Optic Art

You really persevered through this Op Art project, taking the time to colour carefully using complementary colours. You also chose some unique symbols to represent our themes of the month (love, friendship, empathy, acceptance, respect, kindness and inclusion). Are there some other symbols that you can think of that fit our themes? Much like the zendoodles we did early in the year, this is a great strategy to down-regulate when you are feeling uncomfortable or are in the ‘yellow or red’ zone.

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Pink Shirt Flash Mob Dance

Hello Have a Heart Club Members,

Here is the video of the dance that we will be doing at the end of the month. Please practice section one for Wednesday when we meet again at recess.

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Hip Hop

What a week of learning and energy we experienced over the last five days. All of your practice and effort came together on Friday with two polished performances! I could tell everybody was trying their best and working together as a team. Having a growth mindset and challenging yourself to try something new always amounts gives way to learning. Way to go division four!

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Family Reading Day

What a treat to be able to read with your family in school! It’s something I wish we could do more often, but hopefully you are doing it at home. All you need is another family member or friend, a book and a comfortable place to sit!

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Amygdala Glitter Jars

You did such a careful and fabulous job making your amygdala glitter jars this afternoon. Each one of them is unique, colourful and above all, a great strategy to help you self-regulate. I hope you will find them useful whenever you find that your amygdala is feeling a little frazzled and needs some help to regulate uncomfortable emotions. Then you will be able to make good decisions, think and learn! Here is great video that explains the parts of the brain again.

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Growth and Fixed Mindset

After doing our mindset survey this week, you may still have some questions about the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. Here is a short video that explains both.

Which mindset do you have? Do you have a little bit of both or are you strong in just one of them? Do you want to change the way you think about your learning? How can you do that?

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Happy Holidays!

Thank you for a great first term, division four! I hope you enjoy the Winter Break with your family and friends and that there will be lots of snow for you in which to play. See you all in January!

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Character Containers

What a fabulous job you did through the process of creating, writing about and now presenting your character containers. Each box represents who you are at this stage in your life and what you value. I hope you have had a chance to think about what your strengths are as an individual, what is important to you, and what your personal and cultural identity might be. As the year progresses and as you grow older, you might find yourself changing your views and perspectives on your beliefs. Do you think that would be possible? Think back to when you were younger. Have you changed? What is different about you and what is still the same?

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Salt Dough Ornaments

You did a great job making salt dough ornaments using your math and science skills to measure and mix the ingredients. I wonder if there were any physical or chemical changes occurring, especially when we baked them? What do you think? Thank you to all of you who brought in baking equipment and particularly to the moms who came to help us. If you would like a copy of the recipe, please click here.


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Gingerbread House Making!

By now you have probably eaten your gingerbread creations and all of the leftover candy too! I was impressed by your perseverance and creativity when building the ‘houses’. Each one of them was unique and told me about your personality. Thank you for helping your buddies make their gingerbread houses and spending time with them.

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