set them up with some virtual drawing classes with Saba through the Burnaby Neighbourhood House on Tuesdays between 4-4:45 PM. Registration is required – see the attached poster for more information and registration or click here!


Mom&Child Emotional Power 2021_Online                                  Saba-Drawing-class-for-kids

Doctor Talks about vaccines TODAY! register here., English and Mandarin

v  The Burnaby Primary Care Network is offering two informative DocTalks this week.

§  Specified for Mandarin speakersDr. Billy Lin will tell you everything you need to know about COVID-19 vaccines and answer questions you may have about the vaccines. You can join Dr. Lin on February 18th at 4:30 – 5:30 PM – see the attached poster or click here to register.

§  Dr. Grace Park will be facilitating a DocTalk on February 19th from 10 – 11 AM about healthy aging and avoiding frailty – bring your questions! See the attached poster or []click here for registration.


v  Check out Mothers Matter and all the amazing resources they have for self-care ideas and family activities! I’ve attached their Stay N Play week 1 schedule – it is filled with great ideas to keep your kiddos physical, curious and creative. Bear walks, matching games, painting, fishing – all the activities can easily be set up with no to very low cost – just use the things you have at home!


v  If you are interested in a free one-on-one consultation about your child’s development, behavior, parenting tips, tricks and education please email or call me, Anita, to set up a virtual appointment or phone call.

Early Childhood Community Consultant                        DOCTALKS_covidVacinne_Eng          DOCTALKS_covidVacinne_Mandarin

Happy Lunar New Year, Happy Valentines Day and Happy Family Day!!!

Hi Everyone, I hope this finds you All well!

We have so many things to celebrate this

Long cold weekend, maybe even some snow!

Wouldn’t it be Great to spend Family Day outside

with your Family making snow people and angels?

I can’t wait to see all that is created with the snow!


I am sending a link for the neighborhood small Grants

which will be opening Feb23 till April 20th for anyone to apply.

This is to organize a community event with social distancing of course.

This is be used in the summer till September check out the link if you are

interested to get together this summer with your Community.

Enjoy this Loving Long Weekend.

Truly Ms. Trish


NSGPoster_Burnaby_2021DRAFT (1)

Fluoride Varnish Clinics

Fluoride Varnish clinics in the Health Units only (New Westminster, Burnaby, Tri-cities). The families who have children that are under 3 yrs. of age, without access to dental care, can book appointments through our Central Booking number at 604-476-7087. If there are any families with older children, they can call us at 604-918-7606 in Burnaby or 604-777-6797 in New West for guidance and support. The clinics below are available:


Starting February 1st:

Clinics at the Burnaby Health Unit

Wednesdays from 9-12 located at suite #300-4946 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC

Clinics at the New Westminster Health Unit

Mondays 9-4 and every other Thursday 9-4 located in suite #218-610 6th Street, New Westminster, BC

In the Royal City Centre Mall (above the Bank of Montreal).

Clinics at the Newport Health Unit

Mondays 9-4 and Wednesdays 9-12 located in suite #200- 205 New Port Dr., Port Moody, BC

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